Nov 22, 2012

Of jealousy

By julie"anne at 12:09 AM
Today I listened to a couple's conversation. The wife asked for the hubby's permission to get home every evening with her guy friend. The hubby of course rejected it.

In my situation, Mr. Yu suggested me to take the same ride as my guy colleague home.

Well, jealousy is not his best feature, which actually he's lacking. Or maybe he just doesn't care that much.

Nov 16, 2012

Of moving back home.

By julie"anne at 9:20 AM
I am now officially residing in Malaysia, for good. Found a small flat of three bedrooms and a kitchen. Can't wait to organise my new home.

Alhamdulillah, I have met very good people. Some are not, though. But most of them are gifts to me. I have the best set of friends. And I will never forget their help.

Thank you, Allah for making my moving back home easy for me. 

Nov 5, 2012


By julie"anne at 10:59 AM

of frustration

By julie"anne at 10:30 AM
Don't know what is more frustrating. The fact that I still don't have my dream job in Malaysia, or knowing that I would still have chances in Germany, if I stayed longer.

Should I have waited a bit longer, I would be having job interviews in Germany now. Or even working. And I could really use the 'trust me, I am an engineer' phrase accurately.

This is the biggest frustration in my life, yet so far. Sigh~~

Nov 1, 2012


By julie"anne at 5:10 PM

If "Happy Ever After" did exist,
I would still be holding you like this

of being a post-grad student

By julie"anne at 9:06 AM
Well, how do I say this?
The thing is, I am just too lazy to find a job.

But I don't really enjoy being a student again. Especially when I still don't earn enough even after years of painful undergrad life.

I do not think this is going to work.

No, I am not lazy. I am just upset because I have declined two very promising posts for this thing and yet my position in that university is not confirmed yet. Even after 3 months.

If I wanted to stay poor, I would have just stayed in Nürnberg. At least I love it there.

Oh, btw Mr. Yu asks me to mention his name because he loves me so much (yeah yeah) haha

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