Aug 29, 2014

My very own superhero

By julie"anne at 3:03 AM
When we were young and playful. Don't worry, we are still young and playful. Plus, we just added one more player to the team. Yeay!

Turns out you are really my superhero, knight in the shining armour, my prince charming from the kingdom of far, far away. You saved me from my own world, you make me smile when I really want to cry, you even let me cry in your arms and then make jokes so I will stop crying. You simply make the pain disappear.

Thank you for being such a great friend when we were 'just friends'. Thank you for being a great lover and husband. Thank you for being a great father to our son. Thank you for simply being you. You are the best version of you. 

You love me for who I am. You accept my family as they are. You make me realise, while money is indeed important, it is really not everything. Things can and will break. People will change. We grow together, yet we are still the same playful kids 7 years ago. 

I love you. 

Happy birthday, sayang. 
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