May 31, 2011

11s video

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May 28, 2011

DIY–pendant necklace and pin

By julie"anne at 1:25 PM

this necklace of mine is literally too loud.. it chimes every time I move.
so, I detached the noisy part and made a pin out of it and leave the single pendant to the necklace. nicey huh.. the pin keep ‘em in place and they don’t make so much noises anymore..

ps: notice the canon cam? that was our anniversary’s present. Yu sold his Nikon d80 and we got this one at a promo price. it has a HD video function. That’s why I love it soooo much! But I think yu still loves his d80. Sad smile

Styling jumpsuits

By julie"anne at 5:14 AM
Hey guys, I am back!
Jumpsuit is a must have for summertime. Well, it’s simple, cute and laid back. But it could be complicated as well, especially when you have to use the bathroom. You literally have to fully undress when you gotta pee. lol!
I am gonna style two jumpsuits I got from H&M online (finally!!). Yeah, it took like forever to get them delivered. Originally I got myself a jumpsuit and simple dresses. But the transaction was revoked, because I deleted some item I did not want. Then I had to start fresh, chose the jumpy from earlier and this time I got myself another jumpy, because I couldn’t find the dress I formerly chose. That was about a month ago. Seriously a month!

This one is dressy and flattery. So I just added some more feminine touch to it and make it more subtle and sweet.

Although this is my first choice, I gotta admit this one is too laid back and looks like a PJ. haha. Nevertheless accessories and the camel gladiator rock this look.
OK guys, let me know what you’ve been up to lately.

May 27, 2011


By julie"anne at 6:45 AM

Kleider = clothes

spende = donation


clearing up wardrobe, not because wanna get new clothes. There is barely a space to even store the existing ones.

May 25, 2011


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food for soul..persediaan ke kelas  seperti nak piknik.

May 23, 2011

guess what this is…

By julie"anne at 8:00 PM

it’s a fish! it’s a Mai-Scholle. and I am not good with fish. It turned out good but not that presentable. therefore I don’t have the picture. Smile with tongue out

make up

By julie"anne at 5:15 PM

so is it okay if I do my own make up on my wedding day? make up artists tend to cake brides’ faces. sometimes beautiful girls look like trannies on the most important days of their lives. sad huh?

You will see most of me in hats and big sunglasses all this summer. it’s hot out there!

Red, redder reddest

By julie"anne at 2:34 PM

Yu sold my Lenovo(230€) and got me a new one -Asus (280€). now I've gotta get myself a red outfit and I am then a red nerd. huhu..


May 18, 2011


By julie"anne at 7:47 PM
In this area we have a quite fancy buffet restaurant. They serve Turkish food.6.90€ pro person, quite okay for its range.

isn't it fancy?
 minty soup? uwek.

 mixed fruit in mascarpone is a big no-no.

and look at him..

May 14, 2011

skinned knee

By julie"anne at 2:43 AM
We had joy we had fun we had season in the sun..

We went cycling in the evening. I was super happy and excited, because I was too bored staying at home, listening to people talking downstairs. It seems my front yard is an open space, where people from front building can hang out too. two guys were talking and all I heard was bla bla bla..bla bla bla..
I was cycling downhill when I lost control. my knee was injured and my favorite jeans were torn. I didn’t feel nothing at first. I could still laugh for crying out loud! I was only upset at my damaged jeans.
Then Yu came to me and asked what happened. I didn’t really know, but I was sure I was being gedik before it happened. ‘I tak tau..I tengah gedik-gedik, tiba-tiba jatuh.’ And he laughed at me. He thought I was just being cute.
Hey, I was still able to cycle back home ok. Even for half of the journey I was being towed by Yu. That was when the pains struck and I could barely bend my knee. I was pretending like having Post traumatic stress disorder and ‘couldn’t’ tell places (like I ever could). This was when yu took the advantage to convince me I was his first ever gf. LOL.
You know what irony is? when at first I thought of my clean record of never having had a bike accident before, then BAM! it happened. And back home we saw a Malay drama, in which Juliana Evans was being gedik while cycling and she fell from her bike too.

Moral of the story, don’t gedik and cycle.

thanks yu for nursing me.

May 11, 2011

International dinner

By julie"anne at 6:02 AM
Last year we took part in that event but unluckily my hard work wasn't appreciated and the bitch got the credit because she was at the stall all the time sampai miss hempel bagi email about event from last year pun muka dia yang ada.aku memang la nak dok stall tu sebab itu projekt aku bersama geng bas sekolah aku..hehe..tapi kalo dah dia menyibuk kat situ takkan aku nak nyelit2 lagi kan..aku siap hangin kut kat fitri masa tu, sebab ajak that bitch..sebab aku dah kata dah, kalo nak ajak aku, aku je..kalo nak ajak 'orang lain' takyah ajak dah ajak aku, faham2 la kan. minah tu dia memang la, xbuat ape-ape pastu tayang muka tak tau malu pastu kredit semua amik kat dia.. aku biasa dah.. nak buat open haus dulu pun pandai2 rancang dengan budak laki rumah atas nak buat soto, last2 suruh aku buat sebab aku orang johor konon2nya..last2 aku kena buat sorang2 yu pun xtolong sebab segan lagi kut masa tu baru start dating..sedih gila kut masa tu..alih2 orang ramai datang seme dok tanya kat dia, kau ke yang buat soto ni..boleh buat muka toye dia.. sebab aku macam takde talent masak kut..masa pindah rumah pun budak laki kate pasni bitch la yang masak hari2..motif? aku tak reti masak kut..hujung2 pemalas kut natang tu nak masak kalo turn dia..lambat sgt masak sampai aku masak sendiri..bila budak laki kat rumah atas balik nürnberg seminggu sekali rajin kemain masak nasi ayam la hape la itu la ini la kan.. fuck la that fucking bitch.

bila tak puas hati terus tweet. orang yang reply tu lak buat aku cam hangin kan. memang terus suruh yu marah dia..haha..

Anyway, why is my intro like shit huh? Since this year I was like so busy with my schedule (heh), so yu and I went there just to enjoy food from other countries.

 queuing for coupon. 50cents per serving.

there I got it. muka tak semenggah, labor sampai 530. T_T

muka lapar.


Jordan. He said terima kasih to us. :)


There were many other countries. But they were like hehhhh.. and non-halal as well. And that was basically it.

so, this long entry is only about non other than my raging towards that bitch. i hope you won't say, alah benda dah lama dah..lupakan je la.. (ye la, kau pun dah main tegur2 kat fb dia kan, haha) yes, i used to dismiss that until I had enough with all her crap she gave me, they were sort of coming back to me all at once and I couldn't hold it anymore. So if people ask, what I get from hating her, I don't get nothing. I just hate her. You won't understand why, because you just won't.


Tag der Kreativität

By julie"anne at 4:51 AM
last  Sunday was my so-called 'Tag der Kreativität'. lol! poyonye dia.

ye la..since I was so rajin, I made a ring holder.


I used yu's schal..just giving him another excuse to buy a new one if he will ever need it again..huhu..

with the extra cloth i made a hairband.

model is wearing hairband from Julie's

my two lil' cute roses

that's all folks. see ya again.


May 7, 2011

Projektarbeit - Konzept

By julie"anne at 6:16 AM
to make a good team we'll need good members and a good leader. One must have good leadership qualities to make a good leader, which I am sure I am not one. I am a pushover, I let people walk over me and I am weak.

But this time we have to take turn to be the leader for every phase of our project. It will not be a problem at all if we have cooperative members. But nooooo. My life is not that easy. Not only she doesn't understand what she needs to do, she refuses to listen to my command and others' opinions. So what can we do?

Let's say, everyone was assigned to design 3 concepts so that at the end we'd have 9 concepts for our yet-to-be-designed machine. All you have to do was sketch the concepts based on the elements chose from earlier. Was it my fault to say this: "Du musst morgen 3 Konzepte haben." She came up with 9 options of jumbled lists of elements, from which WE had to choose to make OUR concepts. Oh, don't ask me, I didn't understand why she did that either. As the group leader I asked her to sketch her concepts right there at that very moment, while we waited for her to finish. But still, she asked "Warum brauchen wir die Skizze?"  then I replied with a question "Was wollen wir dann beurteilen?" "Die Konzepte", proudly, she answered. "Du hast ja keine Konzepte!" "Das ist kein Konzept?Was ist das?" To which the only guy in our group replied "Ja das ist kein Konzept. Die sind nur Worte und Zahlen" "Also, du brauchst die Skizze?"  "Endlich, ja!"  " Warum können wir nicht gleich beurteilen? Wir können einfach sagen des ist gut des ist schlecht, oder?" Then we decided to proceed on the evaluation part. I agreed to do that so she would see why we needed the sketches of her concepts so much. "Stabilität -2 Punkte für Kunststoff, Messgenauigkeit -3 Punkte für 2 Taster, Konstruktion -???" Looked at us. And I knew I was right. Hah! "Du, wir können nicht sagen ob es einfach oder nicht. Ich kann nicht vorstellen, wie es gebaut ist. Wenn's nicht vor dem Augen ich kann nicht Phantasieren." said Dani. Then she suggested to do ours first. Which was OK. Finished with that, I asked her to sketch hers while we waited.  Kinda waste of time!

Not enough with that she acted like the leader and started telling me to do things which were not that necessary. I was confused. Not only she does not understand, she doesn't even respect me.

She just wants to do everything but her job. I simply don't understand her. not her German,well actually partly yes, although mine is not good either. She is like from outer space, that we need some kind of a special device to communicate with her. What the hell is wrong with her?! I'm fed up!

- If you don't get the concept of a concept, I can't really help you.

*the German conversations are well, not exactly that. But you get the whole idea right?

May 4, 2011

mok and dik

By julie"anne at 9:42 AM
Jemand hat eine neue Frisur, which makes him look chubby.

I've been calling him (ge)mok since then. Teasing him with his fat face and telinga capang has always been fun, until he comes up with the idea of calling me dik, for my being gedik. Only dik is actually pronounced as dick, which can mean both the kinky one, or fat in Deutsch. To wrap it all, I am actually the big fat dick for calling him mok. lol!

I wanna try to take his new pic, but i am sure he won't allow me. So let's just imagine his big round face.

He said he was so happy with me that he got that fat. At the end it'll always be me. padahal dia yang xleh stop makan. heh!

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