Jan 22, 2012

Sambal ikan

By julie"anne at 2:04 AM

The fish were a bit dry because i fried a bit too long.

Jan 20, 2012

nude in black

By julie"anne at 12:19 AM
nude in black

Forever 21 cutout dress
$25 - forever21.com

Jay Ahr low rise legging
$2,215 - net-a-porter.com

Forever 21 shoes
$37 - canada.forever21.com

Chanel quilted bag

Jane Norman black bangle
€17 - janenorman.co.uk

Jan 16, 2012

Forever 21 free shipping online promo code

By julie"anne at 6:41 AM
online shop code: NEWDESIGN (free shipping)

can someone buy me this and this (in taupe)(both in medium)?

since I have reached my shopping quota for this week month, I don't think yu will be happy if I still go on with the transaction. Well, I bought couple of bras from H&M this week. And they are totally worth it. They are by far the best I have had. Haha, can't believe I talk about buying bra here. The sale was crazy tho. 3 - 5€ for bras is actually considered very cheap. And you still can shop online at H&M.de. There are a few promo codes you can use for example 1304. Just google it!

Nevertheless, I still want those two. Since they are sale items, I will surely miss them if I don't hurry.

Dear Mr. Yu, 
If you buy me the dress, you will not have to worry about the Valentines' day present or even our coming anniversary. But please be hurry.


Jan 12, 2012

Korean Food: Spicy Extra Soft Tofu Soup (순두부 찌개)

By julie"anne at 5:44 AM
It's been a while since I posted some recipes on my blog. Since I am home, I wanna make something special for yu. I however bought firm tofu yesterday. And since I didn't have everything listed in the video, I just skipped them. It tasted good nevertheless. only mine is a little bit oily.

I have always wondered, how kimchi really tastes. Should try some one day.

My method:

1. marinade meat in soy sauce and minced garlic
2. sauté  chili flakes
3. add meat fry till cooked. add some sesame oil and salt to taste.
4. add water and anchovies stock (used cube ones)
5. add zucchini and tofu
6. add green onion and chili padi and eggs.

DuBu BuChim

By julie"anne at 5:28 AM

My very own DuBu BuChim

Only I used this method to fry the tofu: (use less oil for healthier food! =))

And my sauce recipe:
Chili padi
Spring onion
Sesame seeds
Sesame oil
Soy sauce

Jan 10, 2012

It's not about time.

By julie"anne at 12:12 AM
It's not about time.:


I will always wait for you, sayang.

because you matter the most.

and I love you, infinitely..

Jan 9, 2012

By julie"anne at 9:46 PM
"If you tell your brother his faults privately, then you have carried out your responsibility well, but if you tell him his faults in public, then you have stripped him naked in front of people."- Imam Shafi


By julie"anne at 6:01 AM

Made some sketches on my mobile phone just now. Aren't they cute?

Bad Tölz

By julie"anne at 2:11 AM

been crossing this river every morning and evening since October. See those mountains at the back? They must be covered with snow by now. The view is just magnificent!

Jan 6, 2012

busy life

By julie"anne at 2:01 AM
It was my weekly, or biweekly routine. I call mama on Saturdays or Sundays or whenever I feel lonely, which actually I didn't really have the chance to get lonely in these few months. My life revolves around my work only. wake up at 530 every morning, take bus or cycle, if the weather is good, to work. Back to hotel room at 5, prepare dinner, have dinner while skyping with yu or chatting with abang on facebook, then call it a day at 9-10, so that I can wake up early the next day. On weekends I still on my working clock, wake up at 530, but back to sleep right after that. hihi. I then wake up at 10, have breakfast, suddenly it's noon already and it would be 7 pm in Malaysia. Takkan nak call masa maghrib. wait a bit till 2 o'clock, but then have to go shopping, do groceries etc. sigh.

These few months I had been convincing mama to let me work here. After a few tries, at last reluctantly she said yes. Until few weeks ago she told me, she wanted to take back what she said. I asked her why. She said she missed me. And suddenly she said, balik la, kawen. Uncle Mamat dah jadi datuk dah. And I was like. OK..

Tapi kan abang dah kawen dulu. why put the pressure on me? haha.

I officially on break right now. I dare take a month break from work, because I am done with the most crucial part of the thesis and I have exams at the end of the month, for which I haven't prepared anything at all. So this break is very important to me.

So wish me luck. I really need it. For those who are sitting for the next WS 2011/12 Prüfungen, alles Gute und viel Erfolg.

Jan 4, 2012

Life is unfair

By julie"anne at 3:24 PM
Life is unfair:

yeah..but is it really unfair to everyone?

Jan 1, 2012

2011 Highlights

By julie"anne at 12:46 AM
Jan - still doing my internship at FCI Nürnberg

Feb - also doing shitty job with low payment at FCI

Mär - our little anniversary :) - done with internship, yeay!

Apr - happy with yu.

Mai - busy with Projektarbeit.

Jun - birthday celebration

Jul - exam mode on! and Passed with flying colours.

Aug - London mit Shida!! Ramadhan. Work at library

Sept - still work at library. Raya! 

Okt - Bad Tölz. alone. yu went back to Malaysia for 2 weeks.

Nov - still working at Sitec Aerospace a fun workplace!

Dez - The Xmas party was fun. Spent Xmas holiday at home, watching Running Man. Snow in Tölz, crazy cold in Nürnberg.

Everything ended well in 2011. Though it was slow at the beginning, it had a very steady end. Well, I am not one to say anything. I was having a good life, working an interesting job I didn't apply for (yu did it for me) and having such a great time where ever I was. 

Though I have to say, it has been a rocky journey as well. I made mistakes and learnt from them too. Good thing I knew now, who my real friends are. Glad I have them. 

And my family, especially my parents had been so understanding. They are my strength. I will be home soon. I promise you. But then I am not sure if I want to work in Malaysia yet. The people scare me a little. The prejudice, the mentality. But who knows what will happen then, right?
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