Apr 30, 2011


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Apr 29, 2011

akak nebes nokkk..

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sehr geehrte meine Damen und Herren,

nak pengsan boleh?

Julian pengsan depan kelas.


Apr 28, 2011

Pizza Hut

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Do you love discount? I do. Do you love food? I dooooo. Do you love pizzas? I dooooooooooooooo.

If you are hungry for pizzas click here. They are now having 50% off at Pizza Hut!! What what!!

*offers in Malaysia only

Apr 24, 2011

shoe-gasm - studded shoes - haben wollte, schon gehabt!

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ever since I watched Anneorshine's video on youtube {blog}, I've always wanted to have a pair of studded shoes.

like this suh-weet ones. {source}

or this one. source

The thing is I am not good with heels and pumps are not really friends of mine. So my options are flats. But cute studded ones are nowhere to be seen. or I did have seen some, but the prices were well, not in my range. Since then I have been eying on other studded stuffs too, like bags or belts. But simply said, Mr Yu didn't like 'em.haha. So I kept my desires and let those things go, until yesterday, when I saw these suh~weet babies.

5€ babies.

But Spring seems to have sprung away and summer is approaching. So I will keep those ankle boots until next fall.

And yes, they were 5€ only. You can get more stuffs at ridiculously low prices from this store.

Thanks to mr yu for buying me those boots. We were out to look for his shoes and found mine instead. lalala..

Apr 21, 2011

H&M online shopping promo codes

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hi peeps, would you rather buy anything you really want or like at full price or only something you can afford on sale?

or wouldn't it be awesome if you could have what you want at a lower price than what the store offers you?

H&M online shop offers you a great deal. However, do you know what is greater than that? a promo code! and what are greater than that? Multiple promo codes, which all can be used at the same time at once (or they say kombinierbar in German)! Isn't it sweet?

After you choose the product(s) you are gonna purchase, simply click 'zur Kasse' which you then will be taken to this page.


on the right side are two boxes, where you can fill in your codes. If you have more than 2 codes, fill in the first two codes and hit zur Kasse. On the next page you are required to log in, if you haven't or check your personal data before you can proceed to check out. Hit 'zur Kasse' again to go back to the 'Einkaufstasche' page and fill in your other codes. And then you can proceed and complete your purchase!

For more info click here.

For these codes the minimum purchase value is 7€. not inclusive the shipping cost, which is 4,50€. So the actual minimum purchase you can make is 11,50€. With that I can have 3 dresses or more.

Girls, let's shop till drop! Happy Easter and toodles everyone!

*Offers in Germany only*

H&M. Nawroz Grillhaus. Nasi arab. Lamb.

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The maxi is quite nice kan. Too bad it is a bit too long. 


Someone is offered a job. But he has to dress up a bit for it. So we went shopping for his working attires.

(Shopping tip: get a 5€ worth gift card for spending 25€ and above at H&M. I am however not quite sure how long this offer lasts)

And to celebrate the event, he bought me dinner. It was such a great date. I think he likes me. And I kinda like him too. We shared everything, from the food to stories. We talked and laughed and fell in love all over again.







Apr 20, 2011

You Can Always Leave at the Break

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Apr 16, 2011

You Can't Blame Kids

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You Can't Blame Kids: "



Apr 13, 2011


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Last Thursday we went cycling at our latest favorite place. It was a sunny yet very windy day.
We at first wanted to go on a picnic, so I packed some food and drinks.


 We landed at the river bank, where actually was a dog area, which later we decided to continue cycling.

oh, our new rides.mine's the pink one.

It was so windy, I was very happy.
the dogs were also happy

We continued cycling and came to this sign. Not wanting to go too far and wanting to see new place, we headed to Scniegling.

under the bridge (from last time)

We went on, until we reached Ikea in Fürth. Duhhh..

Grüner Markt, Fürth



time to go home

Stopped by at zara markt.

our journey. total: 15.3 km

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