Jun 7, 2014

The birth - part 2

By julie"anne at 2:15 AM
Hubby already took the day off from work. He visited me in the afternoon, at which I started to feel the pain. I asked him to tell the nurses. They then checked me. By that time I was 3 cm dilated. 

The specialist did the rounding and decided to send me to the labour room. Wait, what? I'm in labour, already? I was a bit panic, but just went along with the procedure. Thank god there was hubby by my side. 

Around 4-5 o'clock they pushed me into the labour room. The pain was getting stronger. I had to ask hubby to ask the nurses to give me some pain killer. I wanted epidural, unluckily, they only offer that during office hour. Can you imagine that? 

I lost track of time. I didn't even remember what happened in there. I remember trying hard to push the baby out and being scolded by the nurses for 'not trying hard enough'. I remember telling hubby that I was not strong enough and wanted to just give up. He encouraged me to try even harder but I just couldn't. 

Then came a male doctor, with a strong and loud voice. It kinda gave me the energy. With just a couple of pushes the baby of 3.89 kg was born at 10:58 p.m.. Big and healthy. 

Indeed, it was so painful, but still bearable. And as I was hitting the point, where the pain became unbearable, Allah sent help, which was in the form of a strong voice. That's why when people ask, if it's painful (duh~), I would say no. It is still bearable. I used to be that girl, who asked such question. And most answers would terrify me. Except when I talked with Yasmin. She told me exactly like I said. Indeed she was right. And the pain was actually worth it. 

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