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Aug 9, 2011

Ramadhan: first week highlight

By julie"anne at 1:16 PM
Ramadhan 1st: just back from London. still a bit weary. Iftar at the Islamische Zentrum. after Ruku' (Iktidal) they didn't do takbir (the hands), instead tadah tangan as in berdoa.

Ramadhan 2nd-4th: Iftar at home. Masak tak sedap!

Ramadhan 5th: went out. Shopped a little at New Yorker XD. Masak still tak sedap.

Ramadhan 6th: potential junior visited and went home before iftar. Nasi Lemak and fresh apple juice for iftar. free buns from Türkisches Laden. :) Had that for sahur.

Ramadhan 7th: Tarawikh at Syaaban Moschee. Isya' was normal. But during Tarawikh the Imam recited alFatihah so fast and the sura was so short. I couldn't catch up with my own alFatihah reciting. Based on other scholar, listening is just enough in this case. During iktidal they didn't even do takbir or anything and they had their hands straight down facing backward. 

Jul 4, 2011

GohoFest 17062011

By julie"anne at 5:54 AM

Mr. Mario. ariba ariba!



Before this if I had to choose between corncob and cotton candy,

I really didn’t know which one I’d pick.

But I did choose cotton candy over corncob that day.

I don’t know.

Maybe because I’m sweet.



Wearing: hat by accessorize, shades by Fossil, dress by vila, cardigan by madonna, jegging by esprit, hi-cut converse

Jun 5, 2011

Nürnberger Fischtage

By julie"anne at 4:28 AM

Fisch = fish

Tag (pl. Tage) = day

Fischtage = fish days





looked like I was eating with my left hand, but, yeah..actually, yes, I was using my left hand.. I had fish soup. I was hoping it would be the same soup I had at our last 2 year’s international dinner at school. But that one was from Norway, or was it? whatever. But this one was a bit disappointing. It was more like fish in tomato soup.  Blek.


I think I have severe allergy. my eyes are red and itchy. I sneeze a lot and I have running nose all the time. what do I do?

Dec 31, 2010

2010 highlights

By julie"anne at 11:22 PM
February - went to Berlin
 and met this sweet girl and became friends.
been invited to (more to crashed) CNY celebration at Malaysian Embassy while in Berlin..
and found out they had repainted the Berlin Wall :((
celebrated our 2nd anniversary on march 5th.
later in the same month yu received some 'presents' from invent. Haha..Let's just say it was his graduation.

April - hosted a barbecue and had friends gathered at my house, and went to Volksfest afterward.

May 1st, said bye-bye to Najmy.

bought Vivaz..

cooked fish for the first time

and yu discovered his talent!

tried nail polish for the first time.. it was june 2010.

had a lovely summer.
 reported a crime. oh.. poor pooh -.-
tried shisha for the first time. yuck!! Didn't like it.
 got started with preparation for exams in July.
 the international event World Cup 2010 was also in July.
 worked at Schmidt in August. Earned enough to afford a brand new refrigerator for mama.
 went to kebun strawberry.:)
went home in September 2010. 2nd time flying with MAS. celebrated raya with the whole family. :)
Sept 18th, abang got married.
 bought bikes in October. Enjoyed cycling sooooo much!
moved to a new place in November.
and got started with internship..
 and last but not least, had a nice, cold winter in December.


Nov 28, 2010

CKM n H&M..oh they rhyme!

By julie"anne at 5:06 PM

Pada malam jumaat lepas encik yu dan cik juli pergi berjalan2 ke bandar untuk melawat ChristKindlesMarkt yang mereka tidak tahu baru bermula pada hari itu..kalau tau sumpah malas gi sebab mesti ramai gile org kat situ. Nak jalan pn kena laga2 punggung..huhu

cili celup cokelat pn ade!!!

akhir sekali beli kacang cashew ni je..utk kunyah2 sepanjang jalan..

end up g singgah h&m and shopping sebab ramai sangat orgnye..siap semua channel nk buat liputan..Kate CKM terbesar kat europe..ter la sangat kan..bazar ramadhan kat malaysia besar lagi..

colorful kan kasut ni..3€!!

boots ini adalah utk dipulangkan. harga dia ok, tapi bila beli online blh dpt diskaun sebab ade online, dr 18€ blh dapat13€ saje..

click here for more pictures of CKM 2010

setakat ini saja buat kali ini..hingga bertemu di lain entry.. :))


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