Oct 25, 2010

ayam bakar.

By julie"anne at 4:49 AM

kalau malas masak bakar je..lebih sihat dari ayam goreng..:)


Mangal Sefasi

By julie"anne at 4:03 AM
Mangal Sefasi adalah sebuah restoran Turki yang menghidangkan makanan oriental. Sekiranya anda seorang yang gemarkan makanan seperti döner, grilled lamb dan sebagainya saya rekemen restoran ini. Penggunaan dapur arang bukan sahaja menjadikan rasa makanan lebih enak, bahkan waktu menunggu juga adalah sangat singkat.
Salad yang enak..siyes lain dr yg lain..wajib cuba!
Spezialitäten des Hauses..
nasi tambahan..xcukup pulak..sedap sgt katenye.
lammspieß durum
döner biasa, tapi sedap juga.

lokasi Mangal Sefasi 

Servisnya adalah jauh lebih baik daripada Otantik, despite kedainya yang macam kedai döner biasa. Otantik yang macam kedai high class itu hanya membuat orang lapar menjadi kebulur, orang penat boleh mengamuk sebab tggu lama sangat..oh, saya bukan bercakap tentang yu..Otantik dan Mangal Sefasi adalah berdekatan saje. So adalah lebih baik kalo ke Mangal Sefasi saje.

shida, meh la try restoren ni weh!!


Oct 24, 2010

been found

By julie"anne at 6:11 AM

you found me when no one else's looking..how did you know just where i would be?


saya suka baju ini!!

By julie"anne at 4:04 AM
ok2..kite kensel mantel yg sebelum ini..yg ni lg cantik..sbb yu yg plih.. :p


Oct 23, 2010

Mistelgau, Bayreuth

By julie"anne at 4:18 AM


Oct 21, 2010

pork : why is it prohibited?

By julie"anne at 6:55 AM
bukan sahaja Islam, bahkan Kristian dan Yahudi juga.


Oct 12, 2010

kalo sedang marah pergilah window shopping.

By julie"anne at 9:56 PM



Oct 10, 2010

my new bicycle - mein neues Fahrrad

By julie"anne at 9:42 PM
This is my first ever bike. We had a bicycle when we were young. It wasn't really mine. I had to share it with my other brothers. So this one is officially my first bike ever. My Pegasus (read: my precious)





Photos by r1c3d

satu pagi ahad

By julie"anne at 7:05 PM


kami beli basikal2 tersebut secara pukal..pacik tu jual 1 beskal 30€. tp yu bawak 45€ je masa tu..pacik tu pn ngalah..dia kate, xpe la..memandangkan kamu muslim dan masih study, bole laa...


Oct 8, 2010

on failed relationship.

By julie"anne at 11:21 PM
"I am not gonna think about love again. Study/work and family will always be my priorities"

This is so cliché. I have heard this couple of times. I'm not sure if I ever said that. hehe. I know, we know. It hurts. But it is not like you can really stop loving. And you don't really need to say such thing. Yes of course you will take time before finding another love, unless you are either a real hottie or a bitch, you will not be able to find someone else in the nearest time. I used to know someone who just broke up, who said those things, but after a while she found someone on the net and started a relationship. What a bitch..haha. But seriously, didn't you say you wanted to complete your study and work and help your family first? What happens to your future plan then? Why don't give yourself time and space before beginning a new relationship.

"I'm going to be gay after this"

And the minute you broke up, you announced yourself wanting to be gay?Wth! Well, do you know what I think? I think, you ARE a freaking homo. That's why you broke up.

'It must be the girl/boy. S/he has always been so' - the people

Well, we don't really know what happened between them. I must say, I, myself eager want to know the reason of the break up. But by guessing based on their track records is not the best way. It may vary from the last relationships they ever had. The relationship has always been between 2 people. Let it remain between the 2 people, or else it may humiliate certain people. Worse comes to worst, the fight will get uglier.
'Serve her/him right. I knew it, they won't make it.' -the enemy

Well, even among friends you can hear such comment. I lived once with an acquaintance, who happened to know a friend's boyfriend's bad habit. She used to warn her but to no avail, she was already crazily in love with the boy. When they broke up, my roomate at that time said such thing. Yeah, it was based on grudge I think, that the girl never listened to her. Why should she? Just let her experience it herself. Who knew, he might have changed or they would live happily ever after.

"Well, s/he is not that hot after all." -the friends

So you think think this is the best way to console a broken heart. That's not cool. Seriously. What if I say, you are freakingly hideous. Such line can also mean 'you had a bad taste'.

Well, the best way to react when your friend break up is by being a friend. Just be there and listen. You don't need to give comment or opinion. And immature jugdement should be hindered, as you don't really know the real situation. Who knows, they might get back together and when that time comes your friend will think you don't really like their boy/girlfriends, and that is how you lose a friend.

Lucky for me, I've found someone who completes me and my life. But I can never be sure where this relationship takes us, can I? Because we can never predict what is going to happen. Until then, dream, love, be loved and be a fool! Enjoy your youth, you'll never be younger.


hybrid fashion

By julie"anne at 2:58 AM
I love this article.

for the record, i have a pair of both tregging and jegging. just bought myself a coatigan, or 'blatigan'(blazer + cardigan) maybe. lol.

i love fashion. wearing head scarf isn't the problem at all. i'm not saying i'm some kind of a fashionista. but since moving to germany, i've developed my own fashion senses, i suppose. thanx to films, mostly korean and hollywood films, which gave me the idea. thanx to mr. yu for the comments. although some are destructive. but they helped. a lot. may be you won't like what i'm wearing. but who cares?haha

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