Mar 28, 2014

the 32nd week antenatal appointment - the tale of a brave mother.

By julie"anne at 6:01 PM
Well, well, well. Since my Hb count doesn't improve still, they had to do some test on my blood. So that day, I was mentally prepared for some injection. Daddy was there, but he didn't go into the checking room. I guess those were the bravest steps I have ever made; going into the blood sampling room by myself. I was pretty proud of myself.

The first time was on my left arm. The nurse however couldn't get any blood from me. I guess I was too afraid. Then they switched to the other arm. Thank god, they managed to get some. The nurses are pretty sweet, really. They calmed me down, as if I was just admitted to a trauma ward. lol!

I think I am becoming braver. I have to, after all I am going to be a mother.

Update: Daddy told me, when I was in the doc's office, the nurse approached him and told him how I had become brave now. LOL!  

Mar 23, 2014

Being warded

By julie"anne at 12:36 AM
I was so sick Friday last week that I lost count of my baby's movements. It is quite dangerous for the baby. So we went to HKL to make sure he was OK.

As I was talking to the nurses and House Officer (HO), they decided to wait for the Medical Officer (MO) to confirm my situation. The MO came late that evening. She arrived at 10-ish and did some check up on my tummy and that's all.

The MO did scan my tummy, but I wasn't very convinced. She wasn't so thorough. And suddenly they took out a syringe and tried to take some blood sample. I was struggling to get out of the bed. But with my big belly, there's nothing much I could do.

After another long wait, they called me again. "You need to be warded", says the MO. Why???

They were afraid if I had dengue fever. What? Apparently they just followed their protocol and I just had to get along with it. urhhhh.

So that night, as Mr. Hubby was settling the admission and such, I was placed at a third class ward. The bed was shaking, there was mosquitoes and it was noisy, the nurses were actually very noisy. Couldn't they tell, they were in a hospital? And it was very late, the patient needed their sleeps. Then Mr. Hubby came and told we were actually entitled for first class ward, which was full at that time. So Mr. Hubby had to head home and I was left alone. I remember crying that night. I was afraid.

Then late that night I was taken to a second class room. The environment was much nicer. Bed was good, no mosquitoes spotted and the nurses are much quieter. It was comfortable. The nurses are much more polite and the HOs were very kind. But the MOs were not all very pleasant. The next morning they took my blood again. It was still very painful. But I made it through. Lol!

Mr. Hubby came to visit me that morning and took along my essentials. He then came again and brought along his laptop! Yeay. We enjoyed that evening watching tv series on his laptop, on the hospital bed with curtain drawn. That was quite romantic, in a way. lol!

That night I slept alone, again. The specialist came around 1030 p.m. and confirmed I was OK, and could go home the next morning. Yeay! The next morning I was so excited to go home. I already changed to my clothes and waited on my bed. The nurses came and asked me to change into ward dress back. ughhh.

At first they told me I could only go home at noon. But then, since the MO had issued the release letter I could go early. If you know me, you would know I am not the type who can wait. But I still waited, until I got impatient. I stormed off and the nurse had to call me back. They issued my bill and medication and I left happily. Hey, I don't mind waiting (well) because I do understand how busy they are. But maybe they could do their things later, and let me just go, so I could do my things too.

So that was my one day experience being warded. the staffs are good and very friendly. It was very relaxing, that my feet weren't swollen anymore. hahaha. Thafnk you HKL staffs for the great hospitality. 

Mar 18, 2014

sixth anniversary. zum 6-jährigen Jubiläum

By julie"anne at 10:51 PM

Mar 12, 2014

Enam. Six. Sechs

By julie"anne at 11:44 AM
Si daddy yang manja

We started the day with breakfast at Mc Donald's. Yeay! 

Breakfast set


Big breakfast

Big breakfast, sausage McMuffin, Hash brown
Then Daddy left for work. Mommy stayed at home. In the evening we went out for dinner at KLCC. Bought a cake at cake sense and dinner at san francisco coffee. (Pictures will be uploaded later)

Thank you sayang for the wonderful six years. I am happy and blessed. Will love you forever.

Looking forward for the next 60 years!!

The 31st week antenatal checkup

By julie"anne at 11:36 AM
The Hb count is still low. I don't know what is happening with my body.

The baby kicks like a champ, especially when daddy touches him. Mommy is restless, but very happy. Thanks daddy for the support. We love you.

Mommy's feet are swollen. Mommy needs rest, for now. But the search for the perfect travel system seems never ending. It is tiring and exciting at the same time. Mommy wants bugaboo. But it is way too expensive for us. hehe.

That is for now. Next week there'll be another blood sampling, due to mommy's stagnant Hb count. Please give me strength!
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