Aug 29, 2011

ramadhan highlights

By julie"anne at 7:10 PM

third week of ramadhan.

fourth week of ramadhan.
Ramadhan 27th = August 27th = yu's birthday
baked a choc cake for him. rendang and ketupat palas for his buka. and made biskut dahlia as kuih raya, which turned out to taste so good!

Ramadhan 29th - homesick. keep listening lagu raya on youtube.

Mama, I miss you. anak-anak mama ramai tak balik raya tahun ni. Sabar ye mama. Sikit je lagi. And I don't want to work here either. I'll be back for you!

And to everyone, please forgive me for my wrongdoings. I don't know why, but actually one of my ustazs told me to seek for forgiveness during Ramadhan, so that your fastings will be blessed or whatsoever. But in my culture they seem to do so on Eid.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri ikhlas dari kami di Nuremberg, Germany.
Mohd Zulkahiri Said dan Julian Samangun.

Aug 22, 2011

pesanan buat kekasih.. lol!!

By julie"anne at 7:16 PM
yu, jangan bosan-bosan keje..nanti balik keje kena keje kat library pulak..haha..balik nanti ai masak utk buke..nak makan ape? cakap je.. den torai.. hehe

London Series - The Attractions

By julie"anne at 5:07 PM
I am not quite sure, what this is.

Piccadilly circus: (Apparently I was mistaken it with Trafalgar Square in the previous entry)

The real Trafalgar Square:


The gigantic Buckingham Pallace

Westminster and Big Ben

London Eye

Westminster Bridge and Big Ben

Aug 18, 2011

London Highlight - The Haul

By julie"anne at 8:50 AM
striped jersey dress - new look 
floral top - Primark
I <3 London T-shirt - souvenirs shop

floral dress - new look

Jersey dresses - Primark
green shawl - souvenirs shop


the Plaza, maybe.

new look

this one is so similar to the one I already had:

I was a bit disappointed because I was expecting more from Dorothy Perkins and Forever 21. Since I am such a sucker for bargains, DP and F21 didn't offer quite a lot to my taste and pocket.

So, back to Nürnberg I had to continue my shopping craze at New Yorker.

ankle Socks - €1 each

Ballerinas - €3 - I know, right?

erm, dude, you're doing it wrong.

lilttle purse of mine - €4,95: yes, this is a serious business. Although, I still think about the purse from F21, which I had to let go because the queue was sooooooo long. sigh.

I had to get a new purse because the one I was using was already busted.

H&M around €3

NY - €1: head band - worn as underscarf.

H&M - €1: this was purchased before the London trip.

Polka dotted belt - H&M - €1
Flower braided belt - NY - €1 
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