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Feb 5, 2012

Schoko shower gel

By julie"anne at 8:28 AM
The shower gel on the right costs about €4. It smells like brownies, makes me want to stay longer in the shower. Umm, such a temptation. The body scrub on the left smells like white choc. I am not a big fan though. It smells nice, nevertheless. Ummm.


The facial wash comes with a small brush. It makes my face feels a bit tight after washing. Maybe there's still residues left. That's why I wash face before shower. So that it will all be rinsed thoroughly.

Jan 16, 2012

Forever 21 free shipping online promo code

By julie"anne at 6:41 AM
online shop code: NEWDESIGN (free shipping)

can someone buy me this and this (in taupe)(both in medium)?

since I have reached my shopping quota for this week month, I don't think yu will be happy if I still go on with the transaction. Well, I bought couple of bras from H&M this week. And they are totally worth it. They are by far the best I have had. Haha, can't believe I talk about buying bra here. The sale was crazy tho. 3 - 5€ for bras is actually considered very cheap. And you still can shop online at H& There are a few promo codes you can use for example 1304. Just google it!

Nevertheless, I still want those two. Since they are sale items, I will surely miss them if I don't hurry.

Dear Mr. Yu, 
If you buy me the dress, you will not have to worry about the Valentines' day present or even our coming anniversary. But please be hurry.


Aug 18, 2011

London Highlight - The Haul

By julie"anne at 8:50 AM
striped jersey dress - new look 
floral top - Primark
I <3 London T-shirt - souvenirs shop

floral dress - new look

Jersey dresses - Primark
green shawl - souvenirs shop


the Plaza, maybe.

new look

this one is so similar to the one I already had:

I was a bit disappointed because I was expecting more from Dorothy Perkins and Forever 21. Since I am such a sucker for bargains, DP and F21 didn't offer quite a lot to my taste and pocket.

So, back to Nürnberg I had to continue my shopping craze at New Yorker.

ankle Socks - €1 each

Ballerinas - €3 - I know, right?

erm, dude, you're doing it wrong.

lilttle purse of mine - €4,95: yes, this is a serious business. Although, I still think about the purse from F21, which I had to let go because the queue was sooooooo long. sigh.

I had to get a new purse because the one I was using was already busted.

H&M around €3

NY - €1: head band - worn as underscarf.

H&M - €1: this was purchased before the London trip.

Polka dotted belt - H&M - €1
Flower braided belt - NY - €1 

London Highlight - Shopping III

By julie"anne at 8:00 AM
Since someone fell ill the day before, ahem!, we didn't visit Big Ben and decided to go there on the next day and shop our heart out instead. Apparently shopping is indeed the best medicine. I guess we were by then done shopping but ended up stopping by at Whitelys nearby Malaysia Hall  first thing in the morning.

Met some Israelis, who promote their products based on dead sea.

Back to the China Town. Were looking for the Chinese fast food Restaurant, which wasn't even in that area. T.T

So, that was the end of our shopping trips! See you guys again! toodles!

London Highlight - Shopping II

By julie"anne at 7:30 AM
Day 3: Harrods - Buckingham Palace - Big Ben shopping

Burberry. Pandang pun tak mampu lalu

There it is!!!

since we were not so into luxury items (haha!) we visited their food sections.

pardon the blurry, guys. was still getting used to the camera settings.

gotta love the interior design.

way ahead of time?

me and mr £1900 worth bear.

see, told ya!

my habit entering a shopping mall is hovering at hello kitty merchandises. They are just cute, aren't they? I was nearly lured to get the lowest hot pink one. They have Harrods' signatures on 'em. *lovelovelove

I ended up getting myself my favourite ever lollipops. I guess that was it. We spent the rest of the day shopping at Oxford street after visiting Buckingham Palace. I was pretty occupied at that time (if you know what I mean). That explains the lack of photos. boooo!
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