Aug 3, 2008 i come..

By julie"anne at 6:08 AM
erkkk..tomorrow, it's just about 15 hours from this very moment im flying back to malaysia, my beloved homeland..huhu..these feelings of exited, sad, happy, bliss and even anxiety of even-i, myself-don't-know mix up inside..hushh..ape la..should be very happy laa.. but i feel very sorry instead..

i know i'm gonna miss my beloved guy so much..and i realise, lots of people are waiting for me there...i'll be the star for the month..*wootwoot*

after 2 years living here in Germany, i can say im getting used at it..though it is not that great living here, but i feel great, at least greater than i ever felt before..i should be really thankful to the great guy ever, my Mr. Caretaker..


ooo..i will be having a busy month, yet i just can't wait to get myself busy..hoho..and i know, mama will not stop nagging..ahaha..miss her so much!

  • 4th Aug - arrival!! abg will be fetching and taking me home, where mama, papa, adik ita and everybody else will be waiting..
  • 8th Aug - KL - umah nut n lynn there..shopping2 sket..
  • 9th Aug - Go Genting..heh.. fun time!!
  • 10th Aug - sc10 gath..hurmm..well, sorry guys, xleh janji, kalo lmbt korg mle la dlu..huhu
  • 11-12th Aug - KL - Hairiza and other childhood friends..huhu..
  • 13-16th Aug - Kelate..Ain kaweng...kwang3..
  • 17th Aug - back home..Adik Ita kene smbg skool, after ponteng for several days..ahaha..

huhu...ngan lyd blm kompem lagik nih..kompem la mama bsg lagik kalo ckp nk g mlke lak..huhu..since lydia's so busy this month, i don't know when we will be meeting..huhu..xkan nk g ms pose kut...xlarat lak nnt nk jenjalan..haha..


at this moment, i dont feel like going back, though ive done packing since like a week ago..huhu..feel sorry for my Mr. Great Guy, who's left alone here..huhu..since im not around, it's a chance for him to use his flirty style to flirt..*grr*..and im just nowhere to cook him some-not-very-delicious-but-still-edible-food, it's a good time for him to loose some weight and get in shape..*wekkk*

well then, see u guys soon!!!

tschüss Deutschland!!

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