Sep 30, 2011


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I don't know!

Bibliothek - Fertig in 2 Monaten

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Bibliothek = library
Fertig = complete

Monat (pl. Monate) = month

Last Wednesday marks the end of my job at the library. phewww! 20 000 books in 2 months. It was supposedly a 2-people job. But since yu had another job from 8 to 5, I have to do it alone most of the time or until he clocked out of his office and rushed to the library and continued with work at the library. Hardworking much? Wait.

The moment I submitted our working sheet, the lady, who actually saw me working alone all the time, said I should get more money than him, since I had been working alone. I was just smiling or at least answered with 'mir ist egal' (I don't mind). She must be surprised if I told her that the money (his and mine) would be directly wired to him so he could make his visa. So who's the hardworking one here? haha!

You see, living in a foreign country isn't something to brag about. It is just pretty the same thing. You have to strive for life. It's just, there is no family, no papa and mama to turn to when we face difficulties. So we have to help each other and I am glad I can help.

So yesterday we decided to celebrate. Yeay! We went out for dinner at ParIStanbul. I had the same thing as always, Lammkottelet (Lamb chop). And as always he had something much cheaper than mine. But we shared the food. so, never mind.

Sup perut kut. (kembang tekak bila ingat balik, tapi sedap juga. haha)

Food was OK, I prefer the lamb chop at Masala though.
The ambiance was nice.

Sep 28, 2011

The Peter Pan syndrom

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Now that I am about to do my thesis, it strikes me real hard. What's next? Working life? Can I do it? As much as I am relieved that it's all gonna be over in a while, you know, the pressure, exams usw., I am actually terrified. I don't wanna get to the next phase of my life this soon. I am afraid I am not grown up just yet.

Can I not grow up?

Sep 23, 2011

Winter 2011 is coming

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OMG It's starting to get cold in Nürnberg. Soon enough you will find yourself can't leave home without a jacket. Not long after that you will start layering. And some more layering with thicker garments. Along comes Mr Snowman.

What does this winter have got to offer? Good job? Nice, comfy home? Sweet holiday? Merry Christmas? Happy New Year? Or I will still have to expect the worst, while, like always, trying to do my best here? Luck hasn't been a friend of mine. I hope I have something I can hang on to. Oh wait! I do have Mr. Yu. He's my savior.

But we are still waiting for some kind of miracles to happen, like suddenly we inherit a big sum of money from a stranger or long-lost relatives or something. Or maybe I hit the jackpot, which is very unlikely because I never bought any lotteries, or maybe I should start trying. Or maybe something like that but less haraam, I mean not haraam at all.

I want to enjoy this winter. This might be my last winter before I go back to Malaysia. As much as I love Malaysia, I know I am gonna miss this.

Sep 22, 2011

Changing faces with a smile - Operation Smile

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try not to cry.

Sep 20, 2011

Kentucky fried chicken

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Sep 19, 2011

Money, Y U Root of All Evil Today?

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Money, Y U Root of All Evil Today?:

memes - Money, Y U Root of All Evil Today?

I skipped work today. I needed a rest since I didn't have time to do so on weekend. Even though it wasn't tiring working at Saturn, I just wanted to have a nice relaxing day at home. that's why I didn't go to the library today. Ah, I don't have to explain myself. Whatever! haha. But I made a promise to myself that I would start early tomorrow. Let's see if it is gonna ever happen. lol!

Sep 18, 2011

Saturn day 1

By julie"anne at 2:36 AM
We finished work early today. It took only 3 hours before we called it a day. I expected it would be a long day, since formerly I was informed today's work was until 11p.m.. I was like prepared - food-wise and stuffed myself like a pig since I was afraid I wouldn't have time for dinner. You know what happens when I am hungry, right? haha.. Little that I knew, they prepared some snacks for us. duh!! But well, it's the boring German bread with cheese, salad and most of them got salami, which of course I couldn't have. But still, I've gotta love this company.

I was actually kinda disappointed because we were dismissed so early. Less work means less money. tsk. But since yu had been sneezing and feeling sick all day, I thought it would be best if he went home and had a rest. Plus, there were so many hot chicks around and I didn't feel comfortable with him being around them. haha. Every time he sneezed the ladies will wish him Gesundheit and there were some smiles-exchanging moments. I was so annoyed and I guessed it was his new pick-up line, if you know what I mean. He's so good at that. Queen control much? I know I was being so unreasonable. But.. a little jealousy won't kill right?

So our task was to scan all the products on the display counters. We were scattered into small zones. We couldn't take our mobile phones or mp3 players with us and I had to endure the beeping sound from the scanner, like the ones in Supermarkets. Imagine about 20-30 of them in one small area. beepbeepbeeeeeeeeeeeep.

After all it was fun. Not tiring at all. Gotta sleep early tonight because we have to start early tomorrow. Toodles!

Sep 17, 2011

meals of the day

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Today I kicked the day off with some leftovers from the dinner - rice with ikan masak lemak and sambal belacan. That was the sole source of energy for the whole day. Then I headed to the library.

I managed to do almost 800 books before yu finished his 8-to-5 job and went straight to the library to continue the job with me. We were done shortly after that.

I skipped meals during work and back home I only had an instant noodle. I thought that would keep me full for the rest of the night. But I dug for some more cereal for a late supper. I had pretty f*cked up meals today, right?

And tomorrow and the day after that I have a busy weekend, working at Saturn, an electronic shop. Just a small part time job for some extra cash there. Wow, my schedule is very tight! But I am glad, I do this. I hope I will be able to spare some money to send to my family at Malaysia. I hear money is pretty tight there too. :(

Sep 16, 2011

life in Germany

By julie"anne at 2:57 AM
My arms hurt from working at the library. Those books are freaking big and heavy. Later one night, I cried by myself. Not because of the pain, because of the yet more painful journey I've ever gone through all my life. I laughed a bit when people accused me for being so cocky that I now live in Germany. If only they knew. sigh.

Life in Germany is not all about rainbows and butterflies, especially in my current situation. I work hard just to earn little money, which I know will be all gone with a good number of bank transactions. At the end of the day, I will still be left with piles of bills need to be setlled in a given time. The next month I get to work my ass off again just to make ends meet. And the cycle goes around.

So I have got nothing to brag here. I am just living my life as it is. I am still breathing the same Oxygen in and Carbondioxide out. There's nothing fancy about living in a foreign land.

I am signing off now, because tomorrow I have another big day.

Sep 12, 2011

You can`t buy happiness

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You can`t buy happiness:

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Sep 11, 2011

1 Syawal 1432H

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Wow it has been quite a while. For such a person like me, it's very unlikely to happen to be very busy, isn't it? Yeah, I was just plain lazy. I had been sending my random thoughts to my twitter recently and I was really enjoying it.

So, how's eid, everyone? Mine was a blast! Nahh.. kidding. But I had a very blessed Syawal this year even though I didn't have the chance to join the Eid Prayer. Alhamdulillah, still. As early as the Eid prayer I had to take the train to a very beautiful and peaceful place, namely Bad Tölz.

It was a 3 hour journey and I decided to take Mr. Yu along. Well, it's eid and I didn't want to spend it alone on a train. That would be so sad, wouldn't it?

See, twitter all the way!

I am ready!

Oh, I did mention that I had a job interview at Bad Tölz, didn't I? That explains the formal attire. 

BOB - Bayerische Oberlandbahn

So we took BOB from München to Bad Tölz. It was nice. 

As you can see, he dressed up for me too.

Oh, hi cat!

As you can see it isn't as big as Nuremberg City but it is big enough for me. Nahh. Who am I kidding? I literally can sense this is going to be one of those devastating semesters for me if I were ever accepted or if I were to accept this offer. Firstly I would have to deal with many new things during the thesis (which would stress me out, oh believe me, it would) and secondly there are not so many shopping facilities around, where I can be when I really need to wash my stress away. You know what they say about shopping being the best therapy, don't you?

Schwein = pig; Ohr = ear; Schweinohr = pig's ear. (haha not literally)

But I think it's okay. The beautiful scenery really compensates all those things I said earlier. 

Heading home.

So long Bad Tölz. Till we meet again.
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