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Jul 4, 2011

new members in red family

By julie"anne at 11:00 AM

Look what he’s got me!

love it, love it, love it so much!

thanx yu for the cute mouse.

and look at the white mobile phone in red camouflage.

it really wants to join the family. ^^

Jul 1, 2010

those happy moments i want to treasure

By julie"anne at 6:11 AM

Oh I wish i could stop time, make clocks stop ticking and stay in this happy mood forever, or at least until I get bored. But life isn't just about that. Or else it wouldn't be called life.

But why can't we be happy all the time? We are just not thankful enough, i guess. Sigh.

May 28, 2010

handytasche und antibiotic?

By julie"anne at 4:40 AM
this is gonna be a super boring entry, because it is totally outdated.
En. Yu bought me this for my new vivaz!! I just love it so much! It matches the handphone kan..pandai la encik yu pilih barang.. lol!

 I had been taking this antibiotic while I was sick.. besar kan.. see.. I told u, xpercaye..haha..bile tah i told nye..

kalo nak makan yu akan patahkan mcm ni..takut ai akan choke.. ade one day ai tried to take both in one go.. I did really choke on it..haha! silly me!!

May 7, 2010

Vivaz forever.

By julie"anne at 5:17 AM
woh!! xtau nape xamik gambar muke dpn telefon tangan ittew..terpakse amik gambar kat tenet..hihi

 sebab belakang lg cun kut..wuuuuuu..

click for better resolution

semalam ai called yu, yu tak answered..
eh, semalam verlängern Handyvetrag..maksudnye, sambung contract handphone. Mule2 ingat nak survey2 dulu..sekali terus tersuka..lantas terus amik..tak fikir panjang dah uolls..

sebab kaler handphone ni nak dekat2 dengan kaler ipod shuffle encik yu, terus je nak tukar dengan beliau..Biar matching.. hehe
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