Aug 28, 2012

Graduation Goggles

By julie"anne at 12:24 PM

I have spent my entire adulthood here. You know how I hated it here. The first year I had been begging mama to let me go home. I felt weird, left out and of course, lonely. Everything was so strange and different. My friends were not around, and  the person who used to and should be a friend was just busy 'online dating'. I was too depressed and sad.

Until the day I knew him. Fate brought us together and I was afraid less. He took me in to their poker circle. Had sleep-overs at their places every weekend, lived within the cards and chips. Sounds bad ass? lol! Those were the moments I cherished.

He took me out for some icecream, and then to lunch, then to dinner and to everywhere he went. Without we even realising it, we grew attached to each other and fell in love. It was the best thing ever happened to me. I was not afraid anymore.

Time went by fast. Almost all the circle members left for good. We were braver than ever. We took chances, made small and big decisions together and had each other's back. There were fights and misunderstandings, though. We made it through.

Studying was never easy. But then I grew accustomed to the system. It didn't make it any less difficult. But at least it made it less stressful. There were times when I cried when it was too much to take, and there were some happy, good times too. I was blessed.

Now, I have fallen in love with this place. Either that, or I am now experiencing the Graduation Goggles. But it is time for me to go. It was a rather last minute decision. But it's a decision to be made. I thank god for this opportunity; to be there, where I have been, to feel, what I have felt, to see, what I have seen, to have, what I have had, to lose, what I have lost and, to meet those, who I have met.

Danke, auf Wiedersehen!

a long, fun day.

By julie"anne at 11:06 AM
Urm, yesterday was Mr. Yu's birthday. Since there's an offer at Starbucks, we planned to have breakfast there. Unluckily, the offer lasted only till noon, which is a bit too early for both of us. haha.

We ended up having some cake at another bakery and went to the Asian Shop to get some instant noodles. I at first wanted to cook for him, but I was too lazy.

at 5 we went out once again and met Pesa. After taking a walk, we went to Norlis' and ordered some pizza. At that time Norlis had cooked nasi Bukhari and kuah dal for her dinner. Wah, langkah kanan!

At 11 pm, we went home and started packing. It's 5 am and I am not done yet! Ugh!

This was the second time we celebrated his birthday together. These past years, we had been celebrating it seperately, since one of us would be back home on his birthday. I regret a bit that I didn't have the chance to bake a cake (or actually I was just lazy). Nevertheless we had a blast on his birthday. That's all, that matters, right?

Aug 27, 2012

Happy birthday, sayang!

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Aug 25, 2012

Favourite corner of the room

By julie"anne at 11:36 AM

I laid the Ikea bookshelves on their sides so they don't stand tall. I arrange them so they are alligned with the bed. This actually helps making the room appear bigger. And the flower lamps add the ooooohh effect.


Aug 24, 2012

Draw something

By julie"anne at 1:11 AM
With adik Ita. She is a bright girl. Funny and bright.

She currently uses kakak's account.

Tak sabar rasanya nak balik main iPad sama-sama. Haha

Aug 23, 2012


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Aug 14, 2012

This has to stop, you look stupid.

By julie"anne at 5:30 AM

Mr. Yu's pet peeve


Aug 10, 2012

My (food) diary - ramadhan week 2 & 3

By julie"anne at 12:17 AM

This is my diary. I have recorded every event in it.

Aug 2, 2012


By julie"anne at 2:23 AM
Dalam kenangan.
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