Mar 30, 2012

My little pantry

By julie"anne at 2:59 AM
Look at my little kitchen. Everything is mini here. The stove is super mini. I love it. Twas only €13. Thanx to Mr. Yu for searching it for me. Worth the buy.

I'd like to say goodbye to our J 916 WTF and another unregistered one. We had good times together and it's now time to let you go. So long.

Uschi, mach kein Quatsch

By julie"anne at 12:29 AM

The other day I was doing some works with my boss. Suddenly he started talking strange. I sometimes ignore him because I don't understand him quite well. And then Josef came and said, 'du bist Uschi.' and I was like, why am I Uschi? Then boss started to sing this song. From then on they call me Uschi.

After we were done with the job, boss bought us some candy. He threw some coins in the vending machine, and I chose twix. Yesterday he came to us and brought a bag full of mini twix. 'die sind für eich. Nein, nein für Uschi. Uschi, du magst twix, oder?' thoughtful? Haha. He is the coolest boss ever!

Mar 29, 2012

Distance is killing love

By julie"anne at 1:32 AM
I am physically and mentally tired. And I don't think relationships could work this way. No, it shouldn't.

I miss you. I know i am cranky when I am hungry and tired. But can you be here with me, even though I am freaking annoying? Being alone sucks. I am not good at that.

I miss being around good companies. I lost that when I moved to Germany. And then I found one but about to lose again. Well not permanently, but still.

Sometimes I feel like giving up, running towards you and telling you I ain't going no where without you no more. And then the reality strikes.


Mar 25, 2012

Little things that make you smile

By julie"anne at 10:14 PM
Ai love yu too!

Mar 17, 2012


By julie"anne at 7:13 PM
Bachelorarbeit, I am done with you. We are through. :)

Mar 13, 2012

Well, it's not a goodbye

By julie"anne at 4:04 AM
Since I am not entirely done with my work, I have to continue working at the company. I feel sorry for mama for I can't really afford a flight ticket right now, even though I promised her I would be back in April. Guess I have upset her this time. She sounded a bit disapointed when I told her the bad news. But being an understanding mom as she's always been, she took it quite well. That was when I started the riddle game to break the ice.

Mama, I miss you too :(
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