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Dec 20, 2011

Drop Dead Diva

By julie"anne at 1:39 AM
Is anyone familiar with the term bro zone, or friend zone? This is the actually the place you don't actually wanna be, especially with someone you like. Unlike certain people, I have been bro-zoned all the time and kinda used to it.

Bro zone, imho, is the place, where guys are actually being comfortable with girls without having any feelings towards her. Without taking her feelings into consideration, this guy actually uses the girl.

This is the TV series Drop Dead Diva is all about. Actually no, but in my opinion, it is.

This series show how guys are into pretty girls only. Even when he finds some girls interesting, but not attractive enough to him, he won't even date her. That's the ugly fact.

There is no such thing like soul mate and such.

It is a story about a fat girl trying to win a heart of a handsome guy, her lover from her past, while he keeps on dating every beautiful girl he meets, in order to 'move on' with his life. Watch it here.

Feb 16, 2011

18 to life

By julie"anne at 5:00 AM
I know this blog is so infamous. They are only 2 loyal readers, of whom I am aware. haha. Some strangers will come across it and just leave. But I love it when someone drops a line or leaves some footprints. It's like teenagers vandalising the public toilets' walls, writing 'I wuz ere'. Haha. And I love it more when they share their link. Well, I just don't bloghop that much. Clearly I just read some famous blogs and of course some friends' blogs. And that's it. So when they do that, they just add something to my bloglist. It's good eyh?

So, today someone came over to my lil' place and dropped a link.

How nice! And the link is sooo cool! I just love tv shows. Of course I don't watch TV here in the Fatherland because I can't accept the idea of dubbing everything into German. With such a great job they are doing there I can watch my favourite TV shows in their own voices. Yay! For example I just stumbled on this quite an interesting show called '18 to Life'. I just saw the pilot episode. I can't say much about it, but I know, I want to watch more. This show reminds me of that one France movie called 'Love Me If You Dare'. Same style different storyline. Both are good stuffs, ya know.

So, I would like to share this link with you, because I am sweet like that. :)) If you are free, well, it's the semester break anyway, just head on to the cool link okay. Viel Spaß!


Mar 31, 2010

last week.

By julie"anne at 11:45 AM
ini nasi goreng cendawan.. because i was too lazy to cook, nasi goreng is the answer. tapi sedap juge..hihi.. petang smlm pas makan nasi goreng terus ngantuk n tertido.. cane nk kurus..makan tido makan tido..kunun je ade mesin lari2 najmy bagi..huhu..xpe..awal lg..satg akan berusaha menurunkan lemak2 berlebihan.

pas bgn tido g tgk wayang.. Alice in wonderland uoll!! lama la dok gado ngan yu bila kita nak tgk ni yu? dh dpt tgk puas ati ke? puas la.. rasa kembali ke zaman kanak2, sanggup poteng kelas agama nk tgk alice..haha

khamis lepas g wertheim village..najmy beli jam..boleh ke si julie xbeli ape2? lbh2 lagi org lain beli..pastinya xbleh kalah..haha..gile!

Feb 18, 2010

Pisau cukur Papadom

By julie"anne at 9:53 AM
Okeh..dah gila nak review films je. Cuti la katakan..dah la xde xtvt..nonton je la ye, bapak2 ibuk2.. huuu..

I've been wanting to do this since long before. But last time I was so busy with exams. Students' life is really hectic and demanding, you know.. :p. And today I re-watched Pisau Cukur and decided to write a review on it. 

I am now comparing Pisau Cukur and the most-award-winning Film in the 22nd Film Festival, Papadom. And until now, I don't still get it, in which part Papadom can be said as a good film. For me it's totally overrated! Hope I won't be charged for saying this, since the film has stopped being shown at local cinemas, hasn't it?

So far, i can say, Pisau Cukur is among the best Malay films I've seen. In what way? Firstly, of course the shooting technic. The picture is a crucial part of a film. Even on youtube we still want to view in HQ, aite? It's the first thing I noticed when I saw the movie. It is as good as, or even better than that of Kabir Bhatia's. I don't say his movies are not good. In fact I just made a good review on one of his films. But the sephia effect or what-ever-you-call-the-gloomy-effect makes his films look old. Though it helps to enhance the mood, but I don't really like it. Whatever... Padahal nak compare filem papadom dengan pisau cukur, tapi masuk filem lain..suke sangat lari dr topik..patut pn herr Jäger sek xpuas hati je..wekkkk...

Secondly, eh actually, ni yg first. It's Fazura..haha.. I like her. So I heart her films too..haha.. She is sooooo adorable, and that character suits her so much. And all actors played their parts very well, and there's no stupid extra, yang berdiri macam pak guard kat prague or act foolish and stiff.

Thirdly, not that bad dubbing technic. Better than any movie by either the Prof-you-know-who, or any other Malay Filmmaker, or even Afdlin. Mostly, film melayu akan bunyi macam film Hong Kong alih bahasa Mandarin. Tapi Pisau Cukur doesn't have the Mandarin-dubbed-effect.

I'm still looking for a part, that I can tell Papadom is at least just slightly better than Pisau Cukur, which is actually, none. Sigh.. The fact that the film is about the love of a father to his only child, which is supposedly  very touching, doesn't help at all. And the supposedly funny parts are not really funny as well. Long sigh... Tapi dulu xhabis2 si Afdlin promote Papadom, as if it's the best film ever, just like Herr Jäger claims that his Online-Kurs, der beste Kurs ever! Ever! chittt!! Self proclaim!

All in all, Pisau cukur memang terbaik utk tontonan ringan yang tidak membebankan otak. Howbeit it doesn't carry heavy messages, it is still very entertaining. Ich würde euch gerne den Film Pisau Cukur weiterempfehlen, da er echt gut ist!

Feb 16, 2010

കീബത്യന്‍ സിന്റ -> keabadian cinta

By julie"anne at 2:09 PM
Sebab cerita Kabir Bhatia, terpaksa guna font tamil..haha..Racist!!pbbbtttt... :p was aired on astro citra last V's day.

Cerita-cerita Kabir Bhatia ni rasa-rasanya sama je style nya. Basic concept lebih kurang macam filem Cinta. Lebih kurang sama pun sebaldi gak la airmata meleleh. When love makes things happen, why are there always obstacles to it? It is so ironic. You have to learn to take the bitter with the sweet. In this telemovie, there are some common issues such as different cultures, races, religions, ages, and so on. These differences are the obstacles we have to overcome, which are rather easy, I would say. Yeah, of course they come with few sacrifices, if you are willing to.

But what about a blind and a deaf? How will they survive the cruel world? In what way does love make it happen?

This Telefilm is for you, who also like:
  • cinta
  • sepi
Recommend this to Yunyun (I know you will like it) and Shida (yang sedang sangap, if you haven't seen it).
Ching, spread the love to jack, he might love it. ;)~~

More updates are coming soon. I'm trying to upload this on youtube. I was up all night making the subtitle. Tired T_T

Feb 15, 2010

kakak saya anggur

By julie"anne at 7:54 PM

Kakak ipar saya anggur, abang saya oren, adik saya epal, mak saya betik, ayah saya pisang. Kami keluarga buah-buahan. Oh ye, saya strawberry.:)

 Keluarga makcik ini mungkin keluarga ikan pula. Contohnya seperti ikan keli, ikan talapia, ikan haruan dan ikan air tawar yang lain..

Haha.. Memanglah translatornya orang cina. such mistakes can still be accepted. Tapi mereka xde editor ke?


Apa yang ingin dikatakan oleh pemuda itu ialah, kakak ipar saya sedang menganggur (tiada pekerjaan), bla3..

Makcik: Kelinya:  (mungkin geli hati) - sepatutnya: lawaknya.

Feb 13, 2010

just the girl next door

By julie"anne at 7:11 AM

This is the montage from The Good Old Days the series. I've been searching for this drama these days and stumbled upon them on youtube just now. Unfortunately, episodes 1-29 are missing. Used to watch this when I was a kid. I liked Chinese dramas when I was younger.

One thing I notice, sometimes I tend to like the second heroine more than the heroine herself. When most people show their favoritism towards the first lady, I always feel pity for the second role, especially when she is just as nice as the leading actress, or she is being compared with the heroine, who potrays the f***ing perfect characters. WTF? Well, we should all try not to be so judgmental, shouldn't we? And yes, the heroine is of course the protagonist, a person with fine character, shows good behavior. But don't forget, nobody's perfect. The second heroine might be as good. But we sometimes don't see it, or are just so ignorant, because for us, she's just another girl next door, who ends up sacrificing herself for the so-called heroine's happiness, just because it's the rule. Yes, the law of life. One has to be the center of attention, while others are just some people, who are just not that important. Is that really so? Can the main characters stand alone. I'm not sure about that. I guess not.

If you ever see Nur Kasih, you will all say Nur Amina is the best girl.  But have you all ever thought about Katrina being the victim? And Sarah is never good enough for Aidil. So you think he's a good guy and deserves the best for him? What makes you so sure that Siti Sarah can never be able to meet his match? Think about it.

Don't judge a book by its cover. Don't you ever judge!

Nov 17, 2009

movie: julie, julia and julian

By julie"anne at 4:32 PM

Haha.. It's actually 'Julie and Julia' only. It is based on two written true stories, memoirs written by Julie and Julia themselves : 'My Life in Paris' and 'Julie and Julia: 365 Days, 524 Recipes, 1 Tiny Apartment Kitchen'. This movie is about 2 women from 2 eras having the same passion for cooking.

'My life in Paris' is Julia Child's autobiography. She was an American citizen, who got married to a government officer in 1940s and moved to Paris, where everything started. There, she found herself with nothing to do and tried various activities to fill her time. She at last fell in love with cooking and attended some cooking classes because she could not find any French cookbook in English. She was then underestimated by Frenches, for they claimed themselves as better cooks compared to Americans, where everyone there had cooks in their households. She tried hard and eventually mastered french cooking, when her friends convinced her to teach American Housewives in Paris to cook. The idea of writing a cookbook was initiated by a friend, but they faced difficulties in publishing the book.

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