Oct 29, 2012

Of missing everything.

By julie"anne at 11:15 PM
Rindu pada rumah kecil itu.
Rindu pada sejuknya salju.
Rindu pada dingin lembut bayu.


Mungkin tak sama dengan tanah sendiri.
Mungkin bukan asal kelahiran empunya diri.
Tapi rindu bersarang di hati.
Tapi hati bukan di sini.

Oct 28, 2012

Of sacrifice and battle

By julie"anne at 5:51 PM
Cinta memerlukan pengorbanan?

Just saw 'Untuk 3 Hari'

Had he not asked the girl to sacrifice, they would have been happy together.

Had he been braver enough, their love would have won.

Had he been stronger enough, THEY would have won.

Love does need sacrifice. But that comes along with some braveness and strength to win the battle. Sacrifice alone will get you nowhere.

Because love is a battlefield.

Oct 17, 2012

Of Nothing and Everything.

By julie"anne at 5:49 PM
A month.

I still can't believe I am now living here.

I have this feeling, that I am going to take a return flight to Nürnberg, like I always did before.

To be honest I am missing Nürnberg so much.

Big shopping malls and tall buildings don't really satisfy me.

Nürnberg is nothing compared to Kuala Lumpur but to me it is everything.

Oct 16, 2012

Of killing and dying.

By julie"anne at 8:32 AM
Andai dia takdirku yaAllah, Kau kurniakanlah sabar dalam diriku. Buangkanlah amarah dalam hatiku. Jauhkanlah syaitan yang berbisik.

Andai bukan, ajarkanlah aku untuk redha. Kerana cinta yang sejati itu milikMu.

Things that are happening around me make me miss Germany sooo much. I miss our life there. I miss how I can be so carefree. Without this heavy feeling I am carrying around right now. I don't even know what it is.

This distance is really killing 'us'. Part of me is dying inside.
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