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Jul 27, 2012

Ramadhan 1433H - Week 1

By julie"anne at 7:14 AM
As you can see in the prayer timetable shown in previous entry, we start fasting at 3 in the morning (Fajr) and end it at 9 in the evening (Maghrib). It's quite long and very tiring.

People may say, they want to improve their Ibadah, won't waste food and so on. But for me, I don't even have the energy to think about food. No, I am not complaining. I am just tired. But Alhamdulillah I can still perform my Ibadah quite well.

Since Ramadhan starts, I have been sleeping after Subuh prayer and waking up only at 12 noon. I am not a heavy sleeper (if there is such a term). And maybe my sleeping pattern does really make my body feel very weak. I don't know, maybe.

It has been a week. Time really flies, huh? OK, here is what I have been doing (or eating) during first week of Ramadhan:

Day 1:
Werkstofftechnik paper at 14Uhr, which I actually have passed with flying colors (although they don't fly THAT high, haha) but still Alhamdulillah. It was Ramadhan's blessing and of course my parents' as well. As I sat for the exam, they were at the mosque doing Terawikh.

Due to lack of sleep, I didn't cook for Iftar. Normally Mr. Yu would take me to the mosque on the first day to have Iftar and do Terawikh afterwards. But I was dead sleepy (you know how I am used to last minute study. That's why. haha) So yu cooked that day. Unfortunately there's no picture :(

Day 2:

Fried chicken with spices and vegetables in coconut milk.

Simple and easy peasy. 

Day 3:

Fried rice and my recently famous fried chicken with spices.

Day 4: 

An Iftar invitation at the juniors'. Had again coconut milked vegetable and spiced fried chicken by Intan, super yummy sambal udang by Nolis and Icecream as dessert.

Day 5

Kinda invited ourselves once again to juniors' house. Sabu made some kelantanese 'kuzi'. Photo's not available. I never had kuzi. That's why I literally invited myself this time around. It wasn't bad at all. 

Baked some brownies, Nolis brought some apple pie. Food heaven. 

Day 6:
Lazy bum. Just heated some fried rice and fried chicken from last time for Iftar and egg sandwich for sahur. Kinda sad. When I told that to Lyd, she expressed her sympathy and said, "balik la sini. Setakat makan kau boleh lah aku tanggung." or something like that. Haha. I have no plan of going back home for the moment. Lucky you, Lyd. 

Day 7:
Oh oh, today's Lyd's birthday. Happy birthday, Lyd! Here's a shout out for your special day. I made a cake for you too!! See!!

I made this brownies once again. The frosting is a bit sweet. I had to scrape it off. But the cake itself is super yummy.

And for Iftar was some lamb chop marinated in cola with rice and salad. Hmmm....

I think I will have some egg sandwich again for sahur tonight. 

Jun 18, 2012

The 27th birthday

By julie"anne at 3:14 AM
If you don't already realise it, I am still stuck at 23. My biological clock doesn't seem to function quite well. I am not saying I look young, rather, I am actually feeling physically older as I realise that my metabolic rate is going low as my body doesn't cope well with my eating habit, which hasn't changed a bit since years ago. This is actualy my fancy way of saying I am putting on weight. However the way I handle things or the way I think doesn't really resemble maturity, which most people expect from a 27 year old.

Nevertheless, life is not all about achievements and goals but love.

On my birthday after class, Mr. Yu took me to Souptopia to have some soup for lunch. Mr. Yu had some prawn in coconut milk soup, I didn't know the title of the soup, but in Malay it should be udang masak lemak. It was nice. Mine was Bayerische Kartoffelsuppe. It was actually potato soup with leek, which I could make it at home.

I was not feeling quite well that day. So the rest of the day was spent sleeping.

Later that evening we had dinner at Nawroz Kebab and had some grills. So that was all for my birthday. No more surprises and presents. I am old for that, me think. :(

Jun 9, 2012

Cafe Love, Bad Tölz

By julie"anne at 6:34 AM
Where there is love, there is life.

It marked my (our) last days in Bad Tölz. It was kind of a bitter sweet moment, that I would cherish.

You know how living in Bad Tölz was like to me. It was a love-hate kinda relationship. Therefore to commemorate the love part we went to the Cafe Love, while the hate part is yet to be forgotten, because it is just not worth it. Where there is love, there is life.

Apr 29, 2012


By julie"anne at 3:34 AM
Today we had a grill party. We invited pesa, nolis, intan, arep, imam, dzerk, sabu, rahman and akim. I made some chicken and beef satay. They were yummy! Imam brought some marinated chicken and lamb ribs. They were awesome

Mar 30, 2012

My little pantry

By julie"anne at 2:59 AM
Look at my little kitchen. Everything is mini here. The stove is super mini. I love it. Twas only €13. Thanx to Mr. Yu for searching it for me. Worth the buy.

I'd like to say goodbye to our J 916 WTF and another unregistered one. We had good times together and it's now time to let you go. So long.

Feb 17, 2012

Das Mohr am Valentinstag

By julie"anne at 7:41 AM

 Lachs-Spinat Pasta
 Pesto Pasta (not a fan)
 Käsekuchen (BIGGEST fan)

 Paint some love on my cappu.
Ginger ale (current favorite)

If you don't celebrate Vday (so don't Yu and I) or other religious celebrations, please don't be an ass and judge others who do. 

We spent time together a lot this week. Next week I won't be here. tskkk..

Feb 10, 2012

KFC snack bucket

By julie"anne at 10:19 AM

New set from KFC!

Except for the baguette. We bought that from a bakery for I am not actually a chicken person. And we changed the normal fries with the new black pepper potatoes for an extra 50cents.

So why go to KFC if you don't eat chicken? Yeah right. Like we have a choice.

Feb 5, 2012

Spaghetti with Cream Sauce

By julie"anne at 7:37 AM
inspired by:

cook Spaghetti

chicken spam
spring onion
light condensed milk
corn flour

melt butter
add in chicken spam
add in onion
add in spring onion and tomato
mix milk, corn flour, pepper and salt
pour mixture
let cook till thicken
add spaghetti


sorry, I forgot to change the camera setting.

Feb 4, 2012

Steamed fish

By julie"anne at 10:09 AM

Steam fish for 4 min.

Soy sauce
Fish sauce
Oyster sauce
Olive oil
Chilli flakes
Mix all


Jan 22, 2012

Sambal ikan

By julie"anne at 2:04 AM

The fish were a bit dry because i fried a bit too long.

Jan 12, 2012

Korean Food: Spicy Extra Soft Tofu Soup (순두부 찌개)

By julie"anne at 5:44 AM
It's been a while since I posted some recipes on my blog. Since I am home, I wanna make something special for yu. I however bought firm tofu yesterday. And since I didn't have everything listed in the video, I just skipped them. It tasted good nevertheless. only mine is a little bit oily.

I have always wondered, how kimchi really tastes. Should try some one day.

My method:

1. marinade meat in soy sauce and minced garlic
2. sauté  chili flakes
3. add meat fry till cooked. add some sesame oil and salt to taste.
4. add water and anchovies stock (used cube ones)
5. add zucchini and tofu
6. add green onion and chili padi and eggs.

DuBu BuChim

By julie"anne at 5:28 AM

My very own DuBu BuChim

Only I used this method to fry the tofu: (use less oil for healthier food! =))

And my sauce recipe:
Chili padi
Spring onion
Sesame seeds
Sesame oil
Soy sauce

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