Oct 30, 2011


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and please3, click on the link and read the comments. The animal lover keep insulting people who aren't quite lovers (according to them), which I think totally unnecessary and pretty rude. And the not-so-animal-lover don't utter a single word of curse towards the so-called animal lover commentators. Hah! Animal lovers act like animal. That's why they love them. This really makes my point!

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Oct 29, 2011

Live your life and let me live my Life

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Live your life and let me live my Life:

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Food feast

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Last weekend was ahhh-mazing! Nothing compares to meeting girlfriends and having fun together and being treated with such loving hospitality.

Oh they cook very well, very well indeed that I don't think I can ever beat that. Not that it is some kinda competition or what. And my cooking skill is of course outta question. But I am very, very impressed and pleased with their artworks, if I may say so.

So last weekend I visited Min and Lai at Rosenheim. It is about one and half hour from Bad Tölz.

Lasagna by chef Yasmin

Pisang goreng by Chef Laili

And I voluntarily made sambal kicap. Siap ade lesung batu lagi!

Cheesecake by Chef Laili.

And there were actually some more yummies that I didn't take picture of, because they are too delicious that I couldn't wait to indulge. :)

Thanks Min and Lai for having me. 

Back to Bad Tölz, I didn't eat that much. And I fell sick and I miss being around them, because I am not good at being alone. 

It is nice to know that you have someone who understands how you are feeling about something or someone else. Though it is not cool to hate people, but we do sometimes hate them. It is the feeling you cannot resist. Like love, but more to hating. haha.

Oct 27, 2011


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dah ape yang tak islamik nya pakai nail polish? tak boleh bawak solat? dah kalau orang tu period? kalau tak pun ade remover kan. ape masalahnya orang pakai kuku kaler-kaler. ada sebabnya nabi suruh pakai inai. untuk bezakan tangan lelaki dan perempuan. supaya tak tersentuh. sama je konsepnya dengan nail polish. sebab yang pakai nail polish perempuan je. mungkin ade lelaki yang akan groom their nails. tapi tak sampai pakai nail polish kut.

sejak bila pulak aku kate aku islamik sangat? aku islam. tapi tak pernah mengaku being too islamic smpai tutup pemikiran. eh, islam suruh buka minda lah. jangan dangkal sangat boleh tak? bodoh!

Oct 26, 2011


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Couple days ago my boss asked me to figure the concept of Wheatstone bridge out. Since according to him, he's old and has forgotten a thing or two, he wanted me to do that. I figured the way out and showed him my work.

Yesterday he asked my school's name and I said it's Georg Simon Ohm. Und he answered like. 'Oh der Ohm?' 'Ja' And he said some thing like ' no wonder you could do the Wheatstone bridge.' And I was like 'LOL!'

OMG, my boss is a very handsome, nice and funny man. I am very lucky to have him as a boss. He is by far the best boss I have ever had. Bar none!

Oct 25, 2011

Don't let go!

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Don't let go!:

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Kopf = kepala
Schmerzen = pain
Kopfschmerzen = headache.

Today I woke up at 6. headache. I showered hoping I could drain it away but to no avail the headache didn't go.

I thought too much yesterday. Everything was so complicated. I am trying to apply for visa. For that I am gonna need my working contract, which I should've had by now, or even before I started working. Without my contract I will be having problem at the Ausländeramt. without visa, I will have to leave Germany. If I were to leave Germany how would I do my thesis?

So many problems with actually only one solution. But the HR is not helping. They are either busy or call in sick or busy calling in sick. huhu.

I have so many other major problem in my life to think about, rather than to think about some dead cats and a crazy psycho. I am not gonna feed your troll. You are just one sick little man and your arguments are invalid.

Oct 22, 2011

Oh, I wish...

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Oh, I wish...:

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Oct 19, 2011

So true...

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So true...:

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Oct 18, 2011


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This is taken at the front of my office. Beautiful, isn't it? When it starts to snow, it will get very cold. Gotta brace myself. Oh, oh, Sarah promised me, she would take me to play ski. woot3. I am very excited about it.

Sarah is a very nice girl. She is willing to help me. She even offers to help. I would be lost if she wasn't there. Oh, the other girls are just as nice. I am blessed with good people around me.

Oh, by far, this is the best boss I have ever had, even though he has a very think accent that I barely understand. And every morning he will greet me in his 'Schwäbisch' accent and has a good laugh when I don't get it. haha.

I am flattered when the lady at the human resource describes me as 'spricht sehr gut Deutsch'. Hahaha. And my boss says I am so hardworking, well considering that I still get my work done while I am facebooking, I am pretty good at this job. haha


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which actually was a question. FML.

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Bad Tölz - Pengadang Baru

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Eh, LDR sangat tak best lah! I just hope yu enjoys his time. Take a break and start your engine all over again (not literally, although! haha) and win the race! (or at least end the race)

I hope everything will turn out great after this. So that we will never have to fight over petty things again. (I know I always ignite the fight.) So that we will see everything even lovelier than ever. So that we will be happier than before.

Not that I am complaining or I am implying that I have never been happy all this while. But it is more convenient when we don't have anything from the account departments to worry about, no?

I am just hoping the best for him, for me and for us. Yeah, for a better future! (cheers!)

Oct 9, 2011

The Karlsruhe deal

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On Sunday, Sept. 25th, yu asked me out early in the morning. Our destination was Karlsruhe. First off we looked for car pooling service at mitfahrgelegenheit.de. Lucky enough there was a young lady going to Karlsruhe that morning. Since I am trained to get ready in just 30 mins., we were manage to get to her in time.

Can anyone tell me where the H&M is?


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Dalam satu institusi kekeluargaan mesti ada masalah. Masalah peribadi sekurang-kurangnya akan memberi kesan kepada sesebuah keluarga. Tapi jangan sesekali masalah keluarga di bawa keluar. Seperti membuka pekung di dada. Ludah ke langit kena muka sendiri juga. 

Oct 7, 2011

Endomondo Cycling Workout

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Endomondo Cycling Workout: was out cycling 5.93 km in 34m:19s using Endomondo.

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