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Sep 16, 2011

life in Germany

By julie"anne at 2:57 AM
My arms hurt from working at the library. Those books are freaking big and heavy. Later one night, I cried by myself. Not because of the pain, because of the yet more painful journey I've ever gone through all my life. I laughed a bit when people accused me for being so cocky that I now live in Germany. If only they knew. sigh.

Life in Germany is not all about rainbows and butterflies, especially in my current situation. I work hard just to earn little money, which I know will be all gone with a good number of bank transactions. At the end of the day, I will still be left with piles of bills need to be setlled in a given time. The next month I get to work my ass off again just to make ends meet. And the cycle goes around.

So I have got nothing to brag here. I am just living my life as it is. I am still breathing the same Oxygen in and Carbondioxide out. There's nothing fancy about living in a foreign land.

I am signing off now, because tomorrow I have another big day.

Jul 16, 2011

the aftermath

By julie"anne at 5:30 AM


This is the result of the exam she took the day after she had a ‘big fight’ on her blog. She could have concentrated on her exam preparation, rather she picked a fight over something useless, which she knew,would only break her heart. She took the paper with no preparation at all. wasn’t that crazy?


She seriously could have done better than that. Although there are 3 other students got lower than her, two of them even failed, She knew she could do better. It's just that she has to sort her priority issues out. She shouldn’t have got carried away with her emotions and ruined everything. And to let herself be trolled by an anonymous on the net over such a silly thing was just the stupidest thing she has ever done!


She should have just let things go. What happened to the old Julian who never cared about what people said about her. Who knew, that just a slight comment from an insignificant person could really blow her off. Screw the new Julian. I hate her. She’s been through that path, but she still falls at the same spot. Only now, she is weaker than ever.


In high school she never really cared about anybody. She lived in her small world with her friends. And about people, who spoke ill about her, she just didn’t give a damn, because she knew, she was far better than them, well academically. She got first place in her class every semester and had really rubbed it in their faces. Wasn’t it cool?


PS: Julian is now crying in her heart. She will never repeat such mistake. ever again. And to the person she might have hurt, she says sorry and will eventually forgive her (and herself) - The new Julian is not that forgiving. sigh.

Jul 3, 2011

hey, i'm back!

By julie"anne at 3:37 AM
Well, not entirely. I have exams coming up. But wth.. Let's just spend a minute or two on this one.

allow me to bore you with the thing that has been boring me for this whole semester.

Btw, the link of my entry will appear on my twitter timeline. not that I am sharing this blog with people. I just have this urge to connect every account I have to one another. I don't share this on my fb though, because there are just too many people. but yeah, I am detail like that. some will say fussy. but I prefer the former one. Lyd says, she won't be my maid because I am so fussy that she can never stand me. not that I am intended to take her as my maid. Although it might be cool to literally treat your maid as your best friend. but on the other hand  it is not cool at all to treat your best friend as a maid. (heh, I do have friends!) So, what I am actually saying is, I am not making this public, but you know, once you click publish post, it will automatically go public, unless you make it really private, like really, really private, that only specify certain people, who are allowed to view your blog. but who knows. it's the internet. if you don't want people to know what you write, then don't write it in the first place. Once you publish, there's no taking back. But you know, this blog barely hits 100 views each day. what a pathetic number, I know right? That's why I feel so free to write anything on here. I have said this once, and I'm gonna say it again. I know this blog only has two avid readers only (now 3, yeah it's you lyd. Now I know you read this, I am gonna include you in my every entry. haha). Yu and shida and of course Lyd.

secondly I don't trash my friends. I value them. But sometimes I am upset with something they do and I wanna tell them that. I just write it here to make 'em understand how I really feel about that, well, to avoid awkwardness. So far, I haven't lost any of my friends, because I know my friend will understand what I really mean or they just compromise with me. Either way, I still appreciate them. Plus, they don't really read my blog. haha. Isn't it better than trashing people behind their backs and appear sweet and nice in front of them. What if one day they find out what you have been saying behind their backs? What if they won't know, and you remain sinful? what about that huh? Have you ever thought about that, like at all?

I mainly use English to practice. duhh.. From the structure of my writings you can tell how bad my English is. But then I wanna keep practising so I don't lose what I already have. I am not a Nigga wannabe, if that's what you are saying. haha.

I know I don't really have to explain myself. But I really wanna make things clear. Because you know what they say about dogs only bark when they don't know you. Not that I am implying people are dogs. It's a metaphor, if you still don't get it.

Alles gute zur Prüfung, zusammen!

May 14, 2011

skinned knee

By julie"anne at 2:43 AM
We had joy we had fun we had season in the sun..

We went cycling in the evening. I was super happy and excited, because I was too bored staying at home, listening to people talking downstairs. It seems my front yard is an open space, where people from front building can hang out too. two guys were talking and all I heard was bla bla bla..bla bla bla..
I was cycling downhill when I lost control. my knee was injured and my favorite jeans were torn. I didn’t feel nothing at first. I could still laugh for crying out loud! I was only upset at my damaged jeans.
Then Yu came to me and asked what happened. I didn’t really know, but I was sure I was being gedik before it happened. ‘I tak tau..I tengah gedik-gedik, tiba-tiba jatuh.’ And he laughed at me. He thought I was just being cute.
Hey, I was still able to cycle back home ok. Even for half of the journey I was being towed by Yu. That was when the pains struck and I could barely bend my knee. I was pretending like having Post traumatic stress disorder and ‘couldn’t’ tell places (like I ever could). This was when yu took the advantage to convince me I was his first ever gf. LOL.
You know what irony is? when at first I thought of my clean record of never having had a bike accident before, then BAM! it happened. And back home we saw a Malay drama, in which Juliana Evans was being gedik while cycling and she fell from her bike too.

Moral of the story, don’t gedik and cycle.

thanks yu for nursing me.

May 4, 2011

mok and dik

By julie"anne at 9:42 AM
Jemand hat eine neue Frisur, which makes him look chubby.

I've been calling him (ge)mok since then. Teasing him with his fat face and telinga capang has always been fun, until he comes up with the idea of calling me dik, for my being gedik. Only dik is actually pronounced as dick, which can mean both the kinky one, or fat in Deutsch. To wrap it all, I am actually the big fat dick for calling him mok. lol!

I wanna try to take his new pic, but i am sure he won't allow me. So let's just imagine his big round face.

He said he was so happy with me that he got that fat. At the end it'll always be me. padahal dia yang xleh stop makan. heh!


Apr 29, 2011

akak nebes nokkk..

By julie"anne at 3:38 PM
sehr geehrte meine Damen und Herren,

nak pengsan boleh?

Julian pengsan depan kelas.


Mar 2, 2011

loop - it's never-ending

By julie"anne at 3:24 AM
Pada satu masa dulu Wanita A selalu mengadu kepada Wanita B....

A: Aku sedih la..orang lain yang kawen kendian lg dr aku dah mengandung.. Orang pun asek tanya-tanya dah.. Tensen aku..Kadang aku sampai menangis sedih.

B: Sabar je la.. blm rejeki ko lg.. Biar la orang-orang nak kata apa pun.. Lantak la, asalkan ko bahagia.

Beberapa bulan kemudian, setelah Wanita A disahkan mengandung.

A: Ko taknak kawen ke ngan BF ko tu?

B: Nak.. Ade ke taknak.. Tapi nanti-nanti la.. Mak aku tak kasik lagi.. Masih belajar..

A: Kalo aku dah kawen dh.. Aku tanya laki aku pun kalo kat situasi ko kitorang pun kawen.

B: Itu ko, mak ko bagi kut. Mak aku tak bagi lagi. Lain la kalo BF aku dh keje kut. Tu pun kut je.. Mak aku still tak bagi aku rasa..huhu.

A: Ala kawen je la. Ko cakap la kat mak ko.

B: Ape kate ko cakapkan. Sebab aku dah cakap dah. Tu aku tau mak aku tak bagi. Mungkin kalau ko yang sampaikan terbukak hati mak aku kut.

A: Ala ko cakap la sendiri.

(Perbualan selanjutnya masih berkisarkan isu nak kawen tapi mak tak bagi dan perbualan ini bukan sekali saja berlangsung. Tiap kali chat pasti keluar topik ini. Dan harusla dengan ayat yang sama juga dijawab. Sehinggalah pada suatu hari...)

B: Ko ingat tak perasaan ko masa ko belum mengandung dulu? Yang orang dok tanya-tanya tu?

A: Nape? Ko rasa macam tu ke? hehehe.

it's a vicious cycle.

xoxo, me

Feb 28, 2011


By julie"anne at 2:10 AM
It's nothing about my all time fav series, but rather about another recent favourite one, starring courtney cox and the rest of cul de sac crew.

So I had a rerun of Cougar Town this weekend. I love this show because I don't think I have what they have. They are friends for life, which I have been longing for all this time. I guess I have friends, but not the true ones.

I hadn't been spending as much time on facebook as I did before. That place can't be more hateful and scarier than ever. Yes I hate that all my friends are turning their backs on me, yet I am scared of losing them.

I hate that my friends are walking away, when I try to keep them by my side. I hate that my friends are poking each other but not me. I hate that the person I hate the most comments on my friends wall posts, and even more mad when my friends do on hers. I feel betrayed.

Eventhough Ellie and Laurie don't get along very well, they team up to trash Shana, when she picks on Jules. See, I want a friend like that. I want a friend who blindly hates people who hurt me. But then we ain't bimbos from Highschool. I am sure my friends are all grown ups and matured enough to choose whoever they want to befriend with. I am thankful if they choose me, but when they do, I hope they won't betray me. That's how things work with me. Yes, I am selfish and complicated like that. This is the actual me. I would rather end up being alone than being betrayed by my friends. It happened once, and only once will I let that happen. And that person is no longer a friend no more.

Until I find a person I can trust wholeheartedly besides yu, I think I will keep my windows shut. You may knock on them once in a while, and maybe I will peek to see who's knocking. It will take time till I re-open them again, I guess.

This is my childish rambling.


Jan 31, 2011


By julie"anne at 6:46 AM
I just knew about this a while ago. I was very ignorance. But then when I read about it I was shocked. The situation was already bad when I was there for a vacation. Armed men were seen everywhere we went. Not everywhere, everywhere. But still every border we wanted to pass. I didn't feel safe when I was there. Even the beggars were scary.

I can't really imagine the situation right now. based on this blog it is such a mess over there. The problem is, Malaysian government is very slow in taking prevention steps. it is even reported that 'kerajaan malaysia (Muhyidin Yasin) menolak untuk menghantar bantuan kecemasan bagi mengeluarkan rakyat negara kita di mesir'. Manwhile, 'US, UK, Turkey dah complete evacuation.'

Some said to me, 'ko ni cakap senang je. dorang nak kuar pun susah'. But at least they should have done something. Bermesyuarat and duduk berbincang sahaja don't help that much! Nak tunggu sampai berapa ramai lagi yang kena rompak, bunuh and rogol? Nauzubillah.

If the US, UK and Turkey have done that, why can't Malaysia? They are so many Malaysian students over there. for god sake! please help them. This is what I meant with Kerajaan kita lambat. Kalau tak mampu bawak balik malaysia semua pun, pindahkan la ke neighbouring countries.

Let's pray for their safety.

Oh, my dear cousin is there. in Alex. Hope she's in a good hand. Let's all pray.


Jan 30, 2011

rezeki tak datang bergolek..

By julie"anne at 5:51 AM
And if it does, but you actually have to kick that away, it is not rezeki, it is a ball..haha..

I was all excited when received a phone call saying yu had been offered a job for this winter break. But unluckily he couldn't accept it due to other priorities..Sigh~

I was upset when he told me that. I thought he was just being picky. Poor him.

Later that day, I packed some food for him as a small gesture saying 'I'm sorry for being mad at you because you didn't accept that job, which pays you money that could possibly help with our financial situation, because you need your time for your thesis and I'm sorry I couldn't understand that'. He accepted that with a big smile.

Lately yu's being a nerd. He even stays till midnight at school. Amazing huh? I've never seen this side of him. Though I'm actually impressed, I don't like it. He spends so much time studying and neglects me most of the time. Haha.. How selfish can I be?

But today, he spent so much time with me. And I loved it to bits. 
 Wish time doesn't fly and crawls like babies instead. I want to enjoy the moment.


Jan 28, 2011


By julie"anne at 2:00 AM

di kala sibuk di blog-blog hiburan menceritakan tentang kisah putus cinta fasha-jejai, di kala orang tukar-tukar pasangan macam tukar baju, terselit kisah paling manis, kalau boleh rasa, manis yang paling manis lah. tapi takkan menyebabkan kencing manis punya.

I always wonder if such thing happens to me.

Would he stay, or jut walk out.

I wonder if the love is so pure.

I wonder if there is always us.

But then to think that way..

it is just selfish.

But what if it happens the other way round.

Of course I want to be with him..

What about his family then?

Could they possibly accept that..

I love their son..

and want to be with him..

through thick and thin..

till death do us apart..

in sick and health..

for better or worse..

Could my own family understand that?


Jan 25, 2011

sentap hati mak nak..

By julie"anne at 6:03 AM
sangat la terpengaruh dengan oh yeah..semua tajuk pn guna stail oyeah..haha

kenapa lepas kita bagi buah fikiran kita, mula-mula tak fikir ape natijahnya..cakap main lepas je..pas orang pangkah terus sentap? padahal, orang cuma nak kongsi buah fikiran je..macam kite buat awal-awal cerita.. masa mula-mula kita nak share ade kite fikir kesentapan hati orang lain yang mendengar? x kan..haha..ape aku repek ni?haha

adelah aktiviti saya komen kat blog-blog..jarang ye juli"anne nak tinggalkan jejak..keh3..Berkisarkan tentang saman ekor. Apa itu? haha..Saman ekor ni macam geblitzt la kalau kat jerman ni. cuma mungkin kat mesia xde Blitzen dia..tau-tau surat saman sampai..camtula lebih kurang.

pastu saya komen la..bese la..kite kat jalan raya bukan nak elak saman je..yang penting nak elak kemalangan..itu la main point dia. pastu dia terus emo-emo..rupa-rupanya dia yang kena saman ekor tersebut.. haha...(oh, saya tak gelakkan beliau) terus salahkan kerajaan sebab dia kata bukan dia yang drive masa tu. orang pinjam kereta.

dia kata malaysia masih belum bersedia nak guna sistem itu..satu je pandangan saya dalam hal ni..sebab orang malaysia xde tanggungjawab. yang pinjam kereta orang takde tanggungjawab nak jaga hak orang, dah kena saman bayar pun xde rasa tanggungjawab nak bayar..(saman ekor adalah tanggungan pemilik kereta) dan pemandu pun tak ada tanggungjawab nak jaga keselamatan diri dan pengguna jalan raya yang lain..dia kata lagi, kalau takde pengalaman sendiri, tak drive kereta sendiri, selagi belum ada kereta atas nama sendiri jangan banyak komen! baik la..sekarang sape sentap?kan dah sentap dua-dua..sebab dua-dua tak terbuka menerima buah fikiran orang..nak beri je, terima taknak.. must give and take u noooo..haha...

nak cerita tanggungjawab orang malaysia mmg ssh la..bape peratus orang malaysia setuju xdisediakan plastik beg secara percuma di supermarket..masing-masing cakap belum bersedia..nak untungkan penjual..ape la itula inila..banyak je alasan.

kalaula masing-masing faham tanggungjawab pelihara alam sekitar itu adalah tangungjawab bersama, bukan tanggungjawab european je atau american saje..pasti mereka tak bising-bising..kita dok bumi ni sama-sama..sama-sama la kita menjaganya..kan..xgitu?

ermm..mmg ending cerita akan lari dari tajuk..sila bersabar..


Jan 21, 2011

ko ingat ko bagus sangat..

By julie"anne at 6:14 PM
tajuk post dah macam tajuk segment kat oh yeah! oh, teringat scene adibah nor sebut oh yeah banyak2 kali..yu pun seram melihatnya..haha

ok, back to the main topic. Firstly, about certain group of girls, who comment about other girls, who are just not like them. Some girls love to dress up, try something new and be as fashionable as they like. But there are also certain groups of girls who are not that good in fashion sense, but still like to look at other girls. These girls are then divided into 2 groups. One just loves (or doesn't) what they see. One will come with (harsh) comments.

Fashion is actually one crazy topic. Some will love something, while some other don't. Some clothes suit you, some will look better on someone else. OK, now you can count the word 'some' in this entry so far. lmfao! So why should you judge people by appearance? Be it nice or 'sakit', as you may say it, they love what they are wearing, as much as you love yours. So you think you are cool, when you say you are a simple person, wearing only something simple? Come on. 'Sakit mata aku tengok pakaian ko ni.' What if you get that back? How would you feel?

I know someone who at first said UGGs look stupid. The very next year that person bought one pair. (Not that I know if those are the real UGGs, mine are of course NOT..hihi) You see.. It's not about what you wear. It's about how you feel about what you are wearing.

I'm not saying I'm some kind of a fashionista. But I appreciate the beauty of fashion. It gives colors to lives. So you want everyone to wear as simple as you? Why don't you try something new and crazy? Maybe you like to play safe. But you can't expect everybody to like it your way, aite? 'Tuhan cipta manusia pun berbagai-bagai bangsa'. I love Japanese for their craziness in fashion. Maybe people there are the coolest people ever for being as brave as that and not that so judgmental towards people who mismatch their clothes.

So girls, let them wear what they like. It's OK if you don't like them. It just doesn't cost you anything.

duhhh...kau ingat kau bagus sangat? Please! *Rolling eyes* keh3..


Jan 8, 2011

haiwan peliharaan..

By julie"anne at 11:20 PM
 ini adalah rumah kampung saya..dah nama rumah kampung, mestilah di kampung ye.
di sekeliling rumah saya terdapat pelbagai jenis haiwan. Ayam adalah haiwan yang wajib ada di sekitar kawasan rumah..kalau bukan kita punya pun, mungkin jiran punya..huhu..tapi sebab jiran kami jauh, saya mengandaikan ini ayam kami..Takkan la jauh sangat ayam tu nak jalan-jalankan.
kemudian adalah kucing.. Ini adalah kesayngan adik Ita..ade 4 ke 5 ekor kat umah..Saya pun tak amik tau sangat..Kalao mereka dekat je saya sepak..huuu...Saya adalah kejam ye..Biasanya saya guna penyapu lidi untuk menghalau kucing-kucing tersebut..Memang dorang takut ah! HAHA
Seterusnya kita ada merpati..
Kotor la ada burung ni. Tak suka!
Ceritanya bermula ketika adik Juan pulng ke rumah membawa burung yang cedera.. Papa telah mengubatinya hingga kembali sembuh..Tiba-tiba ramai pulak yang berhijrah ke rumah kami..huhuhu..
Kemudian, serangga-serangga adalah biasa..Berbagai jenis serangga terdapat di sekitar rumah saya..yang paling banyak adalah nyamuk, semut dan lalat..
Pada satu hari ada kambing sesat di rumah kami.. Kami pun xtau sape buang anak. Tiba2 dengar suara halus.. Comel.. Papa bercadang untuk menjaganya, sehingga ada orang nak mengambilnya semula..Sebab kami memang tidak lah tahu kambing siapa..
comel kan si coco..haa..saya teringat kenangan kali pertama pegang kambing adalah di Tiergarten Nürnberg..haha..Tapi itu Jerman punya..Kali ni Malaysia punya..
Papa memakai uniform GMi saya(lol!) menyusukan coco dumex 1 plus..kambing minum susu lembu!
Tapi sayang, jodoh kami tak panjang..Coco jatuh sakit, mungkin kerana hujan lebat dan beliau masih tiada tempat perlindungan yang sempurna..Akhirnya beliau menghembuskan nafas terakhir setelah beberapa hari dimanjai oleh papa.
Semoga roh mu tenang di sana..amin!
Selain itu, banyak juga haiwan-haiwan sumbat (stuffed animals) di rumah saya.
Salah satu daripadanya telah menjadi mangsa mama..haha..Dah jadi kain lap kaki pun..huhu..kalah ikea!!

oh, saya rindu kampung halaman saya!!


Cakap tak serupa bikin

By julie"anne at 8:48 AM
Saya ade kawan yang suka gurau-gurau.. Dia biasa la kan gurau2 kasar dengan saya..(read: kutuk2 n komen2 negatif) Saya tau dia gurau...So, takde la nak kecik hati bagai..Selalu la cerita-ceritu-ceriti kan..So dia pn selalu cakap saya emo..Walaupun saya tau dia pun emo, tapi saya xsuke nak komen-komen orang ni..Biasa saya cakap belakang je (dengan yu) haha..Pastu yu tensen bila saya jadi tensen and marah jangan chat lg ngan orang tu atau jangan citer lg kat dia pasal perkara yg berkaitan (T.T) Tak kisah la. Saya tetap buat perkara yang sama(sigh)

Saya adalah tidak suka orang add sebarang di fb..Kawan saya kata, 'xpe la..ramai-ramai akan doakan ko kalo jadi pape nnt.' Betul ke? Setiap kali saya update status saya demam(ye, saya lemah, selalu jatuh sakit), dia akan kate bagus la..terhapus dosa kecil..Which is fine actually..Tapi mana doanye, yg semoga cepat sembuh ke, get well soon ke kan..So, kalo kawan baik pn xdoakan, apetah lg stranger yg di'add' secara membabi buta.huuhuuu...

Satu hari dia update status rindu anak dia (note: dia baru abes cuti bersalin..that's why). Keesokkannya pun dia update status yang sama with exactly the same words.. Pastu saya komen 'semalam dh rindu.' Pastu dia reply 'hari-hari pun rindu'. Pastu saya pun reply la balik'pastu hari2 ko update status sama la? so esok aku tau ko nak update!'(lol adalah indicates yang saya bergurau kerana saya faham situasi beliau) Pastu xsemena-mena dia emo.. Pastu kakipar dia padankan muka saya(#*?%)

Saya ingat dia tak apa-apa.. Sampai la beberapa hari ni, saya sedar, lama dia xcontact saya. Berbulan gak la. Kalau tak dulu, merajuk ngan laki dia pn sms saya soh kejut laki dia teman dia p toilet(?) Pastu saya cuba buat status kontroversi, untuk menarik minat dia.. Mmg dia lepas emo gila2 kat saya.. Betul la.. Dia merajuk sebab hal itu..lerr.. Dia yang dok kutuk saya selama ni, walopun saya emo, saya still faham, yang dia gurau.. Saya pun gurau.. Nape dia yang kununnya tak emo tak boleh faham?

Satu hari dia update status pasal rumate seseorang yang malas.. Dia kata kalo dia la, lama dh dia sound.. Tiba-tiba saya teringat, dengan bantuan yu(haha), 'bukan ke dulu dia dok ngadu domba kat yu pasal rumet dia yang pemalas tu?' kata yu terhadap saya..oh ye..betul..nape dulu dia xsound direkt je? sedangkan saya dah banyak kali suruh dia berbuat demikian..

Manusia kan.. Boleh je cakap itu ini.. Padahal the next time, dia tiba-tiba cakap sesuatu yang totally bertentangan dengan kata-kata dia sendiri satu ketika dulu.. So, kita kalo bercakap menggunakan emosi memang begitu ye...

Kawan saya itu cuma salah satu contoh je.. Ramai yang macam tu.. Yang cakap depan lain, tulis kat blog lain..haha.. Dulu cakap cuma boleh pakai certain produk je utk muka dia.. Sekali tanya sekali lg, dah tak main dh produk kampungan tu.. Guna yang beli kat pharmacies pulak.. Saya pun mungkin pernah buat begitu, jadi maafkan saya..kerana saya EMO, saya OK.(Stail AzmanIsmail) tibe-tibe..haha

PS: Saya dah berbaik-baik kut ngan kawan saya itu.. tak apa la, saya beralah dan minta maaf.. memang salah saya pun to begin with.. tak sedap gaduh lama-lama dengan kawan baik.. huuuuu~~


Jan 1, 2011


By julie"anne at 11:10 PM
in the snow, we were determined to walk to the nearby u-bahn station to watch the celebration. 
you see..The in-white-covered city couldn't stop us.
so here we were..waiting for the train to the craziness of Deutsche! haha
we didn't have to climb up the hill for the nice view of firecrackers.
Walking further, there were more crazeee people throwing firecrackers at each other. That time I felt like in a war zone. If I was really in a war, I didn't think I could survive. Poor kids in the middle east. Did they celebrate new year as we did? May they gain more courage and strength, mentally and physically. I wish. I wish harder!!
We were a lil bit late as we wanted to wait till midnight, and didn't want to wait in!! That explains the lack of photos. I didn't really enjoy the fireworks this time, because we were not in the right viewing spot like the previous year, i guess. 

Happy new year,

Dec 8, 2010

work 1

By julie"anne at 4:34 AM
Pernah tak anda rasa annoyed dengan seseorg yang cuba nak buat baik ngan anda? tidak? wah..anda sangat mulia..

Tapi cane ek? Kadang-kadang saya rasa annoyed apabila orang mengajar saya buat satu benda tapi cara yang dia guna lebih tak betul berbanding cara yang pernah diajar kepada saya oleh org yang lebih dipercayai..nak ermitteln kan absolutwert bagi satu nombor negativ dalam excel, bukan dengan cara =-1*G12.. tapi =abs(G12)..sebab dalam excel kita blh drag the equation to the next cells kan..kalo kate lah G13 tu positif kan, nnt dia jadi negativ..

macam annoyed pulak..bila dia macam bagus nak tunjuk itu ini, sedangkan boss cakap dia buat silap yang sangat simple, yang there shouldn't be a mistake in the first place pn. dan lebih macam bagus bile dia blh nak advice itu ini.. especially waktu orang tengah depressed..kalo tak faham situasi orang baik jangan cakap ape2..mengundang perasaan annoyed je..

after a month kerja..this is my first time ever bitching about my working life.. my boss still doesn't trust me.. even when my co-worker says good things about me, he still thinks i am not capable of doing things right. well, he is a perfectionist.. I can't do nothing about it. Other than that, he is actually one funny, kind man, who gave me a chance. I am thankful for that.

My boss is a man, who never gets bored explaining things to me. He once told me the difference between the word 'whole' and 'hole' and translated them in German. Despite they are homophones, they have different meanings. And I looked at him blankly. Might be I looked stupid that time..Thats why he thought he had to explain those words. lol!

We have flash meeting every morning, when everybody in the office gets together discussing about the current issues.. Despite the name, flash meeting doesn't really happen in a flash. Most of the time I am just a mere bystander, who laughs at funny parts she understands, and smiles at the parts she doesn't get, just because everybody laughs..pity huh? I only react when questioned. In the flash meeting we also discuss about another meeting, which should be held within the week. About when we are really going to do it and what we are going to eat..This is the part I love the most! lol!

We have an arrangement for our little get-together-for-X-mas-dinner, before the real dinner sponsored by the company. And of course I have to have fish.boooo!!

My other german co-workers, who are permanent,are very helpful.  I like them. They are sweet. One ist!!

eh, kenapa tibe-tibe tukar bahasa omputih ni? xfaham lgsung!huhu

Dec 6, 2010

be careful what you wish for..

By julie"anne at 5:26 AM
..cause you might get it all..

I twitted about it before i went to sleep. And when I woke up..

Yeah..The whole garden was white and beautiful!!
Everything was covered in white...

I was so happy..I guess I had a dream come true! Pretty nice huh? Awesome you may think..

But wait until you see this..
No, I didn't put too much make up on..It was the bitter coldness. It was so cold until even yu turned red too..

Of course he didn't put any make up!!

So I had got it all, the things I wished. But it turned out it wasn't that nice when the temperature plunges to zero degrees and even negative something. I literally couldn't breathe the cold air. My nose hurt and my toes ached

It was so cold until stalactites of ice formed everywhere. We even plucked one of them from a car parked at the side of road and played around with it.

me the unicorn..
yu the rhino

 and me again, doing Hermione Granger from Harry Potter.

It snowed on and off for three days until it finally stopped about four days ago. I don't know if it would snow again in this nearest time, but this time around, I'm prepared to face the crazy weather with my old and new apparels, mixed and matched.

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