Jun 25, 2012

Day 5 - Fox Town (Mendrisio, Swiss)

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Foxtown Homepage click here

Around 9 o'clock we hit the road towards another destination, Foxtown.

10:30 a.m. 

It is a big shopping center. According to these aunties, the prices are actually a bit cheaper here compared to those in Malaysia. 

Left for Nenzing, Austria at 4.

Oh my god. Subhanallah! Scheeeeeeeeeee!!

Quick stop for gas.

Arrived at 8 p.m.

1. If you buy something at Foxtown and intend to claim tax from neighbouring countries' airport, you have to stop at the Border to get some signature from the custom. See how I bold the word have. It's actually a must! Because without it your tax claim will not be valid.
2. Claim tax before checking your baggage in.

Day 4 - Re-discover Milan

By julie"anne at 4:41 AM
It was nothing much in Milan. Despite being said as a shopping destination, there was actually not much to offer. 
pick up point, where Rani dropped us off and picked us up.


Chomel :)

Beli ice cream. Auntie Shikin belanja.

Picnic. Such a bliss.

Stokin kotor. Kena ice cream :(


knock off

Shopping street.

The famous Duomo

inside Galeria. Most possible place, where Bik Mama spent her 'piggy money'. Tapi bak kata those aunties, tak banyak offer atau choice pun.

At about 2 o'clock we had run out place to visit. Everyone was already exhausted and weary. We sent a group back to campsite. The rest still wanted to enjoy sightseeing by bus. 

Mr. Yu and I decided not to tag along. We waited in the city.

4 o'clock they arrived.

When both of us in the picture. I have to edit it this way. The amount of blur in this picture is so intolerable. 

In the evening Aziz asked us to take him playing pool. Mr.Yu and I had never ever played before. But I do look good in this picture eh?

Muka loser

Budak ni biasa main kat Handy je pn. haha

Oh oh oh. I beat Mr Yu with this. Muahahaha.

Tips: If you want to buy some drinks, you can save some change with takeaways. Sitting down at their cafe will be charged.

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