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Jun 6, 2011

Make Up

By julie"anne at 2:09 AM
It's been a while since I used this little iMac of mine and sat at the study table. I was getting comfortable, going online from my tiny netbook on my bed. I guess it's about time to get up and study.  

So today I re-discovered the beauty of iMac and fell in love all over again. I played around a bit with photobooth which lead to doing my make up video. Haha

I do believe that light make up is necessary. It doesn't have to be so bold, just the right amount for more presentable and fresh look. 

If I have extra money I would of course get my hands on some high end products. But drug store make ups do wonders too if you know how to work with it and you won't end up like a Vietnamese whore.

'No make up' make up is suitable for summer. Just a slight make up and  you are ready to go. Plus, you will need to apply your sunscreen to protect your skin from uv-rays and avoid any skin damage. That's why a small amount of make up is indeed enough. Or else, it will get ugly as the temperature rises.

Happy summer everyone!


Jan 23, 2011

mac and cheese

By julie"anne at 8:46 PM
haha..ini mac and pc.. mungkin yang sorang tu tapau mac and cheese dalam bekas polisterin itu..siapa tau kan..hik3..

hah! now, im just like those kiddies, who use imac just for fun. I've never done anything better than get online with this mac..hummphh...sangat tak bergunanya..huhu..


May 20, 2010

Dead pixel

By julie"anne at 7:41 PM

My imac is already old.. I need a new macbook.. Haha.. Trus je.

Dec 1, 2009

raya2 nk ym.

By julie"anne at 4:57 PM
oo yeah, though it's a bit late to say this, i wish everyone a happy eidul adha.

I had some trouble with my yahoo messenger lately, so I installed Adium instead.

Nov 18, 2009


By julie"anne at 3:28 AM
I just installed new widget on my mac's dashboard. It's called Twidget. With this widget you can simply update your Twitter status without having to open Twitter website on your browser.

download link.

May 22, 2009

HOW TO: assemble ur mac keyboard.

By julie"anne at 1:20 AM
have you ever spilled water on ur mac keyboard..and the damn thing didn't work after that?

well, yu had..on mine..and milo some more..and it freaked me out..oo u bet it really did!because this damn little thing, i mean the whole set, had cost me a fortune ever since i bought it.and i dont wish to spend more on it.'s the thing..all you have to do is dismounting it..
oo..the good thing is i can clean it..i've been wanting to do so since like forever..but i just dont have time. my schedule is pretty heavy u know. ;pthe main thing is the plastic circuit down got wet..
the buttons assembled on the floor

then, after making sure everything is dried up, put the little things inside the holes.huh?sounds horny eh?no's this thing..see..make sure you dont lose any one of them..or worse even more..may be it's just one of my biggest pet peeves..i just dont like missing or incomplete things..then put the plastic circuit..make sure each spot covers a hole..
on top of it is the metal piece..get them screwed together..and lastly the buttons
it shines like a brand new one!!semua yg berlaku ade hikmah di sebaliknya..sape kate engineering bukan utk pompuan?sape kate kite salah plih course?sbb ye r..kalo bkn engineer pn blh buat..but still u need skill and knowledge..ilmu Allah itu luas..dan xslah kalo kite belajar salah satu drpdnye and xd lak ilmu khas utk laki2 or such..well come on..nape pakar sakit puan rmai laki2? topic..

and aku rs yu mmg ade tabiat ske tumpahkan air la esp atas keyboard..huu..this time around on his old keyboard
and it fell into pieces too..hahaha.what a clumsy cute guy..sebek buruk pnye..xtahan gelak
such a long day ended with la nk msk..sek xd idea jek nk msk ape..

Nov 21, 2008

encik mac the return.

By julie"anne at 4:30 AM

he's back!!

it costs me a fortune though..

but im satisfied!

because it's now upgraded to..

the leopard!!

cool huh?

i miss the old him, but i just can't hate the new him..

everything runs perfectly, except for the webcam or so called iSight..whatever..

why i love this computer so much?

because he was my only friend when i was alone at rothenburger str., when no other wanted to be one.. :((

why i bought this?

this is my first pc..i didnt even know any single thing about computer..i just saw this thing so cute..didnt care enough about what the hell mac and windows were all about..das Aussehen hat eine große Rolle gespielt!(xd makne nk berlagak, gn duit pnjam jek pn kan..harus study rajin2)


im relieved hes back!!
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