Aug 28, 2013


By julie"anne at 3:23 PM
I am a type of person who always mind my own business. I know very little of people and am not interested of getting to know more, because once I have made friends with people, I tend to stick with them. I don't know many people from my own village. I don' know most of my schoolmates. From primary school to even university.

My conversations with friends are mainly about ourselves. Seldom will we talk about others. So it goes in the family. Mama always says, 'mama tak tahu pun pasal orang. Orang lain pulak tahu pasal kita.' Yeah, that is the kind of my family.

I got furious when I knew, our own unties talked bad behind our back. Seriously, they are not any better than us. Yeah I understand we live in an old shabby house that we used to call home. But that doesn't give them rights to talk like that, because they used to live in that even shabbier house before. Just because they are now doing a bit better, they can trash talk people?

And the cousins, as always, will take their sides, and saying things like, 'kalau cakap direct boleh terima ke?'. Well, might I suggest you not to talk at all? Seriously, I never gave a damn about what you guys thought of us. But enough is enough.

I tried to build good relationship with them. But I think it has gone to waste, because they don't appreciate it. They don't appreciate us. 

Aug 27, 2013

Alles Liebe zum Geburtstag

By julie"anne at 6:00 AM
Thanks sayang, for entering my life.

You make my life so colorful and I love every bit of it.

You are the best thing ever happens in my life.

You, yourself are a gift to me.

I wish us a more wonderful life ahead.

I love you.

With all my heart and soul.

Aug 20, 2013


By julie"anne at 3:26 PM
This raya is not the first raya we celebrated together. In fact, we decided to get hitched as soon as possible to make sure we won't get seperated during hari raya. Because that would be sad.

Raya was fun together! On the second day of Syawal, we made some kenduri doa selamat. That went well. The next day we took off to Terengganu. That was super fun!

On the 4th raya, we had another kenduri at his house. It was our reception. Yeay. The event went well, although it was tiring.

Mak mesti tak puas hati, because she asked us to buy a veil. Tapi his son is quite kedekut. haha. Actually it's me, who thought this dress didn't need veil at all. Nevertheless it turned out good, eh?

Thank you Allah, for this union. I couldn't be grateful enough. Thank you to those, who came. 

Aug 19, 2013


By julie"anne at 2:34 PM

Macam ni kut kalau betul-betul ikhalas nak cari and keep in touch dengan kawan lama. Bukan call kawan lain untuk 'bertanya' tentang hal kawan tu.

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