Sep 30, 2013

The big news!

By julie"anne at 1:00 AM
Hey lovely peeps!

How are you doing guys? It's been great for us. Really great but I still want to wait until today to share this. I wanted to wait a bit longer but I get so impatient.

The most wonderful thing happens. But I don't wanna jinx myself. Maybe that's why I waited until today.

Yeah, we are now 8 weeks pregnant! Yeay!!

We initially wanted to wait until next month, but I am way too excited! Sorry hubby! 

I have mixed feelings right now. Of course I am happy, but I am afraid as well. But hubby is doing great. He's been a great daddy already. He is gonna be one, that is forsure! 

Sep 18, 2013

Please, take me away.

By julie"anne at 4:47 PM
I have come to the point where I hate everything here. I hate the people, I hate the politicians, and the crappy political situation, I hate this place.

People are so nosy. If they are not, they are bragging and boasting about their power, achievements and money, like I care at all. Then come the backbiters. Seriously, they are the worst!

It is so annoying when people keep bragging like they are the best in this world, when they are just nothing more than anyone else. It is annoying when people backbite each other, showing good faces in front and turning evil faces behind our back.

The worst thing is, when all the mentioned annoying things are your so-called 'family'. Ughh!

I really wish, that one day, Mr. Yu would take me away from here to try living at the other side of the world again. To be honest, aside from being with him, which is so wonderful, I am not happy here. That is why I don't update my blog as frequent as before. I want this blog to be my happy station, where I can find my beautiful memories.

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