Jan 30, 2010

sign off and eat..please

By julie"anne at 4:14 PM
cant imagine mama n papa like this..huuu~~miss them..
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Jan 25, 2010


By julie"anne at 9:45 PM

im not feeling good lately..
pardon my harsh words..

Jan 21, 2010

A, B and C

By julie"anne at 5:26 AM

Say A and B had a row..

And C is a very good friend to B. Do you think C should do this? Even if A doesn't know C and  doesn't read C's blog, I don't think C should do that. Never mind when C and A know each other. C should respect both parties and try not to meddle in the conflict. C's acts don't really help the situation. C makes it even worse.

But then, C greets A with salaam, expecting A to reply, as answering salaam is compulsory. After all the shits C wrote about A in C's blog (though it is already closed), what does C expect from A? Is C hypocrite or simply dumb? Or is C trying to rebuild the broken relationshit, C had already destroyed (if there was any)?

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Jan 18, 2010


By julie"anne at 4:16 AM
hoh..aku tensen..huuuuuu...

patah hati.. ye, hatiku kayu..sebab tu boleh patah.


kadar kesihatan mental kurang memuaskan..just ignore this entry..

Jan 15, 2010


By julie"anne at 6:17 AM
OK. One of my Malaysian Chinese friends once asked me, kenapa ade perempuan Melayu yg xpakai tudung, sedangkan pakai tudung n ttp aurat wajib bagi setiap umat Islam..huhu..I lost my words back then..errr..so, let me explain it here, can or not? hier ist meine Antwort.

It's not that they are lack of knowledge. Well, part of it. TAPI banyak je lagi yg pergi sekolah agama, balik sekolah tudung ke mana, baju kurung pn hilang. They learn things at school, but never apply it to their daily life. Or maybe just simply degil. Ala senang cerita, it's like human's Laws. Mencuri itu salah, kenapa still ade org yg mencuri, though they know they might be caught and punished. They may come with excuses, and so the people, who refuse to wear tudung. Can u tell, why they steal, kill and rape? no. so can't I.

another question was kalo kat rumah xyah pakai tudung ke?jawapan: perlu, mengikut situasi.

I'm not gonna preach here. Just  to share some knowledge to my dear friends, who don't understand, why Muslim women wear tudung, even in their house. In Islam, we divide our family into 2 groups, Mahram and non-Mahram. Why? We cant marry our Mahram. But marriage between non Mahrams is allowed though not that encouraged to do so, because of genetics. Well just let science explain that.

click picture for better resolution.
As u can see. There are 2 types of Mahram in the picture above. Tapi sebenarnya bukan itu saja..ade lagi iaitu, susuan ..tp hanya ambil yg simple je. spy u all faham, kenapa perempuan muslim pakai tudung even when their relatives pay them a visit..huhu.. And between Muslim and non-Muslim pn sama..non-Muslim women aren't Mahram to the Muslim women, thus must cover the aurat. But in some cases, I heard from an Ustaz, we are allowed to uncover the hair (e.g. roomates)oh, unless tahan pakai tudung seharian xbukak2..kepam pale otak.kalo winter xpe lg, kalo summer, gile panas.lg kalo kat malaysia, cant imagine..that's y i agree kalo kat asrama diasingkan antara nonMuslims ngan Muslims.Im not racist..huhu..

Tapi aurat bukan sekadar pakai tudung. Pakaian jarang and ketat pn dilarang. huu..**INSAF**

oh ye..kalo ade salah dalam diagram di atas, sila tegur..terima kasih..

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Jan 8, 2010

déjà vu? nahhh...

By julie"anne at 7:25 AM
Like déjà vu, those things are happening to me.
  • Case 1:  I still wore pinafore to school until std 4, which was very rare to my surrounding. At the school everyone wore baju kurung from std 1, except for one or two, who eventually wore baju kurung as well. I was the only one who still wore pinafore in the class. So, what's the deal with that? My pinafore was so short. It was only knee length, or maybe a bit higher than that. Thihihi. So, my friends approached me, which was very nice i thought, to tell me that, it was not so nice to wear short pinafore to school anymore since we recited alQuran and my pinafore was so short and not suitable for Agama Islam lesson. Later at home I told mama about that. And then I got a new baju kurung and tudung. And so, what's the deal with that?

    The deal is, the people who told me to wear nice baju kurung as I was a little kid, now don't seem to remember their own advices. They freely, publicly enjoy wearing short skirts, sexy gowns, and go with free hair, without any shame. Why? Because we are not in school anymore? Because you are not reciting the alQuran? Not that I expect them to wear baju kurung all the time. A nice, covered outfit would just do. As for a kid, the aurat doens't count yet, but now you are grown ups. I am not that perfect either. My clothes don't cover so much. But I am still trying my best here. Still, I was and am thankful for their advices.

  • Case 2: One day my classmate told me that this one Arab asked him to tell me that my shirts were very short and expose and bla3. I appreciated that, not for him talking at my back, which was also not that good of him, but for telling me to be better, InsyaAllah. And guess what? I saw his picture on Facebook, him at the field playing football wearing shorts showing off knees. What the heck? The fact that he always wants to win whenever we talk about religion and Islamic laws is really sickening.
Well,  I am not that good though. Still.. sigh..

I'll take it as my life experience.
  1. People change. 
  2. And some can only see others mistakes. 
Auntie Ina once told me, if someone corrects you or advices you, just take it as Allah is telling you to be better. And Alhamdulillah..

For those who don't understand about aurat, will tell you later about it in my next entry. Till then, see ya!
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