Mar 31, 2011

yeah bitch! suck it!

By julie"anne at 3:48 PM
yes I know I am so fugly. you are so beautiful and charming and whatnot. But don't say I have bad manners, buruk laku ke ape ke. You don't know me. I live my life to please people around me, yet treated the other way around. And you have no right at all to judge me based on my writings on MY blog or comments. no, I won't allow that. This is my alter ego. I  just need to let things go. So I can be nice again in my real life. Spare me your harsh comments. I don't need that.


Mar 29, 2011

Curi makan

By julie"anne at 5:59 AM
 Statue in town.

See that the lady eats the man's cake? It is so like me whenever we dine out. ahaha.. Well, I told you how yu is being ridiculously difficult to dine out. It makes me feel like the fat lady in the picture. Not that I know how she really feels. It makes me feel like I'm the lady.

Mar 28, 2011

Doa sebelum tido

By julie"anne at 5:57 AM

Selamat malam.. Jumpa lagi esok, insyaAllah.. Semoga esok saya tidak malas lagi.


By julie"anne at 2:00 AM
Though sometimes I like to keep it simple, accessories-wise, I will occasionally wear necklace, bangle or ring. So I wanna share my collection.

The necklaces

This one is literally too loud. So yu forbids me to wear it. hoh!

The next one is the first I bought. Nice and elegant.

This one is sweet.

This was a presnt from my aunt. It is Sabah pearl. Soooooo nice, I found it in mama's drawer. Since we were too young to wear this, I didn't take a good care of it then. huhu

The bracelets

And the rings.

This is the most special one! But it is slightly bigger. It's ok though. 

Yang buruk la yang disayang. These hold too many sentimental values.

head gears and pins.

hats for summer.

the white one is from accessorize (5€) and the polka dot one is from an unknown shop at fürth (3€) and the brown on top of the straw hat is also from the same shop (2€).

I bought this at malacca when I visisted Lyd.

 So, how do I store them all?
oh, ranting-ranting ni I got from Najmy or @biskut_oat.


Mar 27, 2011

Don't mark it as spam

By julie"anne at 11:05 PM
 because this one is a really good-tasting-spam.


Italian week

By julie"anne at 10:59 PM
ribbon noodle and lamb chop by chef Yu

 mac and cheese


side dish


Let's Color the Spring

By julie"anne at 9:56 PM
Daylight saving time has started today. The sun is not shy anymore. It shines brightly and very lovely.

So it is time to make the world beautiful. Or at least our own little world. It is nice to see colors, after snow covered everything white for quite a while.

So I took a step ahead to help enhance the beauty of the beutiful time of the year.*clap*

I just love these bright colors.

I just realised I don't have anything yellow in my wardrobe lately. So I thought why not expand my wardrobe with a cute yellow shirt. Isn't the shirt cute?  I got it just for 5€ from an unknown shop. great bargain I'd say.

I love the new cheap eye make up set I just bought from woolworth. Oh, woolworth had sale and we bought so many things. Will tell you more about it later

This top and the trousers are also 5€ each. 

It is beautiful, makes me wanna dance. :)

So, what color is your spring?


Mar 18, 2011

for japan with love.

By julie"anne at 2:46 PM
for japan with love.: "

the tragedy in japan has been terrible.
it is so hard to watch on the little tv
in the comfort of my little apartment
how the japanese people are dealing with such devastation.
how they are doing it,
and the heroes that are being made from regular people.
it breaks my heart.

i will not be posting tomorrow.
tomorrow is the bloggers day of silence.
for more information,
and learn how you can help.

our prayers are with you, japan.


Mar 13, 2011

The neighbourhood

By julie"anne at 10:50 PM
Well, I haven't shown you guys my new place. Let's chek it out.

This is one of the churches around the neighbourhood.
It's like Berlin Wall aite.
Ahha, this is the other one. Can you imagine everytime they chime the bell?

A satan on a church's wall? Pretty ironic.
And they have signs in Tamil.

It doesn't have slides to get down.
Felt pretty proud of myself.
Didn't really think that through. I had to slide down the pole. Like a real fireman.
Our ride.


The album.
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