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Feb 5, 2013

On life.

By julie"anne at 9:17 AM
Someone is totally living my life. Living in a foreign land, having a small, but happy family, with hubby and kids, not having to go to work. Ahh.

In Malaysia, you both have to work. Life is hard over here. I will be just fine not having fancy dinner or expensive clothes or blings, but I still have to work hard for a life that's so ordinary.

Why can't I stay in Germany? Ughhhh!! 

Oct 17, 2012

Of Nothing and Everything.

By julie"anne at 5:49 PM
A month.

I still can't believe I am now living here.

I have this feeling, that I am going to take a return flight to Nürnberg, like I always did before.

To be honest I am missing Nürnberg so much.

Big shopping malls and tall buildings don't really satisfy me.

Nürnberg is nothing compared to Kuala Lumpur but to me it is everything.

Aug 28, 2012

Graduation Goggles

By julie"anne at 12:24 PM

I have spent my entire adulthood here. You know how I hated it here. The first year I had been begging mama to let me go home. I felt weird, left out and of course, lonely. Everything was so strange and different. My friends were not around, and  the person who used to and should be a friend was just busy 'online dating'. I was too depressed and sad.

Until the day I knew him. Fate brought us together and I was afraid less. He took me in to their poker circle. Had sleep-overs at their places every weekend, lived within the cards and chips. Sounds bad ass? lol! Those were the moments I cherished.

He took me out for some icecream, and then to lunch, then to dinner and to everywhere he went. Without we even realising it, we grew attached to each other and fell in love. It was the best thing ever happened to me. I was not afraid anymore.

Time went by fast. Almost all the circle members left for good. We were braver than ever. We took chances, made small and big decisions together and had each other's back. There were fights and misunderstandings, though. We made it through.

Studying was never easy. But then I grew accustomed to the system. It didn't make it any less difficult. But at least it made it less stressful. There were times when I cried when it was too much to take, and there were some happy, good times too. I was blessed.

Now, I have fallen in love with this place. Either that, or I am now experiencing the Graduation Goggles. But it is time for me to go. It was a rather last minute decision. But it's a decision to be made. I thank god for this opportunity; to be there, where I have been, to feel, what I have felt, to see, what I have seen, to have, what I have had, to lose, what I have lost and, to meet those, who I have met.

Danke, auf Wiedersehen!

Jun 21, 2012

It's on the news.

By julie"anne at 4:47 AM
Oh, the nerve of some kids nowadays! Doesn't she realise the man has been widowed long before she's born. And then she comes along and breaks his heart all over again. What was she thinking?

Oct 27, 2011


By julie"anne at 3:40 AM
dah ape yang tak islamik nya pakai nail polish? tak boleh bawak solat? dah kalau orang tu period? kalau tak pun ade remover kan. ape masalahnya orang pakai kuku kaler-kaler. ada sebabnya nabi suruh pakai inai. untuk bezakan tangan lelaki dan perempuan. supaya tak tersentuh. sama je konsepnya dengan nail polish. sebab yang pakai nail polish perempuan je. mungkin ade lelaki yang akan groom their nails. tapi tak sampai pakai nail polish kut.

sejak bila pulak aku kate aku islamik sangat? aku islam. tapi tak pernah mengaku being too islamic smpai tutup pemikiran. eh, islam suruh buka minda lah. jangan dangkal sangat boleh tak? bodoh!

Oct 18, 2011

Bad Tölz - Pengadang Baru

By julie"anne at 12:03 AM
Eh, LDR sangat tak best lah! I just hope yu enjoys his time. Take a break and start your engine all over again (not literally, although! haha) and win the race! (or at least end the race)

I hope everything will turn out great after this. So that we will never have to fight over petty things again. (I know I always ignite the fight.) So that we will see everything even lovelier than ever. So that we will be happier than before.

Not that I am complaining or I am implying that I have never been happy all this while. But it is more convenient when we don't have anything from the account departments to worry about, no?

I am just hoping the best for him, for me and for us. Yeah, for a better future! (cheers!)

Sep 23, 2011

Winter 2011 is coming

By julie"anne at 7:02 PM
OMG It's starting to get cold in Nürnberg. Soon enough you will find yourself can't leave home without a jacket. Not long after that you will start layering. And some more layering with thicker garments. Along comes Mr Snowman.

What does this winter have got to offer? Good job? Nice, comfy home? Sweet holiday? Merry Christmas? Happy New Year? Or I will still have to expect the worst, while, like always, trying to do my best here? Luck hasn't been a friend of mine. I hope I have something I can hang on to. Oh wait! I do have Mr. Yu. He's my savior.

But we are still waiting for some kind of miracles to happen, like suddenly we inherit a big sum of money from a stranger or long-lost relatives or something. Or maybe I hit the jackpot, which is very unlikely because I never bought any lotteries, or maybe I should start trying. Or maybe something like that but less haraam, I mean not haraam at all.

I want to enjoy this winter. This might be my last winter before I go back to Malaysia. As much as I love Malaysia, I know I am gonna miss this.

Jul 18, 2011

Sekali Lagi

By julie"anne at 11:47 AM
Casts: Shaheizy Sam, Lisa Surihani, Bront Palare, Mia Sara
Rating: ***

Erm, mutu lakonan MS dengan LS setanding. Tapi mungkin sebab LS adalah Malaya's sweetheart orang tak kisah kut.

Plot dan Jalan cerita OK. Well I am not gonna tell you the story. But with the right mood, this could be a good story. Tapi itulah, mungkin sebab LS macam kaku, part sedih dia tak rasa sedih sangat.

Kalau cerita-cerita macam ni mesti ada dialog budak-budak yang diajar cakap, "makcik tu tak cantik". Cerita ape pun la, Melayu ke, Korea ke. Tapi sebab budak kan. Tak mumayiz dan akil baligh lagi. Nampak la comel. Kalau orang tua yang bg komen macam tu, nampak sangat tak mendapat didikan sempurna sejak kecil. Nak kena cili ke mulut tu? bak kata mama. Sakit woh kena cili. Terus taubat taknak cakap sebarangan.  #justsaying.

I wonder how people define beautiful and ugly. I just don't think those words are even relevant.

Mumayiz is a phase of age when you can tell good from bad, right from wrong. (around 7-10)
akil baligh is when you hit puberty. (for girls: the first time she has her period, boys: I am not pretty sure. Gotta ask yu)

Jul 16, 2011

the aftermath

By julie"anne at 5:30 AM


This is the result of the exam she took the day after she had a ‘big fight’ on her blog. She could have concentrated on her exam preparation, rather she picked a fight over something useless, which she knew,would only break her heart. She took the paper with no preparation at all. wasn’t that crazy?


She seriously could have done better than that. Although there are 3 other students got lower than her, two of them even failed, She knew she could do better. It's just that she has to sort her priority issues out. She shouldn’t have got carried away with her emotions and ruined everything. And to let herself be trolled by an anonymous on the net over such a silly thing was just the stupidest thing she has ever done!


She should have just let things go. What happened to the old Julian who never cared about what people said about her. Who knew, that just a slight comment from an insignificant person could really blow her off. Screw the new Julian. I hate her. She’s been through that path, but she still falls at the same spot. Only now, she is weaker than ever.


In high school she never really cared about anybody. She lived in her small world with her friends. And about people, who spoke ill about her, she just didn’t give a damn, because she knew, she was far better than them, well academically. She got first place in her class every semester and had really rubbed it in their faces. Wasn’t it cool?


PS: Julian is now crying in her heart. She will never repeat such mistake. ever again. And to the person she might have hurt, she says sorry and will eventually forgive her (and herself) - The new Julian is not that forgiving. sigh.

Jul 14, 2011

stupid weighing scale.

By julie"anne at 5:35 PM


it’s a 4.5 km or almost-half-an-hour-of-a-single-journey cycling, which I practically did on a daily basis for the whole semester. Why the heck do I gain weight? Oh, that bloody stupid weighing scale! Doesn’t it know, I have done so much work outs?

Jul 3, 2011

hey, i'm back!

By julie"anne at 3:37 AM
Well, not entirely. I have exams coming up. But wth.. Let's just spend a minute or two on this one.

allow me to bore you with the thing that has been boring me for this whole semester.

Btw, the link of my entry will appear on my twitter timeline. not that I am sharing this blog with people. I just have this urge to connect every account I have to one another. I don't share this on my fb though, because there are just too many people. but yeah, I am detail like that. some will say fussy. but I prefer the former one. Lyd says, she won't be my maid because I am so fussy that she can never stand me. not that I am intended to take her as my maid. Although it might be cool to literally treat your maid as your best friend. but on the other hand  it is not cool at all to treat your best friend as a maid. (heh, I do have friends!) So, what I am actually saying is, I am not making this public, but you know, once you click publish post, it will automatically go public, unless you make it really private, like really, really private, that only specify certain people, who are allowed to view your blog. but who knows. it's the internet. if you don't want people to know what you write, then don't write it in the first place. Once you publish, there's no taking back. But you know, this blog barely hits 100 views each day. what a pathetic number, I know right? That's why I feel so free to write anything on here. I have said this once, and I'm gonna say it again. I know this blog only has two avid readers only (now 3, yeah it's you lyd. Now I know you read this, I am gonna include you in my every entry. haha). Yu and shida and of course Lyd.

secondly I don't trash my friends. I value them. But sometimes I am upset with something they do and I wanna tell them that. I just write it here to make 'em understand how I really feel about that, well, to avoid awkwardness. So far, I haven't lost any of my friends, because I know my friend will understand what I really mean or they just compromise with me. Either way, I still appreciate them. Plus, they don't really read my blog. haha. Isn't it better than trashing people behind their backs and appear sweet and nice in front of them. What if one day they find out what you have been saying behind their backs? What if they won't know, and you remain sinful? what about that huh? Have you ever thought about that, like at all?

I mainly use English to practice. duhh.. From the structure of my writings you can tell how bad my English is. But then I wanna keep practising so I don't lose what I already have. I am not a Nigga wannabe, if that's what you are saying. haha.

I know I don't really have to explain myself. But I really wanna make things clear. Because you know what they say about dogs only bark when they don't know you. Not that I am implying people are dogs. It's a metaphor, if you still don't get it.

Alles gute zur Prüfung, zusammen!

Jun 30, 2011

dear blog

By julie"anne at 2:31 AM
sorry I abandoned you. I was shocked. I lost my words. You are supposed to be my place of comfort, where I pour my heart out. But I had my heart broken, because of you.

But now I miss you so dearly. how are ya doin'?


Jun 19, 2011

Terengganu much?

By julie"anne at 5:54 PM
Dulu semua orang tau, saya tak suka orang pantai timur, esp. Kelantan. Tapi sekarang saya dah suka sangat dengan orang tuh. cane tuh? Kalau Min baca ni mesti dia puas hati sebab dulu dia dok doakan aku dengan orang pantai timur. haha. OK Min, doa kau makbul. Maksudnya hati kau suci. haha

Dulu tak tahu pun yu adalah seorang pantai timur. Mostly senior dulu orang pantai timur. Kalau dok berkumpul memang tak faham la ape dorang cakap. duk hu ha je dari awal. Lepas tu dengan yakin juga ngadu kat yu, aku tak suka orang pantai timur. hoh hoh hoh. Unaware tentang kepantaitimuran beliau. Dia pulak boleh cool je. Pastu tengok kat friendster baru tau rupanya beliau adalah orang Terengganu. Tapi beliau tak cakap Terengganu dengan saya, mana saya nak tau. Even kawan dia sendiri pun ade yang tak tau okeh.

Kenapa awak tak suka orang pantai timur esp. Kelantan?
Sebab pertama adalah budak Kelantan kat kelas aku dulu, mulut jahat kemain kat belakang kitorang. eyh, dah la kau sekolah kat Johor, nak buat jahat kat anak jati. Terus menyampahkan. Tapi sebenarnya saya tidak la sure kekelantanan beliau. Mungkin mak bapak je orang Kelantan kut, tapi dia orang key ell. maklumla kan ramai orang Kelantan yang bermastautin kat key ell. Takpun sebenarnya beliau orang key ell, cuma pandai cakap Kelantan. haha.. whatever

Sebab kedua adalah abang saya. Ni memang sebab yang munasabah. First time kat KL dulu abang pesan jangan percaya kat orang pantai timur esp. Kelantan. Haaaa. Kenape? sebab diorang kaki songlap duit..huuu.. Dulu saya tak percaya, setelah terkena saya percaya. Tapi bukan saya yang terkena, ironinya abang saya sendiri yang terkena. Dia ambil business partner seorang Kelantan kerana skill beliau di workshop. Abang keluarkan modal dia buat kerja. Abis duit adik beradik dia pinjam nak buat modal. Lastly that Kelantanese guy bawak lari barang dalam workshop abang. weh, bisnes baru nak menapak. Kalo belajar business tau la, waktu nak mulakan business memang waktu paling sengkek gila nak mati. Dahla abang baru je kawen tak berapa minggu. heyyy, mamat tu siap attended the kenduri tau. Kurang hajar!

Seterusnya mereka ni akan cakap loghat diorang saje, esp. kalau dok dalam golongan mereka. yang orang Johor, Kedah ke Sabah ke diorang tak peduli dah. Hey cakap dengan saya pun nak cakap loghat awak ke? Bahasa Jawa pun saya tak pass, macam mana nak faham bahasa awak? Kalau orang dah tak faham tu cuba la fahamkan betul-betul. Tak guna kau nak ulang ayat yang sama dengan tonasi yang sama dengan loghat yang sama. Ni nak cakap dengan aku ke tak ni?  Heyyyyyy!!!! weyweyweyweyyyy!!

Saya dengar kalau orang pantai timur gado mulut diorang jahat sangat. And saya rasa kenyataan itu ada betulnya. Berdasarkan pengalaman la ni. Bukan omong-omong kosong sajer.. Tapi Yasmin and Ain takdela camtu. Yasmin tu paling ayu kut dalam kelas dulu. Maksud saya orang lain la. haha. Kau belit-belit lah! Sangat menakutkan kalau orang pantai timur mengamuk. Amukannya sangat menakutkan. haha. Ayat-ayatnya adalah kejam dan tak boleh diterima akal. Macam, eh aku buat ape kat dia sampai histeria gini?

Tapi sekarang saya dah jumpa seorang pantai timur yang baik dan bertanggungjawab. Dia juga yang mengajar saya supaya bersabar dan tidak berdendam. dan saya telah diterengganukan olehnya! WTH?
cakap dengan adik pun nak guna bahasa Terengganu ke? lol!

Mungkin saya adalah unreasonable, bila saya cop semua pantai timur begitu, tapi nak buat macam mana. Kadang-kadang stereotype itu betul.. Tapi Lyd pun kate tak elok generalize kan orang macam tu, kalau orang cakap orang johor pulak macam mana? So orang johor macam mana?

Kesimpulannya kat sini, kita tak elok stereotype kan orang macam tu. kalau ade yang terkena itu cuma kebetulan je. Tapi kalau dah terasa ada macam tu berubah lah, jangan nak teruskan perangai yang tak elok. gitu..

disclaimer, sebenarnya itu typo saje. saya tak pandai lagi cakap bahasa Terengganu pun.

Jun 14, 2011

tukar gender

By julie"anne at 11:32 PM
sambil berbasikal:

Ai: Yu, ai dengan perempuan tu kan mana lg gemuk? (Mende la tanya soalan ni kan)
Yu: Perempuan mana ni?
Ai: yang baru keluar dari kedai Döner tadi..
Yu: Oh tak perasan, tapi baju dia sama kaler ngan baju yu kan?
Ai: ???
mende la lelaki sorang ni.. Cane laki boleh tgk baju dulu. Cane tu? Nak kena tukar gender ni.. hahaha


Jun 10, 2011

Kisah Raja Monaco dan Kerajaan Narnia

By julie"anne at 6:02 PM
One day Yu told me about Monaco's royal family, which I was surprised by.  Eh, raja Monaco bukan singa ke? Ye, sila tengok anime yakitate dan apply dalam kehidupan seharian. haha! So, did I sound like a blondie tramp?

Then he told me, 'ye la, mula-mula dia jadi raja Monaco, lepas tu pergi Narnia pulak. Aslan tu la raja Monaco.'

So, betul la kan..dulu dia raja Monaco. Raja Monaco dulu singa? kan kan..



My wishlist

By julie"anne at 9:57 AM
  1. The UK - That was my first choice when I sent an application for a scholarship.

  2. Paris - been to Strasbourg (France part borders on Germany). It was nice, even though it was a holiday(shops closed). It somehow intrigued me to see the rest of the country, or at least the capital of it.I wanna see the Mecca of fashion (although it's not appropriate to put Mecca and fashion in a sentence). Or maybe I just loved to listen to French. When I was in Swiss (Geneva to be exact, because in Zurich they still speak German) I couldn't stop laughing. French was funny to me. I then started gibbering, French-wise..haha

    OK, I'm stuck. Maybe I just need a quick getaway, no fancy places. Or let's just think again...

  3. Venice? Maybe.. Italy was nice, last time I was there. Well, at least Milan was quite an interesting place. But we'll see..

  4. Hamburg!

  5. Wanna live in a small cottage in Lichtenstein. The houses there are cute and lovely. If you are a nature lover, you must love this place! Although I didn't see any shopping facilities around, except for small grocery shops like norma, it still is a nice place. Or maybe we haven't seen the other side of the country.

    oh, too deep..too deep.. let's get back to the surface where it makes more sense. haha

  6. I am so used to last minute trips. I loved our first trip together to Cologne.When Yu said  'Let's go to Köln. And we can go to Phantasialand' (or the other way around. I don't quite remember), he literally rented a car per online straight away and about an hour later we hit the road. And it was like midnight when we started the journey. Wanna that again.

  7. iPhone / iPad  / or I just want my galaxy tab back! Or can I do something with my iMac? I wanna really get rid of those freaking lines

  8. Watermelon on hot, sunny days.

  9. Wanna go to a strawberry farm.

  10. I love surprises. One day yu showed up fully dressed in his suit and all. He wanted to get me some flowers but the florist closed. And we did nothing after that. Just enjoyed his company and all. I love it when he does something like that. He's so random and romantic, isn't he?

  11. I wanna have a candle light dinner at open places, like at the river bank nearby. I wanna camp there. Over night.
  12. I wanna have Lyd around. Lyd, jom karaoke!

  13. I wanna hear yu says 'I love you' everyday. Even when we get older. Wanna get old with him and hear that everyday. I won't get bored. I promise yu.

May 27, 2011


By julie"anne at 6:45 AM

Kleider = clothes

spende = donation


clearing up wardrobe, not because wanna get new clothes. There is barely a space to even store the existing ones.

Mar 11, 2011

Masih ada rindu - The Unwanted vs. Dark Sky

By julie"anne at 3:28 AM
Dark Sky is a music band from Germany. This song is also included in their album "Believe it" in year 2000. I don't know how they know the song, but i do know, that yu doesn't know this song..haha..


ps: ralat, Yes, I thought the malay band was 'The Unknown'. maaf.

Feb 16, 2011

18 to life

By julie"anne at 5:00 AM
I know this blog is so infamous. They are only 2 loyal readers, of whom I am aware. haha. Some strangers will come across it and just leave. But I love it when someone drops a line or leaves some footprints. It's like teenagers vandalising the public toilets' walls, writing 'I wuz ere'. Haha. And I love it more when they share their link. Well, I just don't bloghop that much. Clearly I just read some famous blogs and of course some friends' blogs. And that's it. So when they do that, they just add something to my bloglist. It's good eyh?

So, today someone came over to my lil' place and dropped a link.

How nice! And the link is sooo cool! I just love tv shows. Of course I don't watch TV here in the Fatherland because I can't accept the idea of dubbing everything into German. With such a great job they are doing there I can watch my favourite TV shows in their own voices. Yay! For example I just stumbled on this quite an interesting show called '18 to Life'. I just saw the pilot episode. I can't say much about it, but I know, I want to watch more. This show reminds me of that one France movie called 'Love Me If You Dare'. Same style different storyline. Both are good stuffs, ya know.

So, I would like to share this link with you, because I am sweet like that. :)) If you are free, well, it's the semester break anyway, just head on to the cool link okay. Viel Spaß!


Feb 12, 2011


By julie"anne at 6:06 AM
So I wore this to work last Wednesday. A lady I met at the washroom looked me up and down.

"Du bist schlank und schön" she said. I smiled. And then she asked my age. I did tell her I was 25. It was reflex. I just am just not used to the 2011 yet. But then she replied "25? Ich dachte 20 oder 21." 

I'm so in love with this look lately. Small dress with a longsleeved tshirt. Layered with a cardigan. rolled up sleeves. Simple belt to complete the whole look. And guys, the thing is, if you don't have the legs, stay away from skinny jeans. Skinny jeans are for skinny people. Hence the name. Haha.Oh, even though I look 'schlank', I am actually buncit. Lol!

I had Mr. Yu coming and bringing me things this week. He seemed to have nothing to do since the exam week had just ended. Haha. First day of the week, I forgot my purse, which was in his backpack. The second day I was late to pack lunch. Third day, I was just plain lazy. Thursday and onwards, I have ran out of ideas of getting him to my office. Or maybe he just had enough too. tskk.

Today was the first Friday I had to work. I don't have class no more. Guess it will be looooong weeks ahead.

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