Nov 27, 2013

The Sabah trip

By julie"anne at 3:27 PM
It took me quite a while to update about this trip. As soon as we reached KL I started to feel sick again. KL is a horrible place for me, for now, I guess.

We, Mr. Yu and I, took the bus from KL Sentral to LCCT at 10 and arrived at 11 in the morning. We had lunch there (I prepared some spaghetti) Waited for the other guys there. They were late! We were like only a minute behind after they closed the baggage drop off gate. But we still tried to go to the departing gate. Luckily! the flight was delayed and we can take our big baggage to the aircraft and leave it at the staircase. Such a relief. I stayed cool, even though I was like crying inside. That happens only when you are surrounded by the right people. hahaha

We arrived KKIA at around 5. Took a taxi to tune Hotel for 50MYR per trip. At night met uncle and family. They let us use their car for the weekend. Yay!

On the first day, we had breakfast at Segama. Not worth mentioning,though. Then we went straight to Kinabalu Park. The place, the view was magnificent! Love it there! I had the strength to climb the stairs!!! That was like magical right?

Then we went to Kundasang to see the cows! Didn't stop long because Najmy couldn't help feeling pity for those animals. We went ahead to Sabah Tea Plantation.

That was it for the first day.

The second day, we went to Pasar Minggu. Bought some souvenirs. And went to Pantai Tanjung Aru. This was relaxing. In the evening we went to Filipino Market before enjoying the sunset at Tanjung Aru. Had dinner at uncle's house. Yum3!

The next day we said goodbye to this beautiful city. And then I fell sick. Just like that. Magic, or so I thought. haha

Nov 23, 2013

Feeling good.

By julie"anne at 11:31 PM
Dear my baby,

I hope you are doing fine in there. Mommy doesn't feel good, but for you I would do anything. This little discomfort I am feeling right now, I hope you won't feel it. You are a little champ, aren't you baby tiger?

There is no more satisfying feeling than the one when you look at your hubby numming down the food you just prepared. I have been slacking off these past few months. I am afraid I have lost my groove in the kitchen. But these past few days I've found it back. Hubby is hungry no more. 

Nov 22, 2013

Kau dah ke? Bila lagi?

By julie"anne at 10:11 AM
Yesterday I got this question: "Kau dah pregnant ke belum?"

Seriously though, even when I currently am pregnant, I am still offended by this question. As if that is the only reason we get married. I have so many other reasons to stay married to this guy. And having baby is the way we celebrate our love, not the other way around. It is more like the side effect. IYKWIM.

What if I wasn't pregnant yet? What if I couldn't get pregnant due to some medical problem or health issue? Or may be it wasn't just the right time yet to start a family. Why do you have to butt in and ask so personal question? Don't you care about my feelings? Aren't you a friend?

Having a child is, other than what we call rizq (provision), our own freaking choice. These people can't even stand the idea of people having choices. It is the norm in this society. Every married couple must have kids, if they don't they are not blessed or something. If they have too many, they don't know how to control. What is this shit?

I don't tell publicly that I am pregnant yet. By publicly I mean on Facebook. And here, even it is more public than my facebook account, I know they don't come and read this. If so, they wouldn't have to ask. I do tell close friends who bother to contact me through phones, not some social media. 

My pregnancy is so personal to me. I don't go out proudly and say, yeah we made it! It was like telling people, yeah, we fucked! No, that would then be weird and inappropriate, wouldn't it?

Nov 21, 2013

#travelgram - Sabah : Kinabalu Park

By julie"anne at 10:42 AM

The view is so beautiful, that you do not even need words to describe each picture, aite?

Nov 19, 2013

15th week - the second appointment

By julie"anne at 4:39 PM
Umm. Everything went well. The numbers are good and balanced. Mr. Yu was still there with me. Ahh.

I am already showing a bit. I am becoming lazy an lazier. urghh. I totally hate that. I am always hungry, but I don't really feel like eating. I don't have certain craving. This is driving me crazy. It is easier if I crave for something. But not to know what to eat is something annoying.

Sometimes Mr. Hubby easily gets annoyed by me. I think he is more hormonal than me. Tsk. That is all for now. I am not in the mood lately. I am lazy, hubby is busy. mehhh.

Nov 6, 2013


By julie"anne at 12:22 PM
The story of a deaf-mute and an autistic.

It started when Barfi met this beautiful girl, Shruti, and naturally fell in love with her. Unfortunately, despite the fact that she also had feelings for him, she had to marry her fiancé, as her mother opposed their relationship. Not only because the other guy is financially more stable than Barfi, but Barfi is born deaf-mute.

After getting married, Shruti and her family left the city. Jhilmil, an autistic girl, was brought back to her hometown from her caretaker because her grandfather was dying. Jhilmil and Barfi were childhood friends and Barfi's father was Jhilmil's family's driver.

The tragedy started after the grandfather passed away. The grandfather's wealth shifted to Jhilmil's trustfund. Barfi's father lost his job at the house and suddenly he fell sick and needed treatment. Barfi planned to kidnap Jhilmil, but to no avail, Jhilmil was already gone.

Barfi found Jhilmil and took her away, asking money for his father's operation, but he passed away right after Barfi got the money. He tried to send Jhilmil back but she followed him. During this time, they traveled and lived together. They ended up falling in love with each other, when Shruti came back to Barfi's life, trying to claim back her position.

Bollywood rom-coms never fail me. I know it is weird, but I like it weird between us. Weird people stay together forever. So, let's be weird and stay together forever!
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