Feb 28, 2011


By julie"anne at 2:10 AM
It's nothing about my all time fav series, but rather about another recent favourite one, starring courtney cox and the rest of cul de sac crew.

So I had a rerun of Cougar Town this weekend. I love this show because I don't think I have what they have. They are friends for life, which I have been longing for all this time. I guess I have friends, but not the true ones.

I hadn't been spending as much time on facebook as I did before. That place can't be more hateful and scarier than ever. Yes I hate that all my friends are turning their backs on me, yet I am scared of losing them.

I hate that my friends are walking away, when I try to keep them by my side. I hate that my friends are poking each other but not me. I hate that the person I hate the most comments on my friends wall posts, and even more mad when my friends do on hers. I feel betrayed.

Eventhough Ellie and Laurie don't get along very well, they team up to trash Shana, when she picks on Jules. See, I want a friend like that. I want a friend who blindly hates people who hurt me. But then we ain't bimbos from Highschool. I am sure my friends are all grown ups and matured enough to choose whoever they want to befriend with. I am thankful if they choose me, but when they do, I hope they won't betray me. That's how things work with me. Yes, I am selfish and complicated like that. This is the actual me. I would rather end up being alone than being betrayed by my friends. It happened once, and only once will I let that happen. And that person is no longer a friend no more.

Until I find a person I can trust wholeheartedly besides yu, I think I will keep my windows shut. You may knock on them once in a while, and maybe I will peek to see who's knocking. It will take time till I re-open them again, I guess.

This is my childish rambling.


Feb 21, 2011

wii wettbewerb.

By julie"anne at 5:23 AM
After yu finished with his presentation last Friday, he called and asked me out. I packed some lunch since he hadn't had any.

yeah, it's omelet.
After having lunch, we decided to take a walk. That was when yu saw a poster at Karstadt. He then suggested me to join the competition, you know, for fun. Then I thought, why not? We had got nothing to do anyway. 
I thought I did pretty good with the hoolahoop game, but this one was such a mess. haha.
-21 huh? haha.. If it was pedang-pedang, I would nail it. I'm sure I would.
They even gave me a certificate for that. haha.

To sum things up, I think I want wii! That's the whole point of this entry. Yes, I want one.


Feb 16, 2011

18 to life

By julie"anne at 5:00 AM
I know this blog is so infamous. They are only 2 loyal readers, of whom I am aware. haha. Some strangers will come across it and just leave. But I love it when someone drops a line or leaves some footprints. It's like teenagers vandalising the public toilets' walls, writing 'I wuz ere'. Haha. And I love it more when they share their link. Well, I just don't bloghop that much. Clearly I just read some famous blogs and of course some friends' blogs. And that's it. So when they do that, they just add something to my bloglist. It's good eyh?

So, today someone came over to my lil' place and dropped a link.

How nice! And the link is sooo cool! I just love tv shows. Of course I don't watch TV here in the Fatherland because I can't accept the idea of dubbing everything into German. With such a great job they are doing there I can watch my favourite TV shows in their own voices. Yay! For example I just stumbled on this quite an interesting show called '18 to Life'. I just saw the pilot episode. I can't say much about it, but I know, I want to watch more. This show reminds me of that one France movie called 'Love Me If You Dare'. Same style different storyline. Both are good stuffs, ya know.

So, I would like to share this link with you, because I am sweet like that. :)) If you are free, well, it's the semester break anyway, just head on to the cool link okay. Viel Spaß!


Feb 14, 2011

feel so purple?

By julie"anne at 5:17 AM
purple is not really my favourite colour. this one is nice tho. 

the hairband is from accessorize too. the same batch as the previous ones.

yu said my legs looked rugged in those jeans. What did that mean? Hurmm...

dulu kurus, sekarang bunchet.

By julie"anne at 4:31 AM
macam ranting kayu pulak kakiku ini. 

Teringat masa jalan-jalan dengan Shida kt Regensburg. Ternampak baju cantik tapi kecik sangat. Sampai Shida cakap, orang cacat je yang muat baju ni. Sekali try saya muat. Adekah saya cacat?

Tapi itu dulu. Sekarang saya sudah gemuk sedikit. Saya kuat makan woh! Tadi saya masak spaghetti je pun. Sedap sangat. (Haha. Tak boleh blah! Boleh puji diri pulak.) Tapi sendiri pun tak boleh berhenti makan. Gile!

Kalau anda malas masak, anda boleh tiru resepi malas saya.

Potong ayam kecil-kecil, gaulkan dengan serbuk kunyit dan sedikit garam. Goreng dan angkat setelah masak.
Buang minyak, tinggalkan sedikit, goreng zucchini sampai layu, masukkan bawang merah dan putih dan cili.
Tambah sos tiram dan sos lada hitam. Masukkan air sedikit jika suka kuah.
Add salt to taste.
Masukkan ayam yang sudah digoreng tadi.
Angkat dan hidangkan.
Hiaskan dengan daun bawang jika suka. Saya suka! Pelik, saya tak suka bawang sebenarnya.huhu
 Boleh makan dengan nasi atau spaghetti.

Gambar tiada. Malas nak ambil kamera. Maaf.


Feb 12, 2011


By julie"anne at 6:06 AM
So I wore this to work last Wednesday. A lady I met at the washroom looked me up and down.

"Du bist schlank und schön" she said. I smiled. And then she asked my age. I did tell her I was 25. It was reflex. I just am just not used to the 2011 yet. But then she replied "25? Ich dachte 20 oder 21." 

I'm so in love with this look lately. Small dress with a longsleeved tshirt. Layered with a cardigan. rolled up sleeves. Simple belt to complete the whole look. And guys, the thing is, if you don't have the legs, stay away from skinny jeans. Skinny jeans are for skinny people. Hence the name. Haha.Oh, even though I look 'schlank', I am actually buncit. Lol!

I had Mr. Yu coming and bringing me things this week. He seemed to have nothing to do since the exam week had just ended. Haha. First day of the week, I forgot my purse, which was in his backpack. The second day I was late to pack lunch. Third day, I was just plain lazy. Thursday and onwards, I have ran out of ideas of getting him to my office. Or maybe he just had enough too. tskk.

Today was the first Friday I had to work. I don't have class no more. Guess it will be looooong weeks ahead.


wrapped drapped vest.

By julie"anne at 3:47 AM
 This is me (duhh!!) in my draped vest. It's really simple actually. Just imagine a piece of big round cloth with two holes. Yeah, that's basically it. I wanted to wear this to work this morning. But it looked too classy for such a lame job of mine. I think I need that kind of a beg ketiak. Haha..You know, the one you put under your arm. I just can't think of any name right now.

Both vest and tregging are from Esprit.

And here is how I accessorise it:

This is me trying to be sexy. But I can't even wink. Lol!

So I think I have no other choice then. Still fail tho. haha

I got both, the hair band and flower pin from accessorize. They were 70% off, y'all!!

OK, that's all, folks!

Feb 9, 2011

can you goout bare-faced? II

By julie"anne at 4:59 AM
ceh..siap ade part 2..

As a person who is not complete without make up, I just can't be happy with just one product. My dry skin needs more moisturising and to apply make up on moisturiser I will end up with a cakeface. And to not apply any make up at all is just something I won't do.

So here I found a solution to my problem. Haha.. macam problem besar je!
Getönte Tagescreme von Bebe (tinted moisturiser). Bebe is like johnson n johnson for Malaysian, I think. I have heard about this cream quite a while ago. I tried looking for one at Douglas. But the product available was a bit pricey. Then one day I stumbled on this product at Rossmann. Wow! And it was still in my price range. Which is below 10. haha! Yes, call me cheapskate. It was around 5€ or something. So I grabbed the hell one..haha.. hell here means fair or bright. Even tho I am not quite fair, I didn't want to opt for the dunkel or dark one. I used to buy a clinique compact powder, which is a bit darker than my skin tone. And now I just use it as a bronzer..huuuu~~

So far, I think this product is good and suitable for my skin type. No more cakeface. But I still didn't say goodbye to my make ups..huuu~~


Feb 4, 2011


By julie"anne at 2:05 PM
Menjawab kepada beberapa blogger yang tak pernah ke Egypt, tapi pandai-pandai nak cakap selamatlah, gelabahlah. Ye takde siape tanya aku. Aku kepoh.. haha

Well, it's true. Kalau nak pindahkan mereka semua kosnya tinggi. Tapi macam mana ada hati nak buat menara 100 tingkat kalau kebajikan rakyat belum terjaga?

OK, ada yang kata rakyat malaysia ramai. Over 10k kat sana. Macam mana nak evacuate mereka semua. US, UK lain la. Rakyat dorang sikit je kat sana..

Dah tau ramai, buat la sikit-sikit.. Kan ke sikit-sikit, lama-lama jadi bukit? So, plan ape yang great sangat kena tunggu sampai sembilan hari baru ade perancangan keluar? Tu baru perancangan, perlaksanaannya? humpph!

Ape pula cerita kapal dah ready, tapi kena tunggu green light dari Najib. Ape kes nak tunggu kod kawasan jadi merah baru evacuate? Kod Merah macam mana?

So, boleh tolong jawab pulak?

Too loud?

By julie"anne at 1:40 PM

Oh, just ignore the mess behind me..
And yes, I wore this to work.
At work I couldn't help to notice how loud I was being.
Not loud the noise.
The colors.
And the checkered pants added some flavor too.
Though I loved this, I didn't think this is suitable for work.
Wonder if my boss sakit mata looking at me.
I didn't hear any complaints from my other colleagues though.
Maybe because I was too loud? Maybe.

ps: No, I didn't carry that colorful handbag at the back. It just happened to be there. heh.


Feb 1, 2011


By julie"anne at 5:23 AM
Syukur, pagi tadi saya call adik sepupu saya, dia selamat dan dalam keadaan baik. Siap masih tidur lagi masa call..oh, saya call pukul 5 pagi, kat sana pukul 6 pagi. Tak de la teruk mana keadaan dia..masih boleh gelak-gelak lagi..hehe

She didn't seem to know how bad things were reported outside Egypt. I think it's not that bad at her area. Alhamdulillah. It's still hard to reload her mobile phone though, she said. But everything's under control. Siap dia yang tenangkan saya masa call tadi..haha.. Maaf la mimi, kakak kau ni memang gelabah.. Macam maklong kau gak..keturunan tu..haha

Saya tak dapat bayangkan rasanya. Sedangkan malam new year pun kena pegang yu kuat-kuat sebab takut bunyi mercun.Lastly, duduk kat corner, supaya tak kena baling mercun. Itu baru mercun.

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