Apr 9, 2014

The overly concerned ones

By julie"anne at 11:57 AM
During my pregnancy, mama has been very cool about it. She never nags about anything. It is indeed a very smooth journey with her. Oh, thank god, I have her as a mother.

Other people, on the other hand, are very concerned about it. It is indeed a sweet gesture. But at some point, it can be very annoying, especially when things get repeatedly told to you.

I am not comfortable with strangers asking about my pregnancy. There was one time, a server at an eatery we go quite regularly, asked me how many months I was right then. I just told her, even though I wasn't so comfortable. The next time we went there I asked for some cold juice. And she acted like my mom and said, kurang ais ye. I was so stunned. I know it is bad for our health. Heck, everybody should stop consuming ice, for god's sake. But to tell me what I should do, or eat and shouldn't is waaaaayyy out of  the line. Especially if you are strangers to me.

I am touched with all the concern people show me. But if I could tell everyone to stop worrying, like I am some kind of useless idiot, who doesn't know how to take care of my own self and baby, I would. But of course there are people, to whom I have to listen, even though I am already tired of listening.

Hey, people, you are just adding up the pressure on me. That is not needed. Thank you!

Apr 8, 2014

The search for the perfect travel system - two broke parents to be

By julie"anne at 3:01 PM
The most important baby stuff for us is actually the car seat. Every time we see kids jumping around in the car, hubby will start nagging. Yes, it is really dangerous, people, even if you think, it will only be a short ride. 

So at first we wanted to buy a travel system; a car seat and stroller. But car seats that come in travel systems are for infants only. Then we have to buy a bigger one after a year. It would be a bad investment. 

So we decided to buy the car seat only (for now). This one is convertible. It means you can use it until the kid is about 32 kg. It is actually very pricey, but it is indeed a good investment for our child's safety.

GRACO Size4Me™ 70 Convertible Car Seat

So here's our kid's car seat. We bought it from first few years at the curve for MYR 999. And now, mommy and daddy are broke. Haha. The sales assistants might have known us already, since we kept coming to their store, every weekend. Mommy and daddy are so indecisive. Lol.

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