May 31, 2010


By julie"anne at 3:25 PM

Tu la..ralit sgt dpn fb

Pewarna kuku - nail polish - Nagellack

By julie"anne at 4:07 AM

Kelmarin beli kt rossmann. Saje nk try. Hehe. Try kt tgn yu skli. Ngee..

May 28, 2010

handytasche und antibiotic?

By julie"anne at 4:40 AM
this is gonna be a super boring entry, because it is totally outdated.
En. Yu bought me this for my new vivaz!! I just love it so much! It matches the handphone kan..pandai la encik yu pilih barang.. lol!

 I had been taking this antibiotic while I was sick.. besar kan.. see.. I told u, xpercaye..haha..bile tah i told nye..

kalo nak makan yu akan patahkan mcm ni..takut ai akan choke.. ade one day ai tried to take both in one go.. I did really choke on it..haha! silly me!!

May 25, 2010


By julie"anne at 12:43 PM

mainan jiwa - rini(af7)

May 22, 2010

Yves rocher

By julie"anne at 6:42 AM

As a member i am entitled for a free gift on my birthday. Tapi masalahnya, dorg sllu konpius ai ni lucky laki. So thn ni ai dpt shower foam utk lelaki. Besday ai, yu yg dpt hadiah. Terpaksalah oleh itu claim present drpd yu. Hehe.

May 20, 2010

Dead pixel

By julie"anne at 7:41 PM

My imac is already old.. I need a new macbook.. Haha.. Trus je.

nasi lemak daun salad

By julie"anne at 5:20 AM

lupa nak beli timun...huhu..kempunan xdapat makan ms international dinner..orang ramai dtg berpusu-pusu ke booth kami..seri muka ai yg xjadi pn laku..hahaha..kalau la dorg tahu cane seri muka yg sebenar..kih3..


By julie"anne at 5:09 AM

Im updating via vivaz.. Just trying the app..

May 18, 2010

hidden talent.

By julie"anne at 1:04 AM
Hmm..nak cerita pasal apa dulu ye?
Ok. Since I was sick for the whole week, I didn't cook. And the kitchen was taken over by Encik Yu. He was so concerned about my dietary the whole time, like, the whole time. Every now and then he would ask me if I wanted to eat anything. And every time I told him, he would cook or at least, buy for me. I was at first touched by his nice gestures, but then when he kept checking out on me, the feeling changed to an extent i got annoyed. I didn't even have appetite for anything. I was drop dead sick! So I thought if I told him, I wanted something difficult to cook or buy, he would give up.. HAHA..

So, I told him I wanted roti canai and went back to sleep.

Haha..Little that I knew, Encik Yu was very determined in taking care of me and getting what I wanted. Terima Kasih! I feel appreciated and blessed by your love. Terima kasih banyak-banyak!!
This was the best roti canai I've ever had. It tasted love.

Encik Yu caught in action. :)

From Zero to Hero. He, himself, never knew he had such a great talent! Way to go Encik yu! Lepas ni ai nak roti tisu pule...ngeee...

now I'm gonna clean the kitchen.

May 16, 2010


By julie"anne at 7:40 AM
Hi everybody..I've been sick for the past couple of days and been forced to stay in bed by Mr. Yu. So many things came up but I didn't have the chance to keep you guys updated. However, thanx to my new vivaz, I still manage to get in touch with my friends. Haha. And not only it has gooooood functionality in connecting people, it takes really great pictures as well. 

Last year, we flew back to Malaysia by Emirates. We were introduced by a stewardess to their point collecting program, Skywards. Basically, we earn points through our flights. They say, I quote from their site, "The more Miles you earn, the more rewards you can enjoy." 

So one day I received their newsletter and saw a beautiful pearl necklace. And my points were just enough to redeem this one set.

But suddenly I saw this, which had the same value as the pearl. Then I thought it would be a nice gift to us, since we haven't bought anything for our anniversary. So I chose the watches, and decided to ask Mr. Yu to get the necklace for me later, as a gift. hehehe. Unluckily, the moment I told him about it, the pearl necklace is already out of stock. Tskk..

So, here they are. Our matching watches, by Roberto Paggio(?).

And I just love tis picture. hehe..

Oh.. Though the goods are free, I've been charged for the tax. I am not sure what tax it is. And the shipping cost would also be charged, but they had some fathers' day offer that time. So I had only to pay the tax, which was about 10€ and I get a pair of watches. Yeay!!

update: We didn't keep the watches, instead I gifted them to my bro on his wedding.

May 7, 2010

Vivaz forever.

By julie"anne at 5:17 AM
woh!! xtau nape xamik gambar muke dpn telefon tangan ittew..terpakse amik gambar kat tenet..hihi

 sebab belakang lg cun kut..wuuuuuu..

click for better resolution

semalam ai called yu, yu tak answered..
eh, semalam verlängern Handyvetrag..maksudnye, sambung contract handphone. Mule2 ingat nak survey2 dulu..sekali terus tersuka..lantas terus amik..tak fikir panjang dah uolls..

sebab kaler handphone ni nak dekat2 dengan kaler ipod shuffle encik yu, terus je nak tukar dengan beliau..Biar matching.. hehe

May 3, 2010

bile nanges kena pakai spek mate itam.

By julie"anne at 3:02 PM
haha..It's been about half an hour ago I opened the browser to post a new entry. But then I forgot, what I was going to tell..haha..Lame me. 

 My-not-so-new-anymore-sunglasses has broken into pieces. I was so speechless back then. Tak sampai sebulan beli dah patah.

So when we went to Frankfurt last week to collect my passport, we visited Wertheim Village on the way home once again..

Terpakse beli!

A real good friend of mine left me again. Gosh! it's so hard to act cool. Someone said we were too emotional.. Of course we were! Especially when it came to someone so dear. It wasn't about some insignificant people, who just said hi or even only shook head when bumped into. We were the legend. We created history. Who says a boy and a girl can never be just friends? Well, it's indeed true. We're not 'just' friends. We are the best of friends. 

p.s.:Wish you all the best!

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