Jan 17, 2014

The antenatal appointment 23rd week - the struggle is real

By julie"anne at 7:07 AM
I didn't expect there'd be a vaccination day. The moment the nurse told me there'd be needle and syringe, I completely lost my mind. I was for sure there'd be another episode in the clinic - a sad one.

As we were ready to perform the deadly ceremony I was already in tears. I pulled my body away as she brought the needle closer to me. I cried my eyes out and I had to call my savior, knight in shining armor, only he was wearing his normal shirt as he was ready to go to his office afterwards. I was really thankful he was there for me. If not I wouldn't know how much longer would the rest has to wait for their turns. Haha.

My back hurts so much. The nurse said it was normal. But I can't walk without oohhh-aahhh. I just hope there'd be somekind of medication to help release the pain. Guess I have now to endure all this pregnancy thingy. 

Baby is doing fine, I guess. He's so active kicking and twirling around. Daddy is really excited being able to feel the kickings and all. And mommy is just blessed to be having both of her heros around. Oh, did I tell you, it's a boy. Yeay!

I was wondering if it was okay to put dress on him. Daddy wasn't happy with that. But, come on. He wouldn't have any idea about genders yet, what more about fashion and stuff. So, why not, right? Haha. 

Jan 10, 2014

The type of me

By julie"anne at 12:36 PM
I am the type of person who doesn't know how to start a conversation with strangers. There was one time we were seated besides a lady and her baby on the way to KK, Mr. Yu had to tell me to ask her how old the baby is. And not surprisingly that was all I asked. And Mr. Yu had to tell me another question I should ask her. Not to be busy body or anything. Maybe he just wants me to be friendlier. Not that I am a grumpy, snobby type of person. I am just don't know what to say to strangers. I am an awkward penguin. 

Mr. Yu had to even tell what to ask his pregnant cousin's wife, when's her due and such. I am not a quiet person, if you know me. But I am weird that way. 

You can see the pattern in my closest friends. They are all my former classmates! From Siah, to Nut, Shiqin, Mai, Sab and Lynn, and to Lyd. I don't mingle around, even in facebook. There are actually rare cases such in with Shida and Ching, HC and Jun. But that's the limit. Lol!

Mr. Yu can tell if I am comfortable with others. One time we went to Mai's wedding and I met few friends of mine. Just Nut and Shiq actually. And there was another girl from our class too. In the car he asked me if I wasn't that close to the other girl. And I was like, you can tell that? And he was like, duhhh of course. 

If it weren't for Sab (and her friend), I wouldn't be with Mr. Yu. He would just be like my other seniors. But someone really wanted us to be together, I guess. She kept asking me about him, bringing us close together. Then it happened. It was no magic and stuff when we started. Although I do remember liking him first but I never told him my feelings. I was comfortable being with him. He is an easy person. Well, for a starter, he talks a lot but not that kind of boring speeches of himself. Don't get me wrong. I am fine with people who talk a lot. I can listen. But he knows how to make me talk. That actually makes us work. I love you, hubby!


By julie"anne at 9:19 AM
2014 greeted me with bad health. I caught flu from Mr. Hubby. 

I know this is going to be a year full of events. I will be racing with time to write papers and complete my conversion report. And the baby is on the way too. I hope everything would run smooth and by mid-year everything would be done. So I would be having a more relaxing mother-student time towards the end of the year. 

I guess those are going to be my 2014 resolutions.
1) no procrastination (which is most unlikely to be achieved as I am doing it right now)
2) Masters to PhD convert! (By March)
3) be a mommy (in May) -and an awesome one :)
4) be a better student (well, that depends)

The list will grow as time progresses. I will try to commit this time around.

Till next entry, 

Jan 8, 2014

The first few kicks

By julie"anne at 9:35 AM
I am not quite sure if it was a kick. But I was laying in the bed with Mr. Yu and suddenly I felt something. I was shocked, then Mr. Yu put his hand on my stomach. And he felt that too. We were so excited.

Yes baby, mommy and daddy are excited. We love you so much!


Jan 6, 2014

Me want these!!!

By julie"anne at 12:59 PM

Amenakin in Malaysia

By julie"anne at 8:37 AM

For those who don't know her, she is a youtuber from the UK.

I am glad that she sees the better part of Malaysia. I am glad that she is not experiencing anything bad, like being robbed or such, which is actually not that uncommon here. At least there is someone who likes Malaysia.

But try living in Malaysia. I don't think she will love it, though. haha.
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