May 7, 2011

Projektarbeit - Konzept

By julie"anne at 6:16 AM
to make a good team we'll need good members and a good leader. One must have good leadership qualities to make a good leader, which I am sure I am not one. I am a pushover, I let people walk over me and I am weak.

But this time we have to take turn to be the leader for every phase of our project. It will not be a problem at all if we have cooperative members. But nooooo. My life is not that easy. Not only she doesn't understand what she needs to do, she refuses to listen to my command and others' opinions. So what can we do?

Let's say, everyone was assigned to design 3 concepts so that at the end we'd have 9 concepts for our yet-to-be-designed machine. All you have to do was sketch the concepts based on the elements chose from earlier. Was it my fault to say this: "Du musst morgen 3 Konzepte haben." She came up with 9 options of jumbled lists of elements, from which WE had to choose to make OUR concepts. Oh, don't ask me, I didn't understand why she did that either. As the group leader I asked her to sketch her concepts right there at that very moment, while we waited for her to finish. But still, she asked "Warum brauchen wir die Skizze?"  then I replied with a question "Was wollen wir dann beurteilen?" "Die Konzepte", proudly, she answered. "Du hast ja keine Konzepte!" "Das ist kein Konzept?Was ist das?" To which the only guy in our group replied "Ja das ist kein Konzept. Die sind nur Worte und Zahlen" "Also, du brauchst die Skizze?"  "Endlich, ja!"  " Warum können wir nicht gleich beurteilen? Wir können einfach sagen des ist gut des ist schlecht, oder?" Then we decided to proceed on the evaluation part. I agreed to do that so she would see why we needed the sketches of her concepts so much. "Stabilität -2 Punkte für Kunststoff, Messgenauigkeit -3 Punkte für 2 Taster, Konstruktion -???" Looked at us. And I knew I was right. Hah! "Du, wir können nicht sagen ob es einfach oder nicht. Ich kann nicht vorstellen, wie es gebaut ist. Wenn's nicht vor dem Augen ich kann nicht Phantasieren." said Dani. Then she suggested to do ours first. Which was OK. Finished with that, I asked her to sketch hers while we waited.  Kinda waste of time!

Not enough with that she acted like the leader and started telling me to do things which were not that necessary. I was confused. Not only she does not understand, she doesn't even respect me.

She just wants to do everything but her job. I simply don't understand her. not her German,well actually partly yes, although mine is not good either. She is like from outer space, that we need some kind of a special device to communicate with her. What the hell is wrong with her?! I'm fed up!

- If you don't get the concept of a concept, I can't really help you.

*the German conversations are well, not exactly that. But you get the whole idea right?

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