Oct 31, 2013

12th week - the first antenatal check up

By julie"anne at 12:43 PM
It was done at klinik ibu dan anak Sri Rampai. We arrived at around 8 and were done at 10.30 a.m. That wasn't bad, was it?

First thing was the weighing and all that stuff. I weighed about 62.8 kg. OMG. But BMI still 21.7. Still in the range. Don't worry. Haha. 

After a long consultation by the nurse, I was sent to another station, which was the blood sampling station. Well, I have to say, there was quite a drama in there. I am really, really terrified by needles. Thank god, there was Mr. Yu. 

Then I met the doc. She was a young, nice doctor. Everything was OK, except for my hemoglobin. I have to take exta iron in my meals. That's all. 

I have to thank the nurses at the clinic. They were very proffessional at handling a cray-cray like me. I was literally crying in front of the nurse when asked to sign the permission for blood sampling. And then it was quite a struggle to get some blood sample from me. Sorry for that, and thanks for being so nice. 

Thanks Hubby, for being there. Other husbands just waited outside the room. But you were there for me. 

Gotta stop here before I get too emotional. Toodles!

Oct 27, 2013

A Nightmare

By julie"anne at 1:58 AM
I dreamed you left me,
just went off without a reason.

I woke up in tears,
Oh thank god,
you were still here. 

I just could not imagine,
If that happened for real. 
I would be so devastated. 
I would be dead inside. 

Please don't you ever leave me,
for my life depends on you. 
So much. 

Oct 21, 2013

A story about a mother

By julie"anne at 2:14 PM
I am lucky to have found Mr. Yu. Not only is he a great guy, his family is awesome. While some of us struggle with their in-laws, mines accept me the way I am.

I had seen a very fierce mother in-law, the one who just gave nothing but suffer to the pitiful daughter. When a woman is brought into a family, they are indeed becoming one of theirs, but that doesn't mean you can shout at her, hate her (seriously, she is becoming your daughter. Why can't you treat her as one of yours?) and accuse her of something so bad.

What worse is when other sisters-in-law gang up and add misery to the life of the poor lady, even after the mother has passed away. Worst is when the nieces and nephews learn not to respect her. Guess it is in their blood.

She remains silent until today. Nope, she never utters any single hateful word towards them. They, on the other hand, never stop doing what they do best (lol!).

She turns out to be a great mother-in-law to her daughter and son-in-law. And I am proud to say, she is the best mom I could ever ask for. We too had fights, sometimes. I was quite a rebel. I have to admit, I have to disagree with her when she is being too soft-hearted and lets herself to be pushover.

These past few months in Malaysia, I have learnt so many things about this mighty woman. I now respect her more. I love you, Mama!

Oct 18, 2013

This is the new generation.

By julie"anne at 6:59 PM

This so sad.

Tak habis belajar lagi, dah mengamuk minta dibelikan kereta. Walhal sedar diri bukan anak orang kaya pun. Si ibu berlembut hati keluarkan simpanan yang tak pernah diketahui anak-anak yang lain. Cuma anak yang ini saja yang tahu. Terus idamkan sebuah kereta.

Semasa masih dalam pengajian belanja macam anak orang ada-ada. Beli gitar mahal-mahal, ke sana sini berkereta, tak cukup itu, berhabis duit untuk kereta.

Sehabis belajar, rapat dengan makcik-makcik bermulut puaka yang memburukkan si ibu. Si ibu yang mengeluarkan duit untuknya juga yang dipersalahkan, tak sedar 30 tahun si ibu menjadi mangsa fitnah. Tak sedar rumah koyak rabak ditertawakan makcik-makcik puaka kerana nak membesarkan dia. Tak sedar, si ibu ada duit yang sedikit pun dikelepet mahu kereta, walaupun belum habis belajar. Si ibu juga yang beralah.

I have seen this. This hurts so much. Seeing a mother struggles for the lives of her babies, but in the end she is left with nothing, but a broken heart. Even though she never says it out loud. I can feel her.

This hurts. So much.

Pregnancy update - week 10

By julie"anne at 5:41 PM
My first appointment will be on the 31st oct. When told they will take some blood sample, I was literally crying. I hate it.

I am still not showing. Feel a bit better than before. Less nausea and a bit more anergetic. 

I like to eat, a lot. Not surprising, though. Haha. But this time I eat more. I have to. I am hungry all the time. Guess baby is doing fine. Yeay!

Hubby is as sweet as ever. Tends to my every need. Gets impatient sometimes when I am too cranky to handle. 

Mood swing is a weird thing. I could cry the whole way back from KT to KL, after witnessing an awful accident. I got emotional at things, which is actually not uncommon to me. Lol. 

Mothers are supportive. Be it my own, or my mother in law. I am so blessed. 

I don't have any craving problem. Maybe because hubby is tentattive enough. I always get what I want. Just say it. Lamb, grill corn, cendol, ice cream, etc. I started craving for lamb when we saw some travelling programme on tv. They ate the whole pork and it was salivating. Luckily I do not crave for pork. It just reminded me of some lammkotelett we had back in Germany.
This is from a restaurant in AEON AU2. Just nice!

Last night at KT we did some grilling! 
And of course there were lambs. Nice!

So that was all. Will try to update this kind of journal regularly. See ya! Toodles!

Oct 12, 2013

Salam sayang

By julie"anne at 6:04 PM
Tegur itu tegur kasih sayang. 
Teguran itu datang dengan penuh kasih sayang. 
Syukurlah kau ada lagi yang mahu menegur menasihat. 
Syukurlah kau ada yang sayang. 
Syukurlah kau ditegur, bukan diumpat atau diherdik dengan kata-kata yang menyakitkan. 
Kerana kau sendiri pun tahu sakitnya andai diperlaku sedemikian. 

Oct 7, 2013

Dear my baby

By julie"anne at 12:40 PM
Dear baby,

No matter how many times mommy has to get up in the middle of the night to visit the bathroom, no matter how many times daddy has to pull off at the road sides because mommy is feeling sick, we love you and care for you. 

Mommy knows that we (mom and dad) don't have strong foundation to bring you to the world just yet. But we promise to try harder each and everyday to provide you a better future than ours. Mommy is not ready yet, but don't worry, we have daddy! 

Daddy has always been there for mommy. And mommy is sure, he will always be there for you too. WE will be there for you, because we love you. 

Have you seen daddy? He loves you so much that his eyes sparkle everytime we talk about you. Oh, you are so lucky to have him as your daddy! 

Dear baby,

Mommy loves you too, but sometimes mommy gets angry. If mommy does, it doesn't mean mommy doesn't love you, or loves you any less. Mommy is always like that. Just remember, no matter what, I love you with all my heart!

Oct 1, 2013

The side effect

By julie"anne at 4:54 PM
Dear mommies-to-be,

Please don't be decieved by the term 'morning' in morning sickness. You can feel sick not only in the morning but also in the middle of the day, evening, night and even throughout the day till bedtime. And let me tell you this, it is indeed a serious business. 

Oh baby, why are you doing this to mommy? Mommy loves you. 
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