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Apr 12, 2012

Prof. Dr. Werner Jillek ist am 05. April 2012 völlig unerwartet gestorben.

By julie"anne at 2:14 PM

Let's have a moment of silence.

I did cheat in your exam, sir. I am sorry for that.

Sep 11, 2011

1 Syawal 1432H

By julie"anne at 7:06 AM
Wow it has been quite a while. For such a person like me, it's very unlikely to happen to be very busy, isn't it? Yeah, I was just plain lazy. I had been sending my random thoughts to my twitter recently and I was really enjoying it.

So, how's eid, everyone? Mine was a blast! Nahh.. kidding. But I had a very blessed Syawal this year even though I didn't have the chance to join the Eid Prayer. Alhamdulillah, still. As early as the Eid prayer I had to take the train to a very beautiful and peaceful place, namely Bad Tölz.

It was a 3 hour journey and I decided to take Mr. Yu along. Well, it's eid and I didn't want to spend it alone on a train. That would be so sad, wouldn't it?

See, twitter all the way!

I am ready!

Oh, I did mention that I had a job interview at Bad Tölz, didn't I? That explains the formal attire. 

BOB - Bayerische Oberlandbahn

So we took BOB from München to Bad Tölz. It was nice. 

As you can see, he dressed up for me too.

Oh, hi cat!

As you can see it isn't as big as Nuremberg City but it is big enough for me. Nahh. Who am I kidding? I literally can sense this is going to be one of those devastating semesters for me if I were ever accepted or if I were to accept this offer. Firstly I would have to deal with many new things during the thesis (which would stress me out, oh believe me, it would) and secondly there are not so many shopping facilities around, where I can be when I really need to wash my stress away. You know what they say about shopping being the best therapy, don't you?

Schwein = pig; Ohr = ear; Schweinohr = pig's ear. (haha not literally)

But I think it's okay. The beautiful scenery really compensates all those things I said earlier. 

Heading home.

So long Bad Tölz. Till we meet again.

Jul 16, 2011

the aftermath

By julie"anne at 5:30 AM


This is the result of the exam she took the day after she had a ‘big fight’ on her blog. She could have concentrated on her exam preparation, rather she picked a fight over something useless, which she knew,would only break her heart. She took the paper with no preparation at all. wasn’t that crazy?


She seriously could have done better than that. Although there are 3 other students got lower than her, two of them even failed, She knew she could do better. It's just that she has to sort her priority issues out. She shouldn’t have got carried away with her emotions and ruined everything. And to let herself be trolled by an anonymous on the net over such a silly thing was just the stupidest thing she has ever done!


She should have just let things go. What happened to the old Julian who never cared about what people said about her. Who knew, that just a slight comment from an insignificant person could really blow her off. Screw the new Julian. I hate her. She’s been through that path, but she still falls at the same spot. Only now, she is weaker than ever.


In high school she never really cared about anybody. She lived in her small world with her friends. And about people, who spoke ill about her, she just didn’t give a damn, because she knew, she was far better than them, well academically. She got first place in her class every semester and had really rubbed it in their faces. Wasn’t it cool?


PS: Julian is now crying in her heart. She will never repeat such mistake. ever again. And to the person she might have hurt, she says sorry and will eventually forgive her (and herself) - The new Julian is not that forgiving. sigh.

Jul 14, 2011

stupid weighing scale.

By julie"anne at 5:35 PM


it’s a 4.5 km or almost-half-an-hour-of-a-single-journey cycling, which I practically did on a daily basis for the whole semester. Why the heck do I gain weight? Oh, that bloody stupid weighing scale! Doesn’t it know, I have done so much work outs?

Jun 3, 2011

I am a proud gal!

By julie"anne at 5:53 PM



he’s done it! haha. although I am pretty sure when my turn comes, if I ask him what should be submitted or done by then, he wouldn’t have any idea.

- Ai lupe la..heh!

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