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Oct 9, 2011


By julie"anne at 2:01 AM
Dalam satu institusi kekeluargaan mesti ada masalah. Masalah peribadi sekurang-kurangnya akan memberi kesan kepada sesebuah keluarga. Tapi jangan sesekali masalah keluarga di bawa keluar. Seperti membuka pekung di dada. Ludah ke langit kena muka sendiri juga. 

Jul 7, 2011


By julie"anne at 6:28 AM

My mama is a big saver. She is very particular especially in buying new clothes. She always tells us to take our clothes with us and not to leave anything at home if we are away, so that we don’t buy new clothes while there are still good ones at home.

So one day:

Mama: When you go back to KL take all your bras with you.

Me: I always take ‘em with me (duhhh, haha)

Mama: No, the ones you left before this.

Me: I never left any of ‘em.

Mama: The ones in the drawer.

Me: They aren’t mine.

Mama: Then whose?

Me: Kakak la kutt. Her old ones.

Mama: But they are small.

Me: … Thanks mama (T.T)

Apr 5, 2011


By julie"anne at 4:07 AM

it has been too long. way too long. i can't even remember.
but I've always missed.
and tears won't seem to be able to stop streaming down.
let me cry. just this one night. please.

Dec 31, 2010

2010 highlights

By julie"anne at 11:22 PM
February - went to Berlin
 and met this sweet girl and became friends.
been invited to (more to crashed) CNY celebration at Malaysian Embassy while in Berlin..
and found out they had repainted the Berlin Wall :((
celebrated our 2nd anniversary on march 5th.
later in the same month yu received some 'presents' from invent. Haha..Let's just say it was his graduation.

April - hosted a barbecue and had friends gathered at my house, and went to Volksfest afterward.

May 1st, said bye-bye to Najmy.

bought Vivaz..

cooked fish for the first time

and yu discovered his talent!

tried nail polish for the first time.. it was june 2010.

had a lovely summer.
 reported a crime. oh.. poor pooh -.-
tried shisha for the first time. yuck!! Didn't like it.
 got started with preparation for exams in July.
 the international event World Cup 2010 was also in July.
 worked at Schmidt in August. Earned enough to afford a brand new refrigerator for mama.
 went to kebun strawberry.:)
went home in September 2010. 2nd time flying with MAS. celebrated raya with the whole family. :)
Sept 18th, abang got married.
 bought bikes in October. Enjoyed cycling sooooo much!
moved to a new place in November.
and got started with internship..
 and last but not least, had a nice, cold winter in December.


Oct 8, 2010

on failed relationship.

By julie"anne at 11:21 PM
"I am not gonna think about love again. Study/work and family will always be my priorities"

This is so cliché. I have heard this couple of times. I'm not sure if I ever said that. hehe. I know, we know. It hurts. But it is not like you can really stop loving. And you don't really need to say such thing. Yes of course you will take time before finding another love, unless you are either a real hottie or a bitch, you will not be able to find someone else in the nearest time. I used to know someone who just broke up, who said those things, but after a while she found someone on the net and started a relationship. What a bitch..haha. But seriously, didn't you say you wanted to complete your study and work and help your family first? What happens to your future plan then? Why don't give yourself time and space before beginning a new relationship.

"I'm going to be gay after this"

And the minute you broke up, you announced yourself wanting to be gay?Wth! Well, do you know what I think? I think, you ARE a freaking homo. That's why you broke up.

'It must be the girl/boy. S/he has always been so' - the people

Well, we don't really know what happened between them. I must say, I, myself eager want to know the reason of the break up. But by guessing based on their track records is not the best way. It may vary from the last relationships they ever had. The relationship has always been between 2 people. Let it remain between the 2 people, or else it may humiliate certain people. Worse comes to worst, the fight will get uglier.
'Serve her/him right. I knew it, they won't make it.' -the enemy

Well, even among friends you can hear such comment. I lived once with an acquaintance, who happened to know a friend's boyfriend's bad habit. She used to warn her but to no avail, she was already crazily in love with the boy. When they broke up, my roomate at that time said such thing. Yeah, it was based on grudge I think, that the girl never listened to her. Why should she? Just let her experience it herself. Who knew, he might have changed or they would live happily ever after.

"Well, s/he is not that hot after all." -the friends

So you think think this is the best way to console a broken heart. That's not cool. Seriously. What if I say, you are freakingly hideous. Such line can also mean 'you had a bad taste'.

Well, the best way to react when your friend break up is by being a friend. Just be there and listen. You don't need to give comment or opinion. And immature jugdement should be hindered, as you don't really know the real situation. Who knows, they might get back together and when that time comes your friend will think you don't really like their boy/girlfriends, and that is how you lose a friend.

Lucky for me, I've found someone who completes me and my life. But I can never be sure where this relationship takes us, can I? Because we can never predict what is going to happen. Until then, dream, love, be loved and be a fool! Enjoy your youth, you'll never be younger.


Jul 9, 2010

Peta Rumah Saya

By julie"anne at 11:56 PM
Hari tu takde lagi..sekarang dah ade.mungkin google telah update mapnya.walaupun tak jelas kelihatan bumbung rumah, tapi tapak rumah itu saya cam. Seperti yang diketahui umum saya berasal dari selatan tanah air, iaitu johor. Lebih tepat Batu Pahat. Lebih spesifik Rengit. Lebih zoom lagi di kampung parit tengah. eh, macam bg alamat je ni? nak soh masuk minang ke hape? hik3..

 ini adalah peta negeri johor, kalau ade sesape xtau.. haha..yg ade tanda itu rumah saya la..

ini adalah pandangan satellite. hurmm..mana rumah saya? jom kita zoom skit lagi.

Yang saya bubuh petak tu kampung saya.. Tempat saya membesar. dari umur 3tahun kut tggl, mmg dh lama terpadam la memori Pasir Gudang, Flat MSE, sblm pndah papa keje ngan MSE - Malaysian Shipyard Engineering.pastu masa tu ekonomi teruk kut, bnyak org kena berenti keje, termasuk papa. so kami balik kampung papa. itu bukan kampung mama..sbb tu xde sedara mama kat kampung tu..sedara papa ramai xkenal sgt pn.sape je yg saye kenal kat kampung tu?

meh kite zoom lg.

So, nama2 yang ada dlm peta tu je la yang saya kenal. huhu. ye, saya jarang kuar umah, ape lg nk berkenalan ngan org kampung.huhu. saya tau mama xsuke dok kampung. tapi dia still ikut papa tinggal selama 22 tahun di kampung itu..suka duka diharungi bersama.saya? saya pn suke dok bandar. sebab saya suka jalan2. kalau dok kampung xtau nak g mn. bukan ade tempat bes pn..xkn la nk g masjid je..huhu..perpustakaan pn bosan. lagipn saya xde kerendaan mobility di kampung sgt terhad.bukan nk kate kalo di bandar saya ade kerendaan. tp kan ade public transport. senang la nk bergerak.kan3.walopn saya kurang mahir naik bas tingtong..ini tidak, untuk sampai ke pekan Rengit pun nak kena tunggu siah..haha..

so, ini la kedudukan rumah saya di peta google. sekian, terima kasih.

update: utk keterangan lanjut blh melawat portal rasmi kampung saya di . keh3..xsangka ade.


Apr 4, 2010

Oh dear!

By julie"anne at 11:50 PM
I have this weird feeling of people calling me makcik, cik or auntie, for I haven't been called so and I don't have any nieces or nephews yet. Especially when my youngest sister is only about half of the kid's age. I know it's the culture, if you call the mother as a sister, then the kids will automatically call you auntie.

Come on! My eldest brother is just 30 years old. That would be a five-year-gap between us. Say the age difference between the mom and me is about 10 years, and the age difference between the kid and me is about the same. I might as well call the mom auntie! So, unless you are my age, stop making your kids calling me makcik. I'm not used to it. I feel old. And yes, I'm in a total denial. I don't care!

Jan 30, 2010

sign off and eat..please

By julie"anne at 4:14 PM
cant imagine mama n papa like this..huuu~~miss them..
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Jan 15, 2010


By julie"anne at 6:17 AM
OK. One of my Malaysian Chinese friends once asked me, kenapa ade perempuan Melayu yg xpakai tudung, sedangkan pakai tudung n ttp aurat wajib bagi setiap umat Islam..huhu..I lost my words back, let me explain it here, can or not? hier ist meine Antwort.

It's not that they are lack of knowledge. Well, part of it. TAPI banyak je lagi yg pergi sekolah agama, balik sekolah tudung ke mana, baju kurung pn hilang. They learn things at school, but never apply it to their daily life. Or maybe just simply degil. Ala senang cerita, it's like human's Laws. Mencuri itu salah, kenapa still ade org yg mencuri, though they know they might be caught and punished. They may come with excuses, and so the people, who refuse to wear tudung. Can u tell, why they steal, kill and rape? no. so can't I.

another question was kalo kat rumah xyah pakai tudung ke?jawapan: perlu, mengikut situasi.

I'm not gonna preach here. Just  to share some knowledge to my dear friends, who don't understand, why Muslim women wear tudung, even in their house. In Islam, we divide our family into 2 groups, Mahram and non-Mahram. Why? We cant marry our Mahram. But marriage between non Mahrams is allowed though not that encouraged to do so, because of genetics. Well just let science explain that.

click picture for better resolution.
As u can see. There are 2 types of Mahram in the picture above. Tapi sebenarnya bukan itu saja..ade lagi iaitu, susuan hanya ambil yg simple je. spy u all faham, kenapa perempuan muslim pakai tudung even when their relatives pay them a visit..huhu.. And between Muslim and non-Muslim pn sama..non-Muslim women aren't Mahram to the Muslim women, thus must cover the aurat. But in some cases, I heard from an Ustaz, we are allowed to uncover the hair (e.g. roomates)oh, unless tahan pakai tudung seharian xbukak2..kepam pale otak.kalo winter xpe lg, kalo summer, gile panas.lg kalo kat malaysia, cant imagine..that's y i agree kalo kat asrama diasingkan antara nonMuslims ngan Muslims.Im not racist..huhu..

Tapi aurat bukan sekadar pakai tudung. Pakaian jarang and ketat pn dilarang. huu..**INSAF**

oh ye..kalo ade salah dalam diagram di atas, sila tegur..terima kasih..

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Sep 4, 2009


By julie"anne at 5:31 PM
macam dh rindu semula kat pama..

Aug 30, 2009

malaysia!! here i am

By julie"anne at 5:09 PM
its nice too see some familiar faces again after about a year leaving home..

but something is missing..

long distance relationship doesnt work well with me..blekk..

Jun 20, 2009


By julie"anne at 3:26 AM
wah..ini entry yg ke seratus jugak..(tiru shida) but seriously, it is..

ok..utk menjadikan enty ini significant, maka harus ceritera cinta yg bermakna..

oh now 24 years and 6 days old..not that old tho..paling terkejut bl yu wat kejutan..nama pn kejutan..harus la tekejut kan..kalo x pn, kena la act terkejut..spy org buat kejutan rs puas ati..kalo bleh sampai pengsan2..huu..ngarut dh ni..

but this time, i wasnt really expecting anything more than a birthday wish from yu..well, he's the best gift ever..what else would i need?ye r..dgn keadaan ekonomi merundum begini..perlu la aku nk demand, dlm pikiran pn xd times pn lp date..bla3..*act innocent*

as i walked into the dark room, i felt something's all dark and there were some candles on the floor and a video on my mac, playing yu singing birthday gave me the creeps..just like in some horror singing some folk songs.keliwon..puaka nyiang got me rite? nak jerit pn bl pk smle..oh, di malaysia sudah 24 aku ni..huhu..terharu la plak..haha..dang!!i forgot the next day was my birthday..
video x bleh disiarkan. copyright reserved..haha

look what he's got me..good, now i am a 24-year-old-kid..ceh..padahal kalo g müller akan browse tempat ini..haha..comel..i love much!

pastu g kuar makan2 kat nordsee ajek..

esoknye wat grill pule..mule2 bli yg pakai buang diapers lak..haha..pastu berasap cam nak buat cerita hantu keliwon..harus takut jiran tetangga nanti..haha..pdhal takut jiran panggil polis..pastu, yu beli yg portable pnye..maksud ai, indoor pny..
pastu trus demam..sampei la skrg..batuk2..malas la nk g klenek..huuu..sbb tu baru apdet skrg..slps keadaan reda sedikit..huhu..

penah x, bgn2 tdo terasa nak makan nasi lemak bungkus dlam daun pisang..yg cam kat mesia tu..nasik lemak 5posen..huuu..pastu tambah ngan sambal sotong, walopn sblm ni xske sotong sangat, tapi bila di sini xblh memilih ye..ceh..

oh, ini adalah ketupat pulut sotong..xtau la jadik ke tidak..xpenah mkan..xnah tengok live pn...huhu
a better version maybe..huhu


the most thing i want to do is thanking mama for bringing me into this wonderful world..and yu for coming into my life at the very right time..i love you are my world..

*exam mode turned on*
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