Nov 28, 2011

And that's why...

By julie"anne at 2:40 AM

..I don't like it, when my girlfriends do so to me. Not only I am not that flattered, I am just ashamed. I know myself, I know my level.
"I am not a hot girl, I'm just cute" -Alex, from Joey.

Oh yeah, I am actually just done with a 'Joey' marathon. If you are bored, you can watch it here. Too bad that this show was cancelled due to being overshadowed by American Idol. Tskkk. It is super funnehhhh.. trust me.

Nov 16, 2011

Not a single fuck

By julie"anne at 12:55 PM
Not a single fuck:

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You just can't

By julie"anne at 2:08 AM
You just can't:

No, you just can't.

dosa manusia dengan manusia

By julie"anne at 1:30 AM

dosa manusia dengan manusia:
Andai ada seorang manusia yang melakukan dosa dengan Allah, lalu kita kutuk. Hina, caci. Kita lemparkan kata - kata kesat padanya dan kemudian, kita ajak manusia lain untuk bersekutu dengan kita untuk mencacinya.

Kita keji, dari rupa paras fizikalnya, sehinggalah ke peribadi serta keluarganya. Kita betul - betul jelek melihat dia melakukan dosa dengan Allah.
(sedih aku tengok)

Dan sekarang, semakin lama semakin ramai yang bersetuju untuk mengkeji manusia itu. Keji berjemaah.

Sampai suatu hari, manusia yang dikeji itu, bertaubat dan memohon ampun dari Allah Ta'ala. Jika dia benar - benar insaf, dan mahu bertaubat, kemungkinan besar, taubat dan ampunnya diterima Allah. Maka selesai sudah, dan dia sudah insaf, sudah berubah. Bukan kerana dikeji, tetapi kerana dia mendapat hidayah. Alhamdulillah.

Apa yang tak selesai.

Dosa kita dengan dia, yang selama ini kita maki caci, keji. Juga mengajak manusia lain untuk mengkeji dia.

'Kalau berdosa dengan manusia, kita kena mintak ampun dari manusia"


Manusia tadi sudah bertaubat dan insyaallah Tuhan ampunkan dia. Tapi kita akan terus berdosa dengan manusia itu.

Ada terfikir?


Kalau orang tu takde dosa pun kena, lagi la kan.

Bagi aku, selagi aku tak salah, selagi aku tak buat dosa, lantak kau lah. Orang gila je yang duk sibuk nak kumpul dosa. But then again, orang gila tak ada dosa kan. Selamatlah kau kut.

Sebagai manusia, elakkan la dari menghakimi orang lain. itu kerja ALLAH.

And please. Kalau tak puas hati dengan aku, cakap je depan-depan. Grow a pair. Jangan jadi pondan sangat ah!

Nov 14, 2011

Mitfahr - Hitchhike/Carpool

By julie"anne at 9:34 AM
Not Sure:

My expenses expend as I have to travel with the train alone. And in Germany, it is way more expensive if you are travelling alone compared to travelling in a group. Single ticket costs €21 and group ticket, which allows up to 5 people is €29. (€5,80 to €21, if you still don't get what I mean)
Biweekly I travel back to Nürnberg on Wednesdays and return on Sundays. That would cost me €84 if I am alone, which I don't think I can afford monthly. But I can even make it weekly if I travel in group. Let say a single journey is €6 and I have to travel to and fro every weekend and there are 4 weekends in a month. You do the math.
Yes, almost half the cost if I am travelling alone every two weeks.
That is why I am able to be in Nürnberg every weekend. I look for people who are going to the same destination as I am and we share the ticket. Some may say it is so not convenient to travel with strangers. At first I thought so too. But I have to. I don't have that kinda money. And I am now enjoying it.
Every weekend I meet new people and as for now, I have met my hitchhike buddies. Every even week, when I don't actually have to travel back to Nürnberg but I want to (haha), I am going with a mother and her son who also take the same train every two weeks. Friday at 2 p.m. from Bad Tölz to Nürnberg and Sunday at 3 p.m. back to Bad Tölz.
Because the mother and son travel only on even week, I have to look for another group to travel with. And yesterday I met yet another interesting girl. Guess what? She is taking the same train to Munich every two weeks as well. What are the odds? haha.
You know, there is always way out. You may call people who do this 'sengkek' or poor. But they are actually smart people, who don't want to spend their parents' money lavishly on transportation alone. That is stupid. When you have a cheaper option, why would yo want to spend more?
The day yu went back to Malaysia we bought the Schönes Wochenende ticket (€39) which allowed us to travel in a group within Germany. So I took him to the airport in Frankfurt and took another 3 Mitfahrer who paid €7 each with us. And then I had to go back to Bad Tölz. Going back, I took another 4 Mitfahrer. You see what I did there? Yes, our travel expenses was zero. A bagel! Better yet, I gained an extra €10 from that. I can really start a business lah!

Mi rebus

By julie"anne at 2:21 AM
Made this yesterday. Wow, I haven't lost my touch in the kitchen yet!

Woman, y u no in the kitchen?


Been busy with life, hence the lack of updates. Plus I have been knowing people are reading my blog. Not people, people. It's people I know. and that is quite embarrassing. Haha.

Nov 8, 2011

yeah, like seriously so.

By julie"anne at 2:50 AM
Panda bears:

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Posted at: 2011-11-07 00:33:36

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