May 22, 2009

HOW TO: assemble ur mac keyboard.

By julie"anne at 1:20 AM
have you ever spilled water on ur mac keyboard..and the damn thing didn't work after that?

well, yu had..on mine..and milo some more..and it freaked me out..oo u bet it really did!because this damn little thing, i mean the whole set, had cost me a fortune ever since i bought it.and i dont wish to spend more on it.'s the thing..all you have to do is dismounting it..
oo..the good thing is i can clean it..i've been wanting to do so since like forever..but i just dont have time. my schedule is pretty heavy u know. ;pthe main thing is the plastic circuit down got wet..
the buttons assembled on the floor

then, after making sure everything is dried up, put the little things inside the holes.huh?sounds horny eh?no's this thing..see..make sure you dont lose any one of them..or worse even more..may be it's just one of my biggest pet peeves..i just dont like missing or incomplete things..then put the plastic circuit..make sure each spot covers a hole..
on top of it is the metal piece..get them screwed together..and lastly the buttons
it shines like a brand new one!!semua yg berlaku ade hikmah di sebaliknya..sape kate engineering bukan utk pompuan?sape kate kite salah plih course?sbb ye r..kalo bkn engineer pn blh buat..but still u need skill and knowledge..ilmu Allah itu luas..dan xslah kalo kite belajar salah satu drpdnye and xd lak ilmu khas utk laki2 or such..well come on..nape pakar sakit puan rmai laki2? topic..

and aku rs yu mmg ade tabiat ske tumpahkan air la esp atas keyboard..huu..this time around on his old keyboard
and it fell into pieces too..hahaha.what a clumsy cute guy..sebek buruk pnye..xtahan gelak
such a long day ended with la nk msk..sek xd idea jek nk msk ape..

May 21, 2009

ADV: Ever have had problem with your sink?

By julie"anne at 4:53 AM
tajuk nk bagus..pdhal bukan dpt duit pn..huhu

it's my wash basin in the kitchen..since it's a double sink and the basins are connected to one another, the water clogged in both basins, which made me mad.euww..but i had the solution..

i could see the sounded like something stank too..but it worked!!clogged sink no more!hehe

just got back from something there..*grin*
the hottest spot ever..always crowded with people, who actually wanted to take those gifts.(ceyh..kunun ckp org len plak)

the blue box is a food container..bleh isi obento bwk g kls..suitable for picnic too :)

wonder what i will get next year..ngee..bukan nk g cr keje sgt pn.nk collect those free gifts je..haha

blk kepenatan..msk ns lemak saje kerana malas..oh, kenapa kalo aku kate msk ns lemak kerana malas org cam plik?bkn ke ns lemak mknn org malas..kalo bgn pg xd mknn g kedai beli ns lemak je..malas la tu kan?huhu

May 17, 2009

face + talent = phenomenal

By julie"anne at 7:05 PM

o my god!!im so in love with him!!i love his voice!!i just love every single thing about him..o my god!o my god!

i hope he goes through until the final round!

o.he just wants to make people happy..and i am hapy listening to him..thanx touched!(wiping tears)aik kate happy?oo happy smpi nangis..haha

his talent is so amazing.

May 16, 2009


By julie"anne at 5:01 PM
mensch!in der nächsten Paar Minuten werde ich einen Vortrag halten..ich bin jetzt sehr nervös..

i hope i can go home without having to present anything today!but it happens only in dreams..i need yu..

but it is nice having all this happened to me least i have some good classmates..

damn!im sweating..

May 14, 2009


By julie"anne at 2:37 AM
panic room!!panic room!!

wah ape yg gelabah sgt ni?dh lama x apdet tb2 jek cemas..huu..been busy these few i have 2 presetations in the very same week..

wah sgt berdebar ye fes time becakap jemen dpn seme org..sllu nye aku ckp ngan kollege je..borak2 this and that..tb2 present..harus kucarlanar..huuu..

i have first to overcome my stage fright! omg!! basah doo armpit..huh..kalo brad pitt xpe gak..huu..busuk! heh teringat mama tiap kali adik nk mnd mst pesan..gosok armpit!!haha..mnd kerbau la tu..okok back to the main topic!

aku rs kwn2 aku bg schlechte Bewertung la kat aku..ngan gagap nye..harus aku nyanyi lagu stacy kalo camtu..pastu aku xsure la bahasa aku betul ke x..aku sure pasti grammar tunggang tebalik!cam bangla ckp bhs melayu..huuu..

nak wat cane kan tp..memandangkan bende ni wajib buat..i'll just have a shot at it!kalo x bile nk habis study?huuu..

mode: baru blk beli suar utk presentation sabtu ni..keyakinan dalaman harus dimulai dengan penampilan luaran..haha..pdhal sengaja ajk yu nk tnjuk baju kat xanaka ritu, yg shida kate org cacat je muat sbb kecik, tb2 aku igt nk mnunjuk2 kat yu, dgn harapan dia akan ckp cantik yu pki bju ni..beli td xd lak..shida, ape kate hadiahkan aku bju tu ms besday aku nnt..aku dh bg ko beg burberry!haha..gile ngungkit..pdhal kat fb je!

May 7, 2009


By julie"anne at 4:57 PM

May 2, 2009


By julie"anne at 4:45 PM
im now so addicted to pet society on facebook..huhu..

just imagine, how interesting it can can change your emotion..make you happy and sad and even mad, if you lose your money on bet..haha..u know you are addicted when the first thing u do every morning is turning your computer on and visiting ur pet..and continue playing for the rest of the day.

and such conversation will come out:

"haha..xbleh blah, pkai tiara tp badan bau bsuk!"
"huh!nama je princess pinky, tp xmandi"
"comelnye dia..cumil333333!"
"hahahahahahahaha...jantina laki tp pki gown..xleh blah!!"
"hahahahahahahaahahhahahah(gelak lebih keji)jantina laki, pastu bleh plak nm ********(nama pompuan)"
"ai beli crown harge la raja..xd pakaian pn xpe.."
"bodo la si ***** ni..'*$%"!?%&§$ kalo aku bet dia kalah, kalo lwn ngan dia dia menang lak!!!!!!"followed then by disturbed emotion..

or such...

yeah, each sentence either i've said it or heard it from someone else who is also addicted to this virtual game.

it's ok if it makes you happy..if not then you better learn how to control your emotion and handle your anger..otherwise it will affect your day..

im bankrupt!sigh..damn the stupid pets.huh!

back to pet society

May 1, 2009

little miss sunshine

By julie"anne at 8:07 PM suddenly this melancholy feeling fills my empty heart..

watching little miss sunshine made me cry my heart touched me when the parents try to make the family happy..

i miss papa..
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