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Apr 11, 2011

usrah hari Ahad

By julie"anne at 3:20 AM
Semalam ada jamuan akikah di masjid. Yu telah mengajak saya, tetapi memandangkan keadaan saya yang tidak suci (auww) saya menolak..malu woh, gi utk makan je. Lagipun saya sangsi dengan hukum wanita dalam haid duduk dalam rumah Allah. (ye, pernah belajar dulu. tapi sangsi itu tetap ada. syaiton kan ramaaaaiii..huhu) Adakah itu dibolehkan?

So, I googled and got the answer from here.
It is forbidden for a menstruating woman to enter a mosque for the generality of the Hadith that the Prophet (Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam) said: "I do not make the mosque lawful, for a menstruating woman nor for an impure person (from sexual impurities). And also for his command to Aisha when she started menstruating in Hajj: "Do all the rites of Hajj just as a normal person does except the Tawaf (circumambulation) round Ka'ba until you become pure."
pretty clear, kan? So yu ended up going to the mosque alone just to perform maghrib prayer as he was so sweet not wanting to let me eat by myself, even though they served good food at the mosque. Later that evening I cooked for him and he ate sooooo much. hoho!


Jan 8, 2010

déjà vu? nahhh...

By julie"anne at 7:25 AM
Like déjà vu, those things are happening to me.
  • Case 1:  I still wore pinafore to school until std 4, which was very rare to my surrounding. At the school everyone wore baju kurung from std 1, except for one or two, who eventually wore baju kurung as well. I was the only one who still wore pinafore in the class. So, what's the deal with that? My pinafore was so short. It was only knee length, or maybe a bit higher than that. Thihihi. So, my friends approached me, which was very nice i thought, to tell me that, it was not so nice to wear short pinafore to school anymore since we recited alQuran and my pinafore was so short and not suitable for Agama Islam lesson. Later at home I told mama about that. And then I got a new baju kurung and tudung. And so, what's the deal with that?

    The deal is, the people who told me to wear nice baju kurung as I was a little kid, now don't seem to remember their own advices. They freely, publicly enjoy wearing short skirts, sexy gowns, and go with free hair, without any shame. Why? Because we are not in school anymore? Because you are not reciting the alQuran? Not that I expect them to wear baju kurung all the time. A nice, covered outfit would just do. As for a kid, the aurat doens't count yet, but now you are grown ups. I am not that perfect either. My clothes don't cover so much. But I am still trying my best here. Still, I was and am thankful for their advices.

  • Case 2: One day my classmate told me that this one Arab asked him to tell me that my shirts were very short and expose and bla3. I appreciated that, not for him talking at my back, which was also not that good of him, but for telling me to be better, InsyaAllah. And guess what? I saw his picture on Facebook, him at the field playing football wearing shorts showing off knees. What the heck? The fact that he always wants to win whenever we talk about religion and Islamic laws is really sickening.
Well,  I am not that good though. Still.. sigh..

I'll take it as my life experience.
  1. People change. 
  2. And some can only see others mistakes. 
Auntie Ina once told me, if someone corrects you or advices you, just take it as Allah is telling you to be better. And Alhamdulillah..

For those who don't understand about aurat, will tell you later about it in my next entry. Till then, see ya!

Nov 14, 2009

masalah bahasa

By julie"anne at 7:10 AM
My Malay is just average. My English is just so-so, never mind my German, which is far, far from perfect.

so, could anyone please tell me, what 'sirna' means?
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