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Sep 23, 2011

Winter 2011 is coming

By julie"anne at 7:02 PM
OMG It's starting to get cold in Nürnberg. Soon enough you will find yourself can't leave home without a jacket. Not long after that you will start layering. And some more layering with thicker garments. Along comes Mr Snowman.

What does this winter have got to offer? Good job? Nice, comfy home? Sweet holiday? Merry Christmas? Happy New Year? Or I will still have to expect the worst, while, like always, trying to do my best here? Luck hasn't been a friend of mine. I hope I have something I can hang on to. Oh wait! I do have Mr. Yu. He's my savior.

But we are still waiting for some kind of miracles to happen, like suddenly we inherit a big sum of money from a stranger or long-lost relatives or something. Or maybe I hit the jackpot, which is very unlikely because I never bought any lotteries, or maybe I should start trying. Or maybe something like that but less haraam, I mean not haraam at all.

I want to enjoy this winter. This might be my last winter before I go back to Malaysia. As much as I love Malaysia, I know I am gonna miss this.

Jul 14, 2011

stupid weighing scale.

By julie"anne at 5:35 PM


it’s a 4.5 km or almost-half-an-hour-of-a-single-journey cycling, which I practically did on a daily basis for the whole semester. Why the heck do I gain weight? Oh, that bloody stupid weighing scale! Doesn’t it know, I have done so much work outs?

Apr 13, 2011


By julie"anne at 5:39 AM
Last Thursday we went cycling at our latest favorite place. It was a sunny yet very windy day.
We at first wanted to go on a picnic, so I packed some food and drinks.


 We landed at the river bank, where actually was a dog area, which later we decided to continue cycling.

oh, our new rides.mine's the pink one.

It was so windy, I was very happy.
the dogs were also happy

We continued cycling and came to this sign. Not wanting to go too far and wanting to see new place, we headed to Scniegling.

under the bridge (from last time)

We went on, until we reached Ikea in Fürth. Duhhh..

Grüner Markt, Fürth



time to go home

Stopped by at zara markt.

our journey. total: 15.3 km


Apr 8, 2011

Rothenburger Straße 145 in memory.

By julie"anne at 5:59 AM
A: Home
B: Hostel
C: the bike seller

last Saturday we went to see a bike we wanted to buy. But we decided to not buy and come again another day instead, because the father wasn't home and we didn't want to talk and deal with the son, as he was too afraid to lower the price. haha.

On the way to the place is my old hostel, the first place I ever lived in Germany. This place has soooo much memories. Everything started here. 4 years ago. OMG! It's been 4 years?

Anyway, I just want to share with you guys, my first ever hostel Germany.

classic huh?

my room was above the cafe, Entner, on the second floor. The big window is the study room. and my room was the second window to its right.

this part was under construction that time.

oh, I miss this place. This was the place where I first said the three magic words to him, when he was pretending to be sleeping, when I called him. He was in Malaysia back then, spending semester break with his family. I remembered waiting until he dozed off to say that, because it was just too awkward to say that even when I really meant it. Unlike certain people, who has just too many experiences regarding that matter, I was just not used to it. He even asked me so many times before, but I just refused to say it.

Oh, the feelings are still fresh and grow even stronger day by day.
ps: I forgot to tell that on Monday we sold my bike. We came back to the bike seller's place on Tuesday and got ourselves a bike each.


the other side of the neighborhood.

By julie"anne at 2:50 AM
Have I told you about the amazing place around my neighborhood? Yeah, I think I have. Do you wanna see something more spectacular?

Since moving to this area, I kinda missed our short walk at the Wöhrder Wiese, where we spent our evening having healthy walks, playing roller blade, riding bikes and everything, including studying and even having meal in the cold snow.

Except for the small playground I told you before, I thought there was nothing here. My life revolved around my home only. The furthest I had been was to the nearest ALDI.

I never knew what's beyond that, until one day we went to the ALDI and decided to see what's exactly beyond that.

And yeah baby, it's another Wiese. even bigger. much bigger!

and if you go further you will see beautiful river. 

and you will come to this bridge.





Oh yes, there we're!
it's so hard to be in one pic without having to shrink ourselves when there're only the two of us. 

And this is at the other side of the river.

 You see, we really enjoyed the view, that when we saw the busy road, we found ourselves two stations away from our home. :p


Oh, this is nothing, I just love the spectrum formed..haha

Then we were attracted to this beautiful building. Guess, what's it?
 Yeah, it's nursing home, for old folks. That explains the excitement in that old man's!

So, this is the nicest spot to do barbecue or picnic. Do you wanna join us?

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