Dec 11, 2014


By julie"anne at 10:11 AM
I get too emitional when it comes to babies and mothers. If a baby cries for mommy's milk you don't shout "dah dua tahun, nak susu apa?" You know you are just being mean and denying her right. What kind of a father are you? Separating two loving hearts, who need each other. What kind of monster are you?

You are just an abuser. You are not a man. You are selfish and greedy and a monster. 

Oh, my heart aches. And heartless grandparents. You are just the worst!

Dec 8, 2014

Sabotaging own happiness

By julie"anne at 11:21 AM
It's like there's a group of cells, that puts thoughts in my head everytime I am happy. It's like, you seem to be too happy. Why are you too happy? Woahhh, there's something need to be done. Here think about those times when you hurt the most. Oh, what about those times when your hubby did that to you?

It's been long since we fought. We are so happy. But these cells are very dominant. Since my confinement, I decided to put my feelings aside and focus on my baby. 6 months later, the baby grows big and healthy and I have nothing else to worry about, then come those damn cells again, trying to rip off my happiness. 

Why do I always do this to myself? I have everything I ever want and need. My husband and son, family, great family and in-laws. 

I just want to be happy. Why is that so hard, when it is actually the easiest thing to do?

Nov 18, 2014


By julie"anne at 5:46 PM
Siapa tak penat, cuba tidurkan anak tak tidur-tidur.
Bila kita baru nak bangun masak, baru dia bagi cue nak tidur. 
Tidurkan la dia dulu. 
Kemudian cepat-cepat lari ke dapur nak masak, hubby balik makan tengahhari. 
Lama pulak nak masaknya ayam ni. 
Perut dah lapar dek menyusukan anak.
Periksa oven tiba-tiba "clash".
Mangkuk pecah. 
Lauk dah rosak.
Husband dah balik. 
Baby dah bangun semula. 

Nangis. Nangis je la yang boleh. 

Terpaksa husband keluar. 
Belikan nasi ayam. 

Memang penat jadi surirumah.
Penat dan bosan kadang-kadang. 
Tak ada kawan nak luahkan perasaan. 
Tak ada teman borak.

Tapi semua tu hilang bila tengok si comel. 

Tapi bila dah sentiasa duduk di rumah, mana lah nak jaga sangat penampilan. 
Entah suka tak husband tengok kau serabai.
Di ofis ramai yang wangi-wangi mekap tebal-tebal. 

Ah, jangan kau dengar kata syaitan. 
Kerjanya memang menyesatkan.

Nov 17, 2014


By julie"anne at 1:36 AM
Ya Allah,
Ikhlaskan hatiku, ya Allah.

Sesungguhnya aku tak dapat mengharapkan keadilan dari makhlukMu
Kerana Kau lah yang maha adil lagi bijaksana
Yang maha mengetahui segala bentuk hikmah disebalik ketentuanMu

Ya Allah,
Jadikanlah hatiku redha dengan segala ujianMu

Ikhlaskan hatiku, ya Allah
Ikhlaskan hatiku, ya Allah
Ikhlaskan hatiku, ya Allah


Aug 29, 2014

My very own superhero

By julie"anne at 3:03 AM
When we were young and playful. Don't worry, we are still young and playful. Plus, we just added one more player to the team. Yeay!

Turns out you are really my superhero, knight in the shining armour, my prince charming from the kingdom of far, far away. You saved me from my own world, you make me smile when I really want to cry, you even let me cry in your arms and then make jokes so I will stop crying. You simply make the pain disappear.

Thank you for being such a great friend when we were 'just friends'. Thank you for being a great lover and husband. Thank you for being a great father to our son. Thank you for simply being you. You are the best version of you. 

You love me for who I am. You accept my family as they are. You make me realise, while money is indeed important, it is really not everything. Things can and will break. People will change. We grow together, yet we are still the same playful kids 7 years ago. 

I love you. 

Happy birthday, sayang. 

Jul 12, 2014


By julie"anne at 1:02 AM
All this while the ustazs would tell you about mothers' milk and to be obedient to them because they gave birth to us and breastfed us. I didn't quite understand why they even stressed at that point, until now. Yeah I got it, it is not easy being pregnant, and giving birth is not that easy as well. But breastfeeding? Now that I have experienced it myself, I finally understand.

It is not only about milk. It is about life, love and energy in every bit of the milk that gets into our body and becomes parts of us. Breastfeeding is not as easy as it seems to be, at least to me. 

Being pregnant, as burdensome as it may sound, you can at least still sleep at nights, or even during the day, (well, for some people who are lucky enough, including me). I didn't have any trouble sleeping during my pregnancy, except when I had to wake up to puke or pee. That was still bearable. And that was only for like couple of months. And then comes the labour part, which it not exactly the easiest, but that only lasts for a couple of hours or days in some less fortunate events.

But breastfeeding needs full commitment. I don't say mothers who feed their children formula milk are not commited. But breastfeeding is like pumping your energy into your child's body. Yes, mothers who don't nurse their children still wake up in the middle of the night to feed them and change their dirty nappies. But as the babies suck the milk out of you, it's like they suck along your energy. You will be exhausted. And you have to wake up again (only if you could fall asleep) and get your energy sucked out yet again every two hours. It is indeed a tiring process. While breastfeeding might sound easy (yeah, it is portable and automatic milk maker. It is not like you have to get out of your bed and prepare formula), but it is actually much harder than being pregnant. 

You have to deal with fussy baby, or in my case, sleepy baby. Yes, I have to wake my baby up, while I am pretty pooped out, myself. But if I didn't do that, he wouldn't have enough and it would lead to another problem. That's why I have to wake him up, especially during those times when his jaundice was still high. That was quite a challenge for me. I was still in confinement and the baby was always sleepy and drowsy because of the jaundice. 

I am lucky Luqman Aiden is not a cryer. But I still have to wake up at nights, or even stay up all night to wake him up every two or three hours to make sure he is fed enough. When you don't get much sleep you'll be even more tired. That is why I am so tired these days. 

Now I get it. 

Jul 11, 2014

Being a mother

By julie"anne at 12:37 AM
It is really tiring, but also very rewarding. The first few weeks, was so relaxing. Mama was here and the baby was so good. He is not a cryer, that is forsure not from me, really. (Update: I have been told that it IS indeed from me. I used to be such a good baby, haha) The second week he was admitted to the hospital for jaundice. Thank god it wasn't so bad. We stayed at the hospital for two days. The first night he got his phototherapy. The next morning he got a bit better and the doctor decided to stop the treatment, but we still needed to stay. The baby was so dehydrated. The first few days the baby slept throughout the day and didn't 'eat' much. That was because of the jaundice. We didn't know we had to wake him up. That's why he was dehydrated. Thank god it wasn't that bad either. The next day we went home. 

He wasn't entirely healed from jaundice when we went home. We still had to do some follow ups. But that was good enough for me. The baby is getting healthier and stronger each day. Alhamdulillah. 

He sleeps very well. Especially when there are visitors. Well, he is an infant after all. What do you expect from an infant? As I say before, he is not a cryer. Even when he wakes up at nights, he just makes some noise that wakes only me. Daddy is undisturbed and can sleep. That is good, because he needs to go to work in the morning. 

He is now a big boy already. He responds to us, smiles and acts so cute. Oh my goodness, I'd kill for his smile. 

Everybody loves him. I just want him to know, how lucky he is. As for me, I can't believe still, that I am a mom already. It is indeed very tiring, yet so rewarding. I love you, Luqman Aiden bin Mohd Zulkhairi. 

Jun 7, 2014

The birth - part 2

By julie"anne at 2:15 AM
Hubby already took the day off from work. He visited me in the afternoon, at which I started to feel the pain. I asked him to tell the nurses. They then checked me. By that time I was 3 cm dilated. 

The specialist did the rounding and decided to send me to the labour room. Wait, what? I'm in labour, already? I was a bit panic, but just went along with the procedure. Thank god there was hubby by my side. 

Around 4-5 o'clock they pushed me into the labour room. The pain was getting stronger. I had to ask hubby to ask the nurses to give me some pain killer. I wanted epidural, unluckily, they only offer that during office hour. Can you imagine that? 

I lost track of time. I didn't even remember what happened in there. I remember trying hard to push the baby out and being scolded by the nurses for 'not trying hard enough'. I remember telling hubby that I was not strong enough and wanted to just give up. He encouraged me to try even harder but I just couldn't. 

Then came a male doctor, with a strong and loud voice. It kinda gave me the energy. With just a couple of pushes the baby of 3.89 kg was born at 10:58 p.m.. Big and healthy. 

Indeed, it was so painful, but still bearable. And as I was hitting the point, where the pain became unbearable, Allah sent help, which was in the form of a strong voice. That's why when people ask, if it's painful (duh~), I would say no. It is still bearable. I used to be that girl, who asked such question. And most answers would terrify me. Except when I talked with Yasmin. She told me exactly like I said. Indeed she was right. And the pain was actually worth it. 

May 29, 2014

The birth

By julie"anne at 4:21 PM
My due dated was on the 14th of may. But the baby decided to stay longer in mommy's tummy because he loooves his mommy sooo much. Everybody else was so impatient. They kept asking mommy and daddy if the baby was coming yet. But mommy and daddy were quite cool. We just took our time before the baby's arrival to pamper each other. Because we were afraid once the baby's here, we wouldn't have the chance to do so. 

So on the 15th the clinic sent us to the hospital, since the scan showed the baby wasn't engaged yet. The estimated the baby's weight was about 4kg. And that was big. We went to the Ampang Hospital and they checked me up, released me, because they said I was still good to go. After the check up I was bleeding, which according to the nurse, was actually normal. With that, they sent us home. 

The bleeding didn't stop until the next few days. I wasn't that worried. I didn't know why. I consulted my doctor friend on the 19th and she adviced me to go to the hospital, as shd was afraid that would be the sign of labour, which turned out to be exactly it. But I was only 1cm dilated and I didn't have to be warded yet. 

Once again they sent us home. That evening I was too bored. Daddy took us to Ikano and we had a very good time buying promotional stuff at cold storage. We had fried chicken that night for only MYR 2 for 4 pieces! What a bargain!

We went home late that night. Around 10 pm we were home. I went to the bathroom to wash up. I was quite exhausted from the walking and shopping. After doing no 1 suddenly I felt something splashing from down there. OMG my water broke! I called daddy. He was on the phone with his mom, Wan. So Wan was the first person to know about this. 

So we went to the hospital and I was admitted right away. But I didn't go into labour yet, since I was only 1 cm dilated. We still need to wait. The doctors came and told me the procedure, that if 18 hours after my water broke I still didn't go into labour, by myself, they will give me some antibiotic. And after 24 hours my water broke they would induce me if I still didn't go into labour. 

The waiting game began.

May 5, 2014

on being (super) emotional

By julie"anne at 3:36 PM
I am afraid of not being able to hold my baby at the end of this pregnancy. That's my biggest nightmare.

When people keep 'offering help' to take care of my baby, and trying to take him away from me, I just get even more scared. It is okay, if they are just giving us an option. But when they keep repeating that 'option' even from as early as my 3 month pregnancy, I get so annoyed. As if I am not capable of being a mother. As if I do not have rights to mother my own child.  As if I don't have what it takes to be a mother. Why on earth do they do that to me?

Maybe I am just being super emotional and paranoid. But if things get repeatedly told to you, you will feel the same.

Please don't take my baby away from me. Or I will not hesitate to take him even further from here. I could apply for PhD in the UK and live with my baby there, even without daddy. I am willing to sacrifice anything, including this marriage, if this doesn't stop. 


By julie"anne at 7:35 AM
Just the thought of not having my baby after the delivery realy terrifies me a lot. I wouldn't know how to deal with that situation, if that would ever happen. There are possibilities, though. I dare not to imagine that.

When everyone says, let me take care of your baby, while you go to work, etc., I couldn't be more thankful, but they are unfortunately not in kl. That means I have to give my baby away. And that really disturbs me so much. When I say no, that means no. Stop asking again, and again, and again. Unless you are willing to move in with us, I am not giving away my child. That's it. I am willing to lose my future and career. Not my baby. 

Apr 9, 2014

The overly concerned ones

By julie"anne at 11:57 AM
During my pregnancy, mama has been very cool about it. She never nags about anything. It is indeed a very smooth journey with her. Oh, thank god, I have her as a mother.

Other people, on the other hand, are very concerned about it. It is indeed a sweet gesture. But at some point, it can be very annoying, especially when things get repeatedly told to you.

I am not comfortable with strangers asking about my pregnancy. There was one time, a server at an eatery we go quite regularly, asked me how many months I was right then. I just told her, even though I wasn't so comfortable. The next time we went there I asked for some cold juice. And she acted like my mom and said, kurang ais ye. I was so stunned. I know it is bad for our health. Heck, everybody should stop consuming ice, for god's sake. But to tell me what I should do, or eat and shouldn't is waaaaayyy out of  the line. Especially if you are strangers to me.

I am touched with all the concern people show me. But if I could tell everyone to stop worrying, like I am some kind of useless idiot, who doesn't know how to take care of my own self and baby, I would. But of course there are people, to whom I have to listen, even though I am already tired of listening.

Hey, people, you are just adding up the pressure on me. That is not needed. Thank you!

Apr 8, 2014

The search for the perfect travel system - two broke parents to be

By julie"anne at 3:01 PM
The most important baby stuff for us is actually the car seat. Every time we see kids jumping around in the car, hubby will start nagging. Yes, it is really dangerous, people, even if you think, it will only be a short ride. 

So at first we wanted to buy a travel system; a car seat and stroller. But car seats that come in travel systems are for infants only. Then we have to buy a bigger one after a year. It would be a bad investment. 

So we decided to buy the car seat only (for now). This one is convertible. It means you can use it until the kid is about 32 kg. It is actually very pricey, but it is indeed a good investment for our child's safety.

GRACO Size4Me™ 70 Convertible Car Seat

So here's our kid's car seat. We bought it from first few years at the curve for MYR 999. And now, mommy and daddy are broke. Haha. The sales assistants might have known us already, since we kept coming to their store, every weekend. Mommy and daddy are so indecisive. Lol.

Mar 28, 2014

the 32nd week antenatal appointment - the tale of a brave mother.

By julie"anne at 6:01 PM
Well, well, well. Since my Hb count doesn't improve still, they had to do some test on my blood. So that day, I was mentally prepared for some injection. Daddy was there, but he didn't go into the checking room. I guess those were the bravest steps I have ever made; going into the blood sampling room by myself. I was pretty proud of myself.

The first time was on my left arm. The nurse however couldn't get any blood from me. I guess I was too afraid. Then they switched to the other arm. Thank god, they managed to get some. The nurses are pretty sweet, really. They calmed me down, as if I was just admitted to a trauma ward. lol!

I think I am becoming braver. I have to, after all I am going to be a mother.

Update: Daddy told me, when I was in the doc's office, the nurse approached him and told him how I had become brave now. LOL!  

Mar 23, 2014

Being warded

By julie"anne at 12:36 AM
I was so sick Friday last week that I lost count of my baby's movements. It is quite dangerous for the baby. So we went to HKL to make sure he was OK.

As I was talking to the nurses and House Officer (HO), they decided to wait for the Medical Officer (MO) to confirm my situation. The MO came late that evening. She arrived at 10-ish and did some check up on my tummy and that's all.

The MO did scan my tummy, but I wasn't very convinced. She wasn't so thorough. And suddenly they took out a syringe and tried to take some blood sample. I was struggling to get out of the bed. But with my big belly, there's nothing much I could do.

After another long wait, they called me again. "You need to be warded", says the MO. Why???

They were afraid if I had dengue fever. What? Apparently they just followed their protocol and I just had to get along with it. urhhhh.

So that night, as Mr. Hubby was settling the admission and such, I was placed at a third class ward. The bed was shaking, there was mosquitoes and it was noisy, the nurses were actually very noisy. Couldn't they tell, they were in a hospital? And it was very late, the patient needed their sleeps. Then Mr. Hubby came and told we were actually entitled for first class ward, which was full at that time. So Mr. Hubby had to head home and I was left alone. I remember crying that night. I was afraid.

Then late that night I was taken to a second class room. The environment was much nicer. Bed was good, no mosquitoes spotted and the nurses are much quieter. It was comfortable. The nurses are much more polite and the HOs were very kind. But the MOs were not all very pleasant. The next morning they took my blood again. It was still very painful. But I made it through. Lol!

Mr. Hubby came to visit me that morning and took along my essentials. He then came again and brought along his laptop! Yeay. We enjoyed that evening watching tv series on his laptop, on the hospital bed with curtain drawn. That was quite romantic, in a way. lol!

That night I slept alone, again. The specialist came around 1030 p.m. and confirmed I was OK, and could go home the next morning. Yeay! The next morning I was so excited to go home. I already changed to my clothes and waited on my bed. The nurses came and asked me to change into ward dress back. ughhh.

At first they told me I could only go home at noon. But then, since the MO had issued the release letter I could go early. If you know me, you would know I am not the type who can wait. But I still waited, until I got impatient. I stormed off and the nurse had to call me back. They issued my bill and medication and I left happily. Hey, I don't mind waiting (well) because I do understand how busy they are. But maybe they could do their things later, and let me just go, so I could do my things too.

So that was my one day experience being warded. the staffs are good and very friendly. It was very relaxing, that my feet weren't swollen anymore. hahaha. Thafnk you HKL staffs for the great hospitality. 

Mar 18, 2014

sixth anniversary. zum 6-jährigen Jubiläum

By julie"anne at 10:51 PM

Mar 12, 2014

Enam. Six. Sechs

By julie"anne at 11:44 AM
Si daddy yang manja

We started the day with breakfast at Mc Donald's. Yeay! 

Breakfast set


Big breakfast

Big breakfast, sausage McMuffin, Hash brown
Then Daddy left for work. Mommy stayed at home. In the evening we went out for dinner at KLCC. Bought a cake at cake sense and dinner at san francisco coffee. (Pictures will be uploaded later)

Thank you sayang for the wonderful six years. I am happy and blessed. Will love you forever.

Looking forward for the next 60 years!!

The 31st week antenatal checkup

By julie"anne at 11:36 AM
The Hb count is still low. I don't know what is happening with my body.

The baby kicks like a champ, especially when daddy touches him. Mommy is restless, but very happy. Thanks daddy for the support. We love you.

Mommy's feet are swollen. Mommy needs rest, for now. But the search for the perfect travel system seems never ending. It is tiring and exciting at the same time. Mommy wants bugaboo. But it is way too expensive for us. hehe.

That is for now. Next week there'll be another blood sampling, due to mommy's stagnant Hb count. Please give me strength!

Feb 27, 2014

when everything goes wrong

By julie"anne at 4:52 PM
I don't know if my hormones are acting up, or everything does actually go wrong, or my patience has just dried up from the waiting. The thing is I am very much disappointed.

After three months I sent my tailor the cloths I want to make into maternity dresses, the results are very disappointing. I just hate every single piece I get. Or maybe I just hate maternity clothes. That explains a lot, why I hasn't bought any. Or maybe the results of a three-month labor are just disappointing.

The cutting is wrong, the shape is wrong. I just hate it. Maybe I just hate being oversized. But I know, everything is just so wrong, that's why I hate it.

Feb 26, 2014

29th week antenatal check up - the bad nurse

By julie"anne at 3:30 AM
It is still at the same place as before. But not all the nurses are as kind. This particular one acts like a, umm I don't know how to say it. She is like a very, very strict disciplinary teacher and I am like the one who always creates troubles.

Well, it is not like I want to be in trouble. But how do I know if my Hb counts are still low, after I take the medication as instructed. She doesn't get to be so bitchy about it. I too tried my best to get better. And there she is, lecturing like I am neglecting and risking my own health. What a total B. 

Feb 24, 2014

28th week - the third trimester begins

By julie"anne at 6:32 PM
I am now in my third trimester. It is the third already? what, what!

If it is school, it is the final stage, when all the feelings including excitement and depression mix together and add up the stress.

My body is energetic.No more morning sickness and fatigueness. I still need some afternoon nap, though. But that's all. I can cook, bake, clean the house. The only limitation is my growing belly. It is very exciting to feel the kicking sensation. But growing belly means I am growing out of most of my clothes. Buying new outfits is of course out of question, even though I haven't bought any maternity dress yet. I would rather spend on our little prince's things and the preparation after his arrival.

I had actually bought some cloths and sent them to my tailor. They are not ready, just yet, even after 3 months. I was so stressed out about it, but decided not to make a big deal about it. But my collection of wearable good dresses is quite limited. So, I reserve those dresses for school and other occasions, that need me wearing them. Of course I don't wear them to pasar tani. What the heck?

I am struggling with this issue. My only way is to mix and match my wardrobe, while still maintaining my modesty. But my ever growing belly will still show, no matter how big my dress is. It tore my heart when I was being compared to another girl in his family, who just delivered. At my stage of pregnancy, she was all heavy and stuff. Wearing an abaya didn't make her look lighter at all. But to the eyes of the elders, it somehow did. What can I do? I don't have many abayas to begin with. And abaya is not the only solution to aurat covering. For me, as long as it offers enough covering, it is enough. Why on earth should you say, 'kalau pakai macam si X tak nampak mengandung. Tau-tau dah beranak je' What a total bullshit!

When we met her few months back, daddy was all concerned if I would look like her once I hit that stage of pregnancy. Not that I care, well, so much. But I think I look good with my new curves. And many people told me my belly isn't that big.

I am a proud mommy-to-be. My baby is healthy and growing inside of my belly. Why should I hide him? He is my hero. Can't I just be comfortable in my own way?

It is not like I can't accept advice from the elders. But a comparison never works on me. Plus the comparison was all bullshit. It's not like I have never seen her when she was pregnant. 

Jan 17, 2014

The antenatal appointment 23rd week - the struggle is real

By julie"anne at 7:07 AM
I didn't expect there'd be a vaccination day. The moment the nurse told me there'd be needle and syringe, I completely lost my mind. I was for sure there'd be another episode in the clinic - a sad one.

As we were ready to perform the deadly ceremony I was already in tears. I pulled my body away as she brought the needle closer to me. I cried my eyes out and I had to call my savior, knight in shining armor, only he was wearing his normal shirt as he was ready to go to his office afterwards. I was really thankful he was there for me. If not I wouldn't know how much longer would the rest has to wait for their turns. Haha.

My back hurts so much. The nurse said it was normal. But I can't walk without oohhh-aahhh. I just hope there'd be somekind of medication to help release the pain. Guess I have now to endure all this pregnancy thingy. 

Baby is doing fine, I guess. He's so active kicking and twirling around. Daddy is really excited being able to feel the kickings and all. And mommy is just blessed to be having both of her heros around. Oh, did I tell you, it's a boy. Yeay!

I was wondering if it was okay to put dress on him. Daddy wasn't happy with that. But, come on. He wouldn't have any idea about genders yet, what more about fashion and stuff. So, why not, right? Haha. 

Jan 10, 2014

The type of me

By julie"anne at 12:36 PM
I am the type of person who doesn't know how to start a conversation with strangers. There was one time we were seated besides a lady and her baby on the way to KK, Mr. Yu had to tell me to ask her how old the baby is. And not surprisingly that was all I asked. And Mr. Yu had to tell me another question I should ask her. Not to be busy body or anything. Maybe he just wants me to be friendlier. Not that I am a grumpy, snobby type of person. I am just don't know what to say to strangers. I am an awkward penguin. 

Mr. Yu had to even tell what to ask his pregnant cousin's wife, when's her due and such. I am not a quiet person, if you know me. But I am weird that way. 

You can see the pattern in my closest friends. They are all my former classmates! From Siah, to Nut, Shiqin, Mai, Sab and Lynn, and to Lyd. I don't mingle around, even in facebook. There are actually rare cases such in with Shida and Ching, HC and Jun. But that's the limit. Lol!

Mr. Yu can tell if I am comfortable with others. One time we went to Mai's wedding and I met few friends of mine. Just Nut and Shiq actually. And there was another girl from our class too. In the car he asked me if I wasn't that close to the other girl. And I was like, you can tell that? And he was like, duhhh of course. 

If it weren't for Sab (and her friend), I wouldn't be with Mr. Yu. He would just be like my other seniors. But someone really wanted us to be together, I guess. She kept asking me about him, bringing us close together. Then it happened. It was no magic and stuff when we started. Although I do remember liking him first but I never told him my feelings. I was comfortable being with him. He is an easy person. Well, for a starter, he talks a lot but not that kind of boring speeches of himself. Don't get me wrong. I am fine with people who talk a lot. I can listen. But he knows how to make me talk. That actually makes us work. I love you, hubby!


By julie"anne at 9:19 AM
2014 greeted me with bad health. I caught flu from Mr. Hubby. 

I know this is going to be a year full of events. I will be racing with time to write papers and complete my conversion report. And the baby is on the way too. I hope everything would run smooth and by mid-year everything would be done. So I would be having a more relaxing mother-student time towards the end of the year. 

I guess those are going to be my 2014 resolutions.
1) no procrastination (which is most unlikely to be achieved as I am doing it right now)
2) Masters to PhD convert! (By March)
3) be a mommy (in May) -and an awesome one :)
4) be a better student (well, that depends)

The list will grow as time progresses. I will try to commit this time around.

Till next entry, 

Jan 8, 2014

The first few kicks

By julie"anne at 9:35 AM
I am not quite sure if it was a kick. But I was laying in the bed with Mr. Yu and suddenly I felt something. I was shocked, then Mr. Yu put his hand on my stomach. And he felt that too. We were so excited.

Yes baby, mommy and daddy are excited. We love you so much!


Jan 6, 2014

Me want these!!!

By julie"anne at 12:59 PM

Amenakin in Malaysia

By julie"anne at 8:37 AM

For those who don't know her, she is a youtuber from the UK.

I am glad that she sees the better part of Malaysia. I am glad that she is not experiencing anything bad, like being robbed or such, which is actually not that uncommon here. At least there is someone who likes Malaysia.

But try living in Malaysia. I don't think she will love it, though. haha.
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