Feb 17, 2012

Das Mohr am Valentinstag

By julie"anne at 7:41 AM

 Lachs-Spinat Pasta
 Pesto Pasta (not a fan)
 Käsekuchen (BIGGEST fan)

 Paint some love on my cappu.
Ginger ale (current favorite)

If you don't celebrate Vday (so don't Yu and I) or other religious celebrations, please don't be an ass and judge others who do. 

We spent time together a lot this week. Next week I won't be here. tskkk..

Feb 10, 2012

KFC snack bucket

By julie"anne at 10:19 AM

New set from KFC!

Except for the baguette. We bought that from a bakery for I am not actually a chicken person. And we changed the normal fries with the new black pepper potatoes for an extra 50cents.

So why go to KFC if you don't eat chicken? Yeah right. Like we have a choice.

Feb 5, 2012


By julie"anne at 8:06 PM
That was found at the tip of the tap in my bathroom this morning. So how?

Schoko shower gel

By julie"anne at 8:28 AM
The shower gel on the right costs about €4. It smells like brownies, makes me want to stay longer in the shower. Umm, such a temptation. The body scrub on the left smells like white choc. I am not a big fan though. It smells nice, nevertheless. Ummm.


The facial wash comes with a small brush. It makes my face feels a bit tight after washing. Maybe there's still residues left. That's why I wash face before shower. So that it will all be rinsed thoroughly.

Spaghetti with Cream Sauce

By julie"anne at 7:37 AM
inspired by:

cook Spaghetti

chicken spam
spring onion
light condensed milk
corn flour

melt butter
add in chicken spam
add in onion
add in spring onion and tomato
mix milk, corn flour, pepper and salt
pour mixture
let cook till thicken
add spaghetti


sorry, I forgot to change the camera setting.

Feb 4, 2012

Steamed fish

By julie"anne at 10:09 AM

Steam fish for 4 min.

Soy sauce
Fish sauce
Oyster sauce
Olive oil
Chilli flakes
Mix all


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